write the Javascript timestamp in the input field

I want to write timestamp generated by java script to a hidden form input field.The following code writes the timestamp to a paragraph(p element) but does not write to the input element. It writes to one element but fails to do so to another element.

OBIEE: hidden report problem

In OBIEE, I can see the my report when I using by search button. But I can not see the same report in its folder. I controlled the report privileges, folder properties etc.. What should I do, please help..When you're in the catalog view, there's a ch

If declaration to hide / show lines in Excel VBA

I have a sequence of code where if C37 is blank, I want two series of rows to be hidden. The code I have works successfully for this. However, If D37 is not blank I would like the same series of rows to be unhidden. 'Show/Hide Filter Index Columns If

Hide Listview until the search is launched

I have a question: I have a listview (from custom adapter) with a searchbar on top of it. Everything works ok, the only thing I need is when opening the activity to keep the listview hidden, or invisible, until the search has started in the searchbar

swift: how to remove randomly from 1 to 3 elements?

My code remove randomly only one coin. How i can remove randomly from 1 to 3 coins? @IBAction func endTurn(sender: UIButton!) { if coins.count > 0 { // @IBOutlet var coins: [UIButton]! (21 coins) let index: Int = Int(arc4random_uniform(UInt32(coins.c

Change the menu from hidden to visible

I'm trying to get the sliding menu from this layout http://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/12/11/fullscreen-pageflip-layout/ to be displayed by default upon coming to the website. As it is, some of our clients might not understand how to display the menu.

UITextViews hidden under the keyboard in iOS 7

I have several UITextViews in the lower portion of the screen which when tapped on, bring the keyboard up, however the text views hide under it. I know there is documentation about this in the Apple developer forum, and I have tried that, however tha

How to hide the text field?

I'd like to create a text field with iTextSharp that is not visible. Here's code I'm using to create a textfield: TextField field = new iTextSharp.text.pdf.TextField(writer, new iTextSharp.text.Rectangle(x, y - h, x + w, y), name); field.BackgroundCo

Hidden Android application

Possible Duplicate: Application without app icon I want to create security - app. I want to hide the icon of app on launcher (user can't see them) after configuration. I tried to use service, but this isn't good solution, because I see still icon . I

Google's hidden field pickup

<div id="hiddenDiv" style="display:none;"> Lorem Ipsum. Soumya </div> I have a HTML code like above. Is it possible google pick up my text while this Div is being hidden. If not then can anyone suggest me how to make any te

Hiding a button between UIVIewControllers

I have declared a Button in my MainViewController so when a user logs in it needs to show a button using self.mybutton.hidden = FALSE; but on my ProfileViewController I have the logout button which needs to hide the button again using self.mybutton.h

Obtaining a command line password in Python

You know how in Linux when you try some Sudo stuff it tells you to enter the password and, as you type, nothing is shown in the terminal window (the password is not shown)? Is there a way to do that in Python? I'm working on a script that requires so

Windows batch script to display files hidden by the virus

Since I'm seing many people having their files hidden by flash drive viruses, I'm giving them a Windows command line using attrib (or using Linux) to solve the problem when the infected files are removed and the their files are still "missing".

Why this simple CSS div does not work?

I have a div. It is really simple. Here is the CSS code below. #example { background: #dcdcdc; background-position: center; postition: relative; width: 980px; text-align: center; margin: 0px auto; padding: 1px; min-height: 30px; } html code: <div id=

Cross the hidden li elements

I need to add classes to li items in a ul #colorlist at specific places. So every 15th li item becomes one class, every 16th becomes another (the 15th needs a rollover to flip around and the 16th is the first of a row). This is easy enough with this:

CSS overflow: hidden limits div width

So Ive run into this problem where overflow: hidden on a div in a container will limit the divs width when its supposed to be fluid. So basically I have a structure similar to this: <div id="container"> <div id="leftColumn">

Hide a windowed application launched by a Java application?

I am working on a Java application which has to launch a different application. If I launch the second application using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(), it becomes the active process and its window comes before my application's window. What I really wan

Ctrl + F browser to search for non-visible text

Can the browser feature of Ctrl+F to find text be integrated with text in popup windows. I'd like to have some scientific reference information given when someone hovers over a species name in a web page. Generating the popup, tooltip style text is n