Customize the Enfold theme on my WP site

I've to customize the header in Enfold theme of my WP site. I placed the company logo to the left and under this I placed the primary menu. I need to add another image near to the company logo. I 'created' a theme child and I would like to add a widg

Problems with the header (location)

I have a problem with my header location. On the first time, the header location works fine, but, the second time, it doesn't work. I've removed all the spaces and empty rules in the code but I have still the same problem. First header: <div class=&quo

The link does not work on GroupBox.HeaderTemplate

I created a custom header for my GroupBox like the following image: I want also to set a Binding on the Backgroud of this header, so I wrote the following code: <GroupBox Width="130" Height="80" BorderBrush="Black" Margin=

Can C ++ headers be called vector.h or matrix.h?

I have including problems in a C++ Project. I included math.h, but there are strange problems with my vector.h and my matrix.h header files. Am I allowed to call these files vector.h and matrix.h?Two headers cannot have the same name. By same name, t

Adding headers to a list

In Xamarin, I have coded a List as follows: protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle) { base.OnCreate(bundle); items = new List<Tuple<string, string>>(); //Header displaying Locations items.Add(new Tuple<string,string>("Fiji&q

Attributes in the header () function

Is there a way to send some attributes when redirecting with header() function? I would like to send some error message when redirecting(PHP5). I know that I could just show error page for a 5 seconds or so and then redirect. Or redirect with query i

HTML / CSS header moved and missing images

I am having a little issue with a few headers being misplaced on the site I am working on and also an image that's supposed to show below each one of them is not showing. You can see what I am talking about here: Here's my HTML: <!-- main-content -->

custom php function to call header

I have a Wordpress website. I am asking for help as I am not good with codes, but know a bit about the flow of functions and all. I want to add a new PHP function that will be defined in a separate file. The function to be defined is required to serv

C: Using functions from files in the same project

My question does not link to a direct example, but is more of a question as a whole. When I was coding with C++, I found (after looking through some threads) that in order to use functions from different files that are in the same project, I would ei

redirection cycle based on the user's session

I have a problem with redirecting to a page. It seems like it is redirecting itself multiple times. I have if(!isset($_SESSION)){ header("location:index.php"); exit(); } in my header. and my header is included in my index page and everywhere els

WPF DataGrid header

I'm working with a WPF DataGrid which presents a set of imported files into the program. Everything works fine but I've faced a problem sorting file sizes when the header is clicked! The normal sorting method cannot differentiate between 12*GB and 12

Header files in C / C ++, Standard?

Are header files standard or different in gcc vs other compilers?Its not really clear what you are asking, but the "standard" header files are only standard in the sense that they (should) meet the C/C++ standard (as specified by the governing b

Include the C ++ file in another C ++ file

I'm havin a problem in including my files. I got 3 C++ files and all of them got int main(void). THe problem is whenever i include 1 of them it says that: function 'int main(void)' already has a body but if i will remove the int main(void) to other t

Flex - Vertical alignment problems of the Datagrid header text

I'm having some issues aligning the header text of a datagrid. I'm using an embed font for the header text, and when applying the css, the header text behaves as if I'd set the text vertical align to top. I'm trying to vertically center the text, but

Urllib2 several Set-Cookie headers in response

I am using urllib2 to interact with a website that sends back multiple Set-Cookie headers. However the response header dictionary only contains one - seems the duplicate keys are overriding each other. Is there a way to access duplicate headers with

Do not name a type in C ++

in C++ when i get an error that says xxxxx does not name a type in yyy.h What does that mean? yyy.h has included the header that xxxx is in. Example, I use: typedef CP_M_ReferenceCounted FxRC; and I have included CP_M_ReferenceCounted.h in yyy.h I am

parse http wget response header

Im trying to extract a line from wget's result but having trouble with it. This is my wget call: $ wget -SO- -T 1 -t 1 Output: --18:24:12-- http://xxx.xxxx.xxxx:15000/myhtml.html => `-' Resolving xxx.xxxx.xxxx... xx