Converting images to a specific JPEG quality

I want to convert image formats to JPG in a specific quality The following command doesn't work for some reason , all i get is NULL gm convert -quality 80 '/tmp/phpK31vNK' JPEG:'/tmp/phpK31vNK' && cat '/tmp/phpK31vNK' However the following command

Download the latest version of sourceforge

I am trying to download latest version of graphicsmagick from Sourceforge in my bash script wget -q -O GraphicsMagick-LATEST.tar.gz tar -xzvf GraphicsMagick-LATEST.tar

Resize and compose two or more images using gm in Nodejs

Given two images, say under img (in size of 1024x768) folder (img1.png and img2.png), I need to resize img2 (say 300x300) and put on img1 in x and y (say 100, 200) from top left of img1. The end result should be 1024x768 size image. Using gm (https:/

ImageMagick - Find the average color of a triangle in an image

This is a more advanced version of this question. From this image, how would I get the average color value of the pixels under the triangle from its co-ordinates with ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick/a different command-line tool? Preferably the solution s

Return the image without saving on the server (node.js)

I create an image in GraphicsMagick on Node.js and I want to give it back without saving on server. How may I do this? I have this code: var fs = require('fs'); var gm = require('gm'); var captchaImg = gm.(650, 200, "#ddff99f3"); for(var i = 0;

PSD to PNG conversion does not match

When converting a PSD file with a transparent background using GraphicsMagick, my PNG image is more "dull/lighter" than the source image. I've used the following gm mogrify -level (with countless options) gm mogrify -modulate (with countless opt

Determine if an image is from & ldquo; blank & rdquo; paper

We are making a tool that will allow a chain of photos to be taken. Mixed in with real photos will be photos of blank sheets of paper. I want to separate the series of photos by identifying the images of blank pages. I'm trying to find a way to ident

Fixed Height Batch (CLI)

I have images of variable height and width, and I want to crop them all to be 200 pixels high, without any resizing. i.e. their width will remain the same, and height will be 200px. I want to use "north" gravity for this. Any CLI tool that allow

get an image with a graphic image

for one of my project i am using im4java library and send command through it to graphicsmagick. to get image size : identify -format \"%w,%h,\" test.png i can get size properly till the following result. this time stderr changes the result: [wx=

Using mulcher in the buffer with GraphicsMagick

I'm trying to resize an image uploaded in memory, using multer over express to get the file. While I can access req.files.picture.buffer and it shows some content, when I pass the buffer to GM I receive a ENOENT. The code is as follows: var buffer =

Express GraphicsMagick

I'm currently building a MEAN app and the section I'm currently working on involves image uploads. I'm trying to use GraphicsMagick for Node but I'm not really having any success. Below is my POST request for image uploads (as is):'/api/use

Generate Animated GIF with GM in Node.js

so i've been tackling this one for a few days and got the point when i'm ready to ask for help. I'm trying to generate an animated gif with in a node.js based app, using the graphicsmagic package. I've generated several slides that look kinda like th

Asynchronous GraphicsMagick for the node

I am using GraphicsMagick for node. I basically crop the photos and retrieve the exif data of the photos uploaded by the user. I don't want to block the flow of request waiting for these task to be completed, therefore I need to use asynchronous func

How to configure a JPEG delegate for graphicsmagick?

I want to crop an image to a specified pixel region. I'd like to use the gm module from I am running Linux Mint 13 and node.js v0.9.4pre. I am running into an error that sounds like graphicsmagick doesn't know about j

Get GraphicsMagick to open the file from an https url?

I can use GraphicsMagick to download images given a URL, however when the URL starts with a https I get the following error (for Unable to open file (// [No such file or directory]. I am using the

Cloud / RESTful Interface for Image / GraphicsMagick

I'm looking for a cloud service to where I can upload images and get them cropped / resized. Basically I'm looking for zencoder, but for images instead of video. I know about cloudinary but it forces you to store the images on their system so that th

Stitching images with append () in graphics

I have a large number of images stored on a separate server that needs to be displayed on a single page as a mosaic of some sort where the individual elements may be shown or hidden dynamically. These images should be fetched, resized and then stitch

Graphicsmagick for the node not writing the entire jpg

I am using to resize an image. var fs = require('fs'); var gm = require('gm'); var input = __dirname + '/input.jpg'; var output = __dirname + '/output.jpg'; gm(input) .resize(350) .stream( function(err, stdout, stderr)

Creating multiple thumbnails in ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick

I'm currently writing a shellscript for Bash, that will create different size thumbnails for some rather massive amounts of large images. I was wondering if it's possible to get GM/IM to create multiple sizes of thumbs in one run, to avoid loading th

Reducing colors in a PNG image makes the file size larger

I am using ImageMagick to programmatically reduce the size of a PNG image by reducing the colors in the image. I get the images unique-colors and divide this by 2. Then I assign this value to the -colors option as follows: variable = unique-colors /