Problem with the js shims and r.js requirement

I'm having a few issues with r.js I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. Consider the following shim: shim: { plugin: ['jquery'], plugin2: ['jquery', 'plugin'] } And the following arbitrary plugins (note: they don't need to be jQuery plugins, but

Concatenating modules in RequireJS

I am using RequireJS to modularize my code. The website I am using will have several distinct page categories. For each one of them I want to load general JS file with all the dependencies that exist across all page categories, jQuery being most obvi

Build Durandal with Grunt (R.js + Text)

I would like to use Grunt to build a Durandal project, because Weyland remains completely undocumented and isn't as standard as Grunt. To do this, the grunt task needs to pull in all the js and html files during optimization, but I am unable to get R

RequireJS Optimization

I`m using r.js to optimize my app, as i saw in several samples, i used build.json configuration file to config my optimization options. The problem is that when i set reference to the output javascript file after optimization I`m getting the followin

The grunt-contrib-requirejs task stops Grunt without error

I have a problem where my grunt-contrib-requirejs task stops my grunt processes. It does this with no errors at all. I need help identifying the issue. My overall task grunt.registerTask('build', [ 'clean:dist', 'jshint', 'handlebars', 'requirejs', '

grunt requirejs 'define is undefined'

I'm trying to optimize RequireJS using GruntJS, using the grunt-contrib-requirejs plugin. The problem is my code works fine before optimizing it, and then after optimizing it, on the console it says Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined. Her