How to make an overlay that captures no event

I would like to draw some sort of window on top of all the other windows. For example, to display some debugging infos (like conky) or things like a timer. The main thing is that I would like to able to continue using the other windows while using it

Raspberry PI GTK Remote Debug Error

I'm using NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 on my Win7 machine to develop Raspberry Pi opencv C++ application. I'm building & debugging the application remotely on the Raspberry Pi from my Win7 machine. At run time the application fails with "Gtk-WARNING **: ca

Representing a double as an array of characters in C

I am working with GTK, and in my program I am taking a user input, converting it from a string to a double using atof() in order to make computations, and then outputting the result into an entry. My problem is when using void gtk_entry_set_text( Gtk

How can I get the application path in C?

I'm using GTK to create an interface for my C program running Linux. I'm using this function to load my XML interface: gtk_builder_add_from_file(builder, g_build_filename("", NULL), &error); As long as I'm in the same direct

how can I run Linux commands from PyGTK?

so, i need to run linux commands from my PyGTK application. what i want is what i could do with other programming languages: sending a specific command with all its arguments to the core of the operating system so that it is run as it was entered in

Use a GTK window and wait for the answer

I am using PyGTK inside another application to take user input. I am building an window which has lots of Check Buttons and according to response I need to go ahead. The problem is that in python when I call the function of window and its operation,

Mono is still suitable for a Linux desktop application

I want to make a Desktop App for Linux and I'm wondering if C#/mono is still suitable for that. Do they plan to make a wrapper for GTK 3? Or is Qyoto a better choice? Also, I'm wondering if GTK is a good idea for Ubuntu, since they plan to make their

Get the background color of GtkEntry

Getting colors of regular widgets (GtkWidget) is pretty easy. I am just getting GtkStyleContext and calling get_background_color function. But I can't get background colors of widgets like GtkTreeView or GtkEntry. So the question is how to get it?Oka

Sharp Refresh / Redraw GTK Widget

I'm trying to develop a really simple GUI with mono and GTK sharp. I have a few two combobox and I need to change the options available in the secod based on the selected item from the first one: //Create window container var mainContainer = new Tabl

Get the name of the icon for a stock ID?

Question I'm trying to retrieve the (string) icon name(s) corresponding to a given (string) Gtk stock ID. Example Gtk stock id 'gtk-go-forward' has two corresponding icon names, 'gtk-go-forward-ltr' and 'gtk-go-forward-rtl'. I'd like to retrieve eith

Pretty friendly graphic library

I'm figuring out which technology to use for my next project, and for now what's going to determine it will be mostly the GUI library. It's best if it has bindings for C# and Java. It's going to be for a game level designer, and it would be great if

How to start and stop GtkImage Animated GIF in GTK +

I have a GTK+ application written in C that loads a matrix of animated GIF files. These GtkImages automatically run the animation when they are loaded and then stop when the animation is completed. How would I restart the animation of each GtkImage c

Need tips on Motif migration to Gtk

I'm doing a project about migrating a legacy GUI program from Motif to Gtk. The source code is quite long (about 80k lines). Now I have two plans: Simply find the corresponding relationships bewteen the Motif functions and Gtk's. Then write some scri

Really confused about C ++ multithreading

I'm trying to write some multi-threaded code in C++, but I can't seem to get anywhere. I've done some research, but I struggle to find some basic examples that would show me how to achieve what I need. I'm working on a Gtk application in Linux and ev

Casting GTK Clutter textures and normal ClutterTextures

I'm having a problem sorting out the casting in some old clutter code, trying to bring it up to date. It has code like this: static void image_init(CtkImage *image) { priv->texture = clutter_texture_new (); ... } static void refresh_icon (CtkImage *i

Is there a gi.repository documentation for python?

I'm looking for a gi.repository module documentation and I can't find anything on the internet. All I found is documentation of new Gtk3 libraries for C, or old PyGtk 2.0 Reference Manual I'm looking for something like PyGtk 2.0 Reference Manual but

Communicate with another thread

This is how I create a thread that does domething reps times: protected virtual void RedButtonClicked(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Nuker n = new Nuker(target, reps); bombThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(n.nuke)); bombThread.Start(); } The

Gtk Notebook Tab Size

I am using a gtkNotebook to show a number of widgets on the bottom of my app. The problem is that when the tabs are showing they take up a lot of space and look awkward in general. I figured out that it is cause by the gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU being bigger

standard linux link to the preferred file manager?

I'm writing a GTK+ application. At the end of the program's running, it opens the user selected directory. Currently, it is hard-coded to open nautilus: g_spawn_sync( 0, stringArray( "/usr/bin/nautilus", gtk_file_chooser_get_filename(GTK_FILE_CH

customizing the title bar of the gtk window

How can i customize gtk window title bar. I need to add custom buttons, and title bar image.You can't. The title bar is drawn by the window manager, not by GTK. You can tell the window manager to set the title using window.set_title(), and you can se

The differences that matter between GTK + and QT?

What are the finer differences between QT and GTK+? Specifically I need to know the finer differences. Language neutral, Windows/Linux neutral. Just the finer points please... How native are the widgets / controls to the window manger, from its stand

GtkAboutDialog Bug close button

I use GtkAboutDialog and everything works fine except the close button of this widget. All other buttons works fine, I don't know how but all buttons have default callbacks and they create and destroy the windows. But the "Close" button of GtkAb

Align a GtkLabel on a GtkDrawingArea

I have a GtkLabel and a GtkDrawingArea within a VBox, I want to center the label relative to a X-coordinate of the GtkDrawingArea (which is below of the label in the VBox), how can I tell GTK to center that label relative to that "anchor" point

C-mistletoe on cygwin windows

I'm trying to make a script that can generate a kind of chat client in cygwin on windows but I don't have a clue how to start, I saw something like gtk+ but how do I get that inside of cygwin, and what have I to do after that?Cygwin has an assortment

Image loading, C language and GTK

I keep getting a broken image (a red 'X' in a paper, it doesn't even start loading the one i want, I don't know if this is clear enough) and don't know why, here is what i tried: image = gtk_image_new_from_file("abc.png"); gtk_container_add (GTK

Gtk + mouse pointer leave-area event

I need to detect when the mouse pointer leaves an area in a GtkNotebook. Normally this is possible with the motion_notify event, but if the pointer is moved fast enough, the event is not triggered. Because this is a certain area of pixels in a GtkNot

Get the dpi settings via GTK

Using GTK, how do I query the current screen's dpi settings?The current accepted answer is for PHPGTK, which feels a bit odd to me. The pure GDK library has this call: gdk_screen_get_resolution(), which sounds like a better match. Haven't worked with