Will this gulp command wait for a dependent task?

I have the following gulp configuration: gulp.task('bar', function() { return gulp.src(files, { base: './' }) .pipe(gulp.dest('dist')) }); gulp.task('foo', ['bar'], function() { // do something... }); Will foo wait for bar to complete before it runs?

gulp-include with gulp-uglify not working

I have a gulp.task 'scripts' that uses gulp-uglify. Then I also added gulp-import and it didn't work. If i do only uglify it works. If I do only import it works. But if i do both at the same time it doesn't work. Here is the function: gulp.task('scri

Address of Protractor Selenium Hub

Is there a way to pass in the address of the Selenium Hub when running the protractor tests e.g. with using npm run protractor?Yes, you can pass selenium address while running from command prompt: protractor --seleniumAddress='http://localhost:4444/w

Gulp concat does not work properly

I try to build my Angular 2 application to single minimized js-file with Gulp, but the gulp-concnat plugin doesn't seem to work properly. It just build the following file with few lines of some configuration code. {"version":3,"sources"

Is code obfuscation really useful in javascript?

Recently I have passed to gulp task manager, and I noticed that by default, build task produce .map files. This makes me wonder: is useful to obfuscate code for production deployment? Does it protect my software from being hacked? If yes, should I de

Angularjs - 500 (Internal Server Error) on $ http Post

I am new to Ionic and angular. I am building a sample with ionic framework using angular.js. I want to call WebApi through $http post method. I checked this(ionic-proxy-example) solution and I am trying to implement the same using my api. When I call

AWS Lambda SDK - TooManyRequestsException

I have around 50 AWS Lambda functions, I have a gulp tasks to deploy it, the script zip the functions and upload it to S3, then using Lambda JS SDK I call this task to create/update the functions: gulp.task('upload', function (callback) { var AWS = r

`gulp-replace` replaces only some of the targets, but not all

gulp-replace isn't replacing everything that it should. I'm trying to replace <li>'s and it's only removing some of them. When I add a list item it is successfully removed but the ones in original document are not. This is even true if I copy/paste

gulp-filter filters all

gulp-filter is filtering everything. I'm trying to use gulp-filter to exclude a single file from gulp-uglify: var uglify = require('gulp-uglify'); var filter = require('gulp-filter'); var paths = { css: 'src/*.css', html: 'src/*.html', js: 'src/*.js'

Getting a blank page on running localhost: 3000

I have installed mean.io stack from http://learn.mean.io and everything installed successfully. When I tried to run gulp command to run the server I got this Invoking gulp - development [17:54:23] Using gulpfile ~/projects/mean/demo/myFirstApp/gulpfi

Gulp does not detect file changes in the subfolder

I'm using a docker-yeoman image to launch a container and then running the Yeoman gulp-webapp generator to generate a project skeleton. Once generated, I'm running it in the same container using: docker run -it -p 9000:9000 -p 35729:35729 --rm -v $(p

Autoprefixer Gulp does not work with the Gulp Compass

I'm not sure where I'm going wrong here, but autoprefixer isn't working. My Gulp: var config = require('../config') if(!config.tasks.css) return var gulp = require('gulp') var browserSync = require('browser-sync') var sourcemaps = require('gulp-sourc

Pass the karma configuration object from gulpfile

I have a karma.conf.js file that exports a function that takes a config object and applies a bunch of configurations to that object. module.exports = function(config) { config.set({ basePath: '', frameworks: ['jasmine'], ... If I start karma from the

gulp karma test TypeError: the server is not a function

Trying to run karma using gulp for running tests but after following the example from: https://github.com/karma-runner/gulp-karma My gulp file: var gulp = require('gulp'); var Server = require('karma').Server; /** * Run test once and exit */ gulp.tas

PHP gulp with BrowserSync and proxy server launch error

I had to redownload all of my dev tools after upgrading/reset on Windows 10. I can't seem to get my server working with gulp-connect-php, gulp-browser-sync, and http-proxy. The task (below) is actually from this answer: Gulp-webapp running BrowserSyn

Make gulp-uglify not mangle only a variable

I just wanted to check if there is a way to mangle variables except a specific one for Gulp-Uglify. If there isn't, is there a work-around to achieve the effect I desire? Thanks.There definitely is, I couldn't find any documentation for gulp-uglify r

How to reference own css file in ASP.NET 5?

I am trying to load a file called styles.css which is located in ~/Content/css/styles.css What I tried is adding it to the _Layout page <link rel="stylesheet" href="~/Content/css/styles.css" /> This gives a 404 on that location.

How can we use jsx reaction templates in node-webkit

I'm having troubles using react's jsxtemplates in node-webkit. The basic problem boils down to this; Using the following code React.createClass({ render:function(){ return <h1>Hello FLUX</h1> } }); will have node-webkit telling me Uncaught Syn

How to compile SASS files in different directories using Gulp?

I'm using gulp-ruby-sass to compile my js and sass. I ran into this error first TypeError: Arguments to path.join must be strings Found this answer and it was because I was using sourcemaps with gulp-sass and the answer recommended using gulp-ruby-sa

How to integrate the build process npm / gulp / bower into sbt?

I have two separated git repos, one holds a scala server built with sbt, the other holds a webapp frontend built with npm/bower/gulp. In server repo, I already have a task to build a standalone jar (not the standard package task) ; in frontend repo,

Gulp minify multiple js files to one

I am new to Gulp and wondering how can I minify (concatinate) my collection to single file instead of every file separately. Example var gulp = require('gulp'); var uglify = require('gulp-uglify'); gulp.task('minify', function () { gulp.src([ 'conten