How do not I get fill for my bootstrap grid?

Here is my webpage I would like to eliminate padding all together. I have been using css but does not seem to be doing it. Also, in mobile it looks great oriented vertically but stacks weird horizontally. I have tried to us

CSS view in grid or table

Hi Guys I need help displaying layout in CSS. Here is i want the layout to display like. Here is what i have so far in CSS but can't get the menu zone to fully expand down height. Any suggestions? i'm using display grid as layout. .page{ display: gri

c program to check valid sudoku

i'm writing c code to check whether given matrix is valid sudoku solution or not. Input would be matrix of n*n size. I have written code to check row and column but i'm not getting how to validate grids of sqrt(n)*sqrt(n) size. my code is here #inclu

why the grid systems float the last column right

i have been looking at many responsive grid systems(best example is foundation) and they all seem to float the last child column right this annoys me especially when creating pages with dynamic content is there a good reason they do this? if so is th

How to convert a 2x2 card into a list of lists?

Python How do I turn a grid of: x,x x,x to a list of lists?: [['x', 'x'], ['x', 'x']] It's as simple as: with open(...) as f: list_of_lists = [line.strip().split(",") for line in f] # use list_of_lists

Draw a grid dynamically xaml c #

I want a grid in xaml tha can show me a collection of objects how should i proceed ? I already binded these : C# // Collection.DataContext = Mycollection; xaml // Grid.RowSpan="{Binding getSizeofcollection}" My collection contains all the same k

What is the best layout for making a grid on Android?

which is the best layout to make an app like flipboard on Android? I need an UI that shows 6 tiles (2x3 format portrait) and it could be a list of tiles but, I need that each 6 tiles I slide the screen to see a new group of tiles. Is it better to use

Chrome ColumnLines grid lock

In the working example of Locking Grid Column Example we can see white space coming after horizontal scroll bar is scrolled to extreme right. This white space width will be more if number of unlocked columns width is more, which in-turn misplaces col

How to get specified properties from xaml

I have a loop with children of a grid. For every child, I want to know which properties have been specified explicitly in the XAML code. Do I have a chance to find out? For example: I have a TextBox <TextBox Height="150"/> Only the propert

Set the background image of the photo library

i have to set programmatically a background of a grid with an image taken from the picture library (NO assets folder of the app)... I have tried with this code MediaLibrary library = new MediaLibrary(); Picture picture = library.Pictures[rnd.Next(0,

How to pass grid data to another page?

I am new to PHP. I have a page containing a grid. Users can edit some values in the grid. When they click a submit button, I would like to pass all of the grid data to the action page. However, I don't know how to do this. Please give your inputs.For

Python Tkinter Layout Management with grids

For a few days, I'm trying to set up a simple application with Tkinter and I have some problems to choose between pack, grid for my frames and widgets. Here is a mockup of my app. I decided to delete the two buttons "Générer" so don't pay attent

How to set up a game board based on a simple grid in Java?

I'm currently learning Swing and thought making a game would make the process more interesting for me. I have my JFrame all set up with menu and tool bars, but now I'm constructing a JPanel to serve as the play area, in this case I'd like to make a g

mark a grid with c ++ default values

I am trying to iterate through a grid in c++ and mark every coordinate as false. What I thought I had done was create a 25x25 grid but VC++ is giving me two errors: (37)"error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function taking 0 arguments" (44)&

How to check if the checkbox in gridview is checked

I have a devexpress gridview, and in one of the columns is a checkbox. I want to check to see if the checkbox in that column is selected in the focused row, and if so, perform some action. How should I go about checking if the checkbox is checked? bo

magento add the last connection to the customer's grid

I am new to Magento. I am trying to add a last login value displaying on customer grid. it returns a null value. I have read other tutorials, but it does not help much. The Magento version is 1.7. Here is my code: $customer = Mage::getSingleton('cust

Which link performance is best with grid view

I heard lot of binding methods such as JSON method to bind data to grid. i want know which one is best to bind data to grid. is any other new technologies used to bind data. Please help me.Bind straight from you data source output. Let's say you have

How to draw a dynamic grid with XNA

I'm trying to draw grid using the XNA framework, this grid should have a fixed dimension, during the execution of XNA, but should be given to the user the opportunity to customize it before launch the game page (I'm building my app with the silverlig

Grids that overlap in a tab

I have two grids inside a TabItem and in the code-behind I want to be able to add controls to both grids and have all the controls visible at run-time. Currently at run-time the controls added to "Grid3" are not visible while he controls added t

Write a chain in a spiral

I had recently participated in coding competion sponsored by an company and there was this one question which I did not understood, as to what was it asking. Here is the question: The string "paypal is the faster, safer way to send money" is wri

Create a function for custom tabular representation

I use the code below get an overview of parts of my data. What would be the best way to make a function out of the below code ? It would take a dataList as well as some graphical options (such as colors) as arguments and return a customized tabular r

Is it possible to use Triggers on Grid RowDefinitions?

I have a grid whose rows need to be resized dynamically based on the view model. I'd like to do something like the following: <RowDefinition Height="2*"> <RowDefinition.Style> <Style> <Style.Triggers> <DataTrigger Bind

ColumnDefinition MinWidth does not work correctly

I'm using a Grid in WPF (xaml) and I'm have some strange effect when using the MinWidth property in a ColumnDefinition. For example, when I use 9 ColumnDefinition and every ColumnDefinition has the 'Width="*"' property and one of the middle colu

Word-wrap grid cells in Ext JS

(This is not a question per se, I'm documenting a solution I found using Ext JS 3.1.0. But, feel free to answer if you know of a better solution!) The Column config for an Ext JS Grid object does not have a native way to allow word-wrapped text, but