Heroku app linking to domain providers website

I'm in trouble. I have this website which runs on heroku with a custom domain from another provider. I made the connection between the 2 with the correct DNS. It seemed to work on my browser but it didn't work on other computers, and after clearing m

deploying the Java application on heroku

I have made an app which is exposing some REST api's( implemented using Jersey JAX-RS). Now when I deploy 'war' on heroku, the API's are not accessibe. I've changed http://localhost:8080/myProjectNameInEclipse/webapi/* to --> http://myAppNameInHeroku

application works well on localhost but not on heroku

I have a simple app where user A can add offers and user B can generate coupons for these offers, I don't know anything about coding and stuff so i hired a programmer who had created this system for me, everything was working great but then i integra

How to push the files to the git repository but not to Heroku?

Some files/folders I would not like to push to my production site on Heroku. But as I consider the git repository also as a back-up system, I do want to include these files when pushing to my git repository on bitbucket (using git push). How should I

Can not deploy Django application in Heroku cloud

I cannot seem to deploy my Django application through gunicorn. Here is my Procfile: web: gunicorn config.wsgi:application My wsgi file is not located under the project, but under a config folder instead ./config/wsgi.py: import os from django.core.w

socket.io-redis giving an error on heroku

i am trying to deploy my app on heroku.i added redistogo addon in my app.it is based on node.js and express. i write a small code var redis = require('socket.io-redis'); var io = require('socket.io')(server); io.adapter(redis(process.env.REDISTOGO_UR

How to let Heroku know that I have a requirements.txt file

I am trying to deploy a Django app on to Heroku but when I type git push heroku master, I get this output: Counting objects: 1213, done. Compressing objects: 100% (1184/1184), done. Writing objects: 100% (1213/1213), 4.36 MiB | 504.00 KiB/s, done. To

HIPAA Compliance Cloud Server Configurations

There's a recent startup out of YC which seems interesting called Truevault.com, which allows you to store JSON documents in their database via an API and is HIPAA compliant. I am working on a healthcare app, and am wondering which is a better strate

Imagick point in the location other than / usr / bin

I'm trying to compile the imagick extension for Heroku, but I need it to look in the /app/bin folder for ImageMagick rather than the /usr/bin/ folder. I've used as much google-fu as I have, but I can't figure out how to build the imagick.so extension

Difference between web application and application?

I have built a music store program similar to iTunes in Java and and want to deploy it to the web. But when I go to Heroku App and see the demo application, its completely different. They say we need to upload a web application. Same thing in Google

Paperclip S3 - Can Download Images But Can not See Them

I'm created a Rails app running on Heroku, with Paperclip and S3. I've managed to upload images to my S3 bucket through the site (I can see them show up in my bucket on the Amazon control panel). But when I add an Image tag i.e. <%= image_tag x.photo

deployment of the play20 application (v. 2.0.2) on heroku

Trying to get a play 2.0.2 application going on heroku and it seems it is not yet supported. Has anyone had any luck with this? Error: http://s3pository.heroku.com/maven-scala-tools-snapshots/org/scala-tools/sbt/sbt_2.9.1/0.11.3/sbt_2.9.1-0.11.3.pom

No module named theme.urls

I just deployed my first django app to the Heroku platform. I basically followed this tutorial, just that instead of creating a dummy django-admin.py startproject hellodjango . django app, I used my app that currently works on my Windows PC. When dep

How to wipe Heroku Redis?

I have some information stored in my RedisToGo instance in Heroku and I want to wipe it so the Redis store is clean. Any idea how to do this?You can do this with redis-cli. RedisToGo gives you a url in the form: redis://redistogo:d20739cffb0c0a6fff71

heroku rake db: migrate failing - how to diagnose / repair?

heroku rake db:migrate --trace --app app-name ! Internal server error This was working fine before. How to diagnose this? rake db:migrate works fine on my local db. There is no entry in the log. VERSION=xxx did not help either. Using rake 0.8.7.Ok he

rails 3 - erase the data from the heroku app before you live

I have a rails app that I've been testing on heroku, it's a simple micro blog style app. I've a few dozen users registered, they've made a few posts, commented on other users posts and set some personal info about themselves. I now want to clear out

Heroku SSL on the root domain

I am trying to setup SSL for my heroku app. I am using the hostname based SSL add-on. The heroku documentation states the following: Hostname based SSL will not work with root domains as it relies on CNAME aliasing of your custom domain names. CNAME

push the rails application to heroku

I am trying to push a rails application to heroku. When I get to the last step: git push heroku master It doesn't work and gives me these errors: Counting objects: 85, done. Delta compression using up to 2 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (74/74),