Gyroscope trembling while moving

I'm making a 360 video player with the camera placed in the center of a sphere and I've implemented the gyroscope into the camera, it is working but when I move around there is weird shake going on, looks like having some sort of delay even when the

Full speed on ITG3200 with Arduino

I am using a ITG3200(Sparkfun breakout board) for my project. I was trying to boost the sample rate of ITG3200 to over 2K HZ. I have already soldered two 2.2K pull-up resistors on the sensor and close the clockin pads. I encountered a few problems he

Swift Sensortag 2.0 Write bits to BLE

Pretty basic question here: I'm currently trying to control a sensortag 2.0 via Swift 3.0. I'm trying to simultaneously turn on the acc, gyro, and magnetometer. According to Texas Instruments documentation, the following applies for the IMU: Axis ena

How to smooth the input of the gyroscope?

I'm making a game in Unity where the game's main camera is controlled by the phone orientation. The problem I have is that the gyroscope's data is very noisy and make the camera rotate in a very jittery way. I tried on different phone to make sure th

CMDeviceMotion Data Access

I have a problem with access to CMDeviceMotion data. I have everything what is needed included, but my startDeviceMotionUpdates function seems to be passed over (I think that something's wrong with handler). Here is my code: let manager = CMMotionMan

Returning arrays from functions in C ++

Good day :) I am working on a code for obtaining pitch, yaw and roll angles from an Accelerometer and a Gyroscope. To create a cleaner looking code that is easy to follow, I resorted to creating two different functions. One for the gyroscope that cal

Adaptive algorithm for filtering gyroscope data

Is there an adaptive algorithm for filtering gyroscope noise? My app currently has a startup dialog to calibrate gyroscope, where it asks user to put the phone on the table for 5 seconds, and records min/max values of gyro data collected in these 5 s

Detect user activity (running, cycling, driving) using Android

Using my Android device how can I detect if the user is walking, cycling or driving? I have checked the Google Fit app. It differentiates between running, cycling and driving. I am puzzled about what algorithms I should use to differentiate between t

Detect the movement of the iPhone on a flat surface

I'm a coremotion beginner. I need to detect iPhone movement on a flat surface like table - so far, I made it to detect its sideways movement by accessing the yaw of the gyro, but I can't think of a way to detect the up/down changes. I tried using the

Gesture recognition using IMU and treatment

I am using an Arduino Uno running a 9 Degrees of Freedom Sensor Stick with a BlueSmirf Silver bluetooth module to wirelessly send the gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer data to a processing sketch. I would like to record and detect gestures s

Two devices on Arduino Uno R3 TX Pin

I'm making the project using Arduino Uno R3 Platform. I want to use two devices, acc+gyro (MPU-6050) and Bluetooth (HC-06). The problem is, that both devices need TX Pin (2). Do you have any idea how to use this devices with Arduino Uno R3 at the sam

Teeter set using motion detector

I'm relatively new to SpriteKit and I'm looking to make a game similar to Teeter so I can develop my personal knowledge. After spending a couple of days searching around the web I could not find any tutorials that teach you how to use iPhones motion

Save the sensor data to the file in Android

I'm doing my project to record data from accelerometer and gyroscope sensor and save it into file in sdcard. But I have problem, when I start recording for more than 1 second, the result in file is only 1 data that consist of 1 x axis, 1 y axis, and

Yaw angle drifting after fast moving

In my current project I ran into trouble regarding the quaternion provided by Core Motion's CMAttitude. I put the iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.1) at a well defined start position. Then I start to move the device quickly around like in a fast pacing game. When I

How to imitate a gyroscope in an Android emulator

I am trying to work on stuff related to a gyroscope. My phone does not have a built in gyroscope. Is there a way to include the gyroscope functionality in the emulator, at least make the emulator set in such a way that it behaves as if it had a real

Java hardware support test for iPhone 3GS orientation events

I'm trying to use HTML5 deviceOrientation events in Javascript to rotate an image when the user rotate his iPhone around him. I use this code to detect when the gyroscope is moving : window.addEventListener('deviceorientation', function (e) { alpha =

GYROSCOPE does not work after updating to 2.3.5

My code used to work on 2.2, and I was able to get the gyroscope data, but after the update to 2.3, it does not work anymore. I also tried on a galaxy player to make sure it's not a hardware issue with my phone. It did not work on that one either. An

Indoor positioning system based on gyroscope and accelerometer

I am developing an Android App to track indoor position. My phone is an Google Nexus S using two sensors, the first being an Accelerometer and the second being a Gyroscope. My idea is that from a starting reference point (a known GPS position), using

Detect when an iphone has been exceeded

I want to be able to detect if an iphone has been bumped into something...would it be best to listen to the gyroscope / accelerometer and judge how fast its moved or if its moved and stopped suddenly. In fact how would I judge if the device has moved

How can I check if a Gyroscope is present on the device?

Just wondering can I check if the device (iPhone, iPad, iPod i.e. iOS devices) has a Gyroscope ? - (BOOL) isGyroscopeAvailable { #ifdef __IPHONE_4_0 CMMotionManager *motionManager = [[CMMotionManager alloc] init]; BOOL gyroAvailable = motionManager.g