checkbox tick one at a time does not work in gridview

I have multiple checkboxes inside gridview What i want is, if I select one checkbox and go to select another the first checkbox should get unchecked and second should get checked. I tried below code $('.chk').on('change', function () { alert('click')

Add a column to the list that contains an image

I want to add a row using data from a ExpandoObject, which is similar to a Dictionary<string, object>. The string is the header of the column and the object's value is value of the column. Everytime, when I get new data I'm creating a new GridView,


Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.LiteralControl' to type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox'. this error display when i update the record i want to update the record by datagridview by depend on the id . protected void GridView2_RowUpdati

How to get the ID of the record in the GridViewRow loop?

Aim: Gridview with checkbox on each line, user then clicks a button and all ticked lines are actioned in the button code. I need the ID's of all the records where the CheckBox is checked. Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. o

how to add a different control in the gridview line

I have a gridview which I populate from the list data. every row in the gridview has a text box. there is one row within the gridview which I want a dropdown control rather then the textbox. I can't figure out how to change the textbox to dropdown co

Progress bar for each GridView element

How can I add ProgressBar to every single item of GridView in Android application? I need to have progress bar in top-right corner of GridView element.You need to create a custom adapter, that inflates a view that contains the ProgressBar. Then durin

Gridview Export to Excel Does Not Express Long Numbers

Hello I'm trying to export my data from a gridview to excel the problem is I have a nvarchar column the have the following barcode: 00373228210001695726 and in excel after export it looks like this 3,73228E+17 my query looks like this: DataTable dt =

browse the gridview lines using the button

I've got a gridview that the user can select items with a checkbox. At the bottom of the page I have a save button that I want to iterate through the gridview rows and pass the selected rows LinkID. When I go to iterate though, my gridview.rows is re

Maximum value in a gridview column

I have a gridview which is databound to a sql datasource and displays data as it should but now I want to display the highest value in a column in a textbox. I have assigned the column to a literal called litPathwayDays. The column displays a cumulat

How to get the ID of an edit text box in gridview

I want to get the ID of a textbox like below to add validator, the Client ID contains generated string, UniqueID too, but only the ID contains nothing, why? Protected Sub GridView1_RowDataBound(ByVal sender As GridView, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebCo

Disable GridViewColoum on Page_Load

I have a Delete-Button in my gridview that i used to create with an TemplateField + LinkButton + OnRowCommand. Now a normal user should not be able to use this button - or better not to see this button at all. How to disable a coloumn in a gridView o

QML nested list view with separators

I'm trying to implement a tree view that represent structure of buildings/floors/rooms. All rooms should be classified by floor and building ( thus header for each building and floor is required. First I implemented it with Repeater, Row and Grid ele

How can I set the point as a decimal point in GridView?

I have some BoundFields that are bonded to double values. If I enable editing on the GridView I get the following example: Input string was not in a correct format. I want that in edit mode the decimal separator be "." instead of "," b

scrolling in gridview

I've one grid view which is having 4 columns --> Food Type,Dish Name, Price, Quantity. The "Food Type" column has values "French,Chinese,Italian" "Dish Name" column has the name of dish for respected food type for ex. for

How to check if the checkbox in gridview is checked

I have a devexpress gridview, and in one of the columns is a checkbox. I want to check to see if the checkbox in that column is selected in the focused row, and if so, perform some action. How should I go about checking if the checkbox is checked? bo

Android - Set the text view when you click on an item

I have a gridview and each item have a text view. i would like SetText for text view when i click a item in gridview. it's method: setOnItemClickListener but I don't know how to control the textview. any ideas, examples or tutorials? thanks.You can i

Change the GridView BoundField value on the DataBound event

I have GridView (created dynamically) with BoundFields. I want to change BoundField value on DataBound event. This value contains Boolean values (True / False), I need to change them to "Active"/"Inactive". If this would not be dynamic

ASP.NET Gridview ItemTemplate Access in CodeBehind

I am having trouble accessing an asp.NET HiddenField from a Gridview ItemTemplate in the codebehind. I need to be able to read the values that these hiddenfields contain so that I can execute the delete method. The code is as follows <%@ Control Lang

Why is there an extra line in GridView?

I am trying to bind a grid to the following data source. Why do i get an extra row in there when there is not data in it? The count of the rows is also correct , i can see that when i debug . Object[] users = new Object[100]; int i = 0; while (reader

Dropdown event does not fire

I am having a DropdownLIst in the HeaderTemplate of the Grid I have written some server side code on selectedINdexChanged event of this dropdown But this event never fires. I have also Enabled the ViewState of dropdown and the Page to true Ant ide wh

Loading external images into a grid (no image)

Can anyone see what Im doing wrong here? I know it is a lot of code but I do not get any errors other then that the images do not turn up inside the imageviews. The imageviews turns up but empty. I guess Im running the asynctask in the wrong place or

use an image button in GridView to select the line

I am trying to use a image button in a grid view to select a row so that i can then use the SelectedIndexChanged function to do other things. i have tried this: <asp:ImageButton ID="Image1" CommandName="SelectRowGrid2" runat="s

display the resultset sql on the grid or table

I need to know how to display the result of a select query in a datagrid or GridView with VB.NET? Consider SELECT * FROM some_table. I don't know what columns the table has. Is there a way to just output the result to a table, with a dataset for exam

Using DropDownList in EditTemplates of a GridView

I am working on a GridView in Asp.Net. When initially a the Page Loads, my gridview look like: alt text When a user clicks, to edit a row, I am using edit templates to show 'Domain' in a DropDown Gridview check the selected index on the client side

how can i do this client side, OnClientClick of the btnYes will return false if the gridview selected index < 0; protected void btnYes_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (gvCourseDetails.SelectedIndex == -1) { ClientScriptManager scriptManager =

Sorting grids and sorting expression

I am using a gridview and have have to set a sort expression, I am using: <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Order Name" SortExpression="OrderId"> <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text