how to get value from another script? (in html)

I want to get value from other script. (about A script -> (about highchart) B script this is A script <script> var socket = io(); socket.on('currTemp', function(data){ document.getElementById("temp").innerHTML = "Tempera

Backing up 30 keys from one array to another variable

I have a problem with my code sadly. So I have an array with around 100 keys saved into a $data variable that looks like this: ["data"]=> array(413) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#254 (7) { ["Date"]=> string(10) "2016-09-08&quo

Draw multiple sets of php JSON import to Highcharts

because I'm pretty new to JS, I can't understand how to implement multiple data series into my code Here is my php page that I use as data grabber: getTrendData-TIMEREQUESTED-hms.php <?php //Define possible Argument request $format = $_GET['format'];

Minimum (monthly) tick interval not working for datetime

I am working with date-time highchart and I want x-axis tick interval to appear every month(jan-12, Feb-12, Mar-12). But If the data points are less than 4 then the x-axis label starts showing days of month as well (10 dec,24 dec, 7 jan). How do I ma

How to load data from Plist to HighChart using Objective C?

I am Integrating HighChart Into my iPhone application. I am using below Javascript file for appearing high chart. Here below URL high chart providing data but I want to remove this URL and want to read my Xcode plist data and shown on chart based on

HighCharts Bubble dataLabels color

I need to change dataLabel color on mouseOver event. Is it possible? Thank you in advance.You can use this and try to change the colors on mouseover. Source:

Highchart unscaled when hidden

I've this AngularJS demo app using Highcharts: <div ng-app="myapp"> <div ng-controller="myctrl"> <button ng-click="hideView()">1. Hide</button> <button n

Pie chart controller

I have a pie chart created using highchart and js and am able to control the slices using a slider individually, but the problem I am having is that I want the max value of the pie to be 100% and the other sliders contribute to that. Find the pie cha

Highcharts - shared tooltips for some series

I'd like to have the following behavior using highcharts. I need to have 2 kinds of tooltips: the default shared tooltip a custom tooltip for the custom tooltip I can use a simple tooltip formatter. the problem is with the shared tooltip. Is that pos

rails and histogram

hi im really stuck im using highcharts in my rails app and trying to get a column chart to show how many male users i have compared to female users in my database but cant seem to figure out how to get the data to read from my users database table. h

Highcharts Do Not Draw Date String as Category

I am using Highcharts to plot JSON Data. The dates are in the string format. JSON Data: [{"BRENT_SPOT":70.88,"TRADE_DATE":"31-JUL-2009"},{"BRENT_SPOT":73.28,"TRADE_DATE":"03-AUG-2009"},{"BRE

Highcharts Gantt display as bar instead of lines

I want to make a chart that display on a horizontal bar some time intervals. I managed to do that but I got stuck on how it displays it. Now each segment is displayed as a line with 2 delimiters(looking as circles) at start and end of the segment. Si

How to convert an HTML table to a Chart?

I have some JSON data as follows with country name(KEY) and backlog count(VALUE). JSON Data: {"United States":"50","Western Europe":"100","Canada":"150","Germany":"200","

Highcharts. Change options dynamically

I set tooltip option enabled = FALSE. I want change it to TRUE when user clicks on point. How can I do it? series : [{ data : data, dataGrouping: { enabled: false }, events: { click: function(e) { enabledTooltip(); } } }], //....................... v

How can I move a legend in Highcharts?

By default legend is displaying at the top-right side of the graph. I want to show it just above the graph. I've used the following code: legend: { layout: 'vertical', align: 'left', x: 600, verticalAlign: 'top', y: 40, floating: true, backgroundColo

Highcharts and loading data via Ajax

Just getting started with Highcharts and hoping that the issue I'm encountering is something relatively simple/stupid that I'm missing. I took the sample from the Highcharts live update demo - and modifie

Highchart bar scaled

I'd like to show data between 0 and 100%. The bar chart have 160px of width and I'd like to see just bar without any titles/legends. I got the data in range bitween 0 and x (for example from 0 till 700), and max value can be changed. When max value l

highcharts: dynamically sets the colors in the pie chart

I'm trying to dynamically define color for each seria depending of their type. Below is my code which doesn't work but showing what I'm trying to do. I would like to define colour for certain type eg: if type = 'IS' then color = '#FFCACA' I cannot ex

Highchart time zones

We are trying to show time in different zones. we made utc = false and from server we are converting it to that particular time zone. say for example to EST from system time. We are able to see the alert properly but while rendering the graph, it sho

I can not return my json object

I'm having trouble returning a JSON object, instead all I get is an undefined variable. This code is supposed to return a json element from an API. It seems to work in the success: function, but once I try and take that data elsewhere it just display

Delete the button when javascript is clicked

I have some code which is creating a button when a line is added to a chart. When the button is clicked, I want to remove the line from the chart and delete the button. The example can be viewed here. To wit, the code that successfully adds the butto

Calculation of a min axis value y in height charts

If I create column chart that has values that are > 0 but much closer in value to each other than they are to 0 then the chart generated will have columns that look almost identical. See this jsFiddle. However if I change the chart type to a line the