Gulp concat jQuery returns an error

I'm pretty new to gulp. I'm trying to merge few JS files together and when I add jQuery (or jQuery UI) compiler throws error: events.js:160 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^ Error: [path]\public\components\jquery\dist\jquery.js:16:2: missing '}'

Gulp - the best way to reduce multiple CSS files into one?

What is the best way of minify multiple css files into one? The gulp task below causing two issues after the minification and concatenation: bootstraps glyphicons that I use have disappeared. some of my styles are broken. The task seems to have re-ar

gulp shows - a file - concats only half of a file

This issue... ... remembers me to another one, but seems different. (scroll down after code, to see what I mean) I don't have really a problem with gulp-watch in other projects, especially since I fixed a similar issue. (which you can find on the end

Angular is not defined in the Uglified Gulp file

//ERRRORS SHOWN ON THE CONSOLE main.lib.angular.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'noop' of undefined main.lib.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'module' of undefined main.user.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: angular is not defi

Accessing the shard file variable values ​​using the chute

I have several typescript files, some of them export a const named APIS. I'm trying to access those exports (I want to concatenated all of them to a single file), but it doesn't seem to work. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what

Gulp Concat + Browserync restart

I'm using gulp concat and browserync. When I run gulp, it starts browserync and concatenates and reloads all js files found in modules. The problem is that it only does the concatenation of js files once, so I need to stop running gulp and run it aga

gulp stream does not generate destination files

There is a bug in following gulp stream but I just couldn't find where. var processors = [autoprefixer({ browsers: ['last 2 version']}), cssnano(),]; var myjob = gulp.src(['app/css/normalize.css', 'app/css/org.scss']) .pipe(watch('app/css/org.scss',

Gulp-concat: from unknown sources to the same destination

I recently started to use gulp to keep my dev project organized and I've run into a little something that I cant figure out. So this is my task : gulp.task('jsassemble', function () { return gulp .src('vendor/proj/**/**/src/assets/js/*.js') .pipe(con

Concatenate a list of CDN links in a file (gulp)

I have a list of CDN (or remote) scripts (with full URL). I want to transform this into a concatened file (all.js). Can I do that with gulp? In other words, is it the right tool? // Does not work (no error, but no file generated) var gulp = require('

gulp concat JS CSS libraries

I am using gulp concat to combine all JavaScript libraries CSS file into one. My gulp task looks something like this: gulp.task('concatcss', function() { return gulp.src('assets/libs/**/*.css') .pipe(concatCss("all.css").on('error', standardHand

gulp-order: do not order properly

Gulp newbie here, I downloaded gulp-order for ordering js files when concating *.js because some of my javascript files require jquery to load first. Below are my gulpfile.js that have order,concat,rename & uglify. var date = new Date(); var uniq = d

How to combine two goulp tasks?

I am using gulp to compile my typescript files and create the output.js file. Is it possible to have a single task which compiles typescript file and concatenates it with angular libraries? Here's what my current file looks like (below). First it's r

Referencing two gulp tasks in a fault

I have a gulp 'default' task where I want to clean a folder before gulp continues to build my minified CSS and JS. This 'clean' task needs to run only once per default task. But I am having issues trying to get default task to reference the real buil

View a javascript error when using gulp

hi all i am using gulp uglify and concat to minify js code. However, i would like to have a way to detect any coding error in the original dev js code so that i can check the original code and not only notified after minified. May I know how can i do

How can I ignore a file using gulp?

I have the following folder and file structure: Vendor bootstrap css -bootstrap.css js -bootstrap.js font-awesome css -font-awesome.css nivo-slider -nivo-slider.css theme -theme.css -theme-animate.css -theme-blog.css -theme-responsive.css -theme-shop