Access to the Gps problem

I am trying to access GPS in my Mobile using the following code locationManager= (LocationManager)getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE); Boolean isGPSEnabled = locationManager.isProviderEnabled(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER); loc1 =locationManage

Convert GPS coordinates to a city name / address in Swift

I have a latitude/longitude location that I want to convert to the location name String in Swift. What is the best way to do this? i believe it's best to use the reverseGeocodeLocation function but not exactly sure how to. This is what I have so far:

LatLng return 0.0

I am trying to create an app that shows my current location I have all the permisson neccessary, I have another class name GPS tracker to get my gps locations Heres my code : GPSTracker gpsTracker = new GPSTracker(this); LocationManager lm = (Locatio

Obtain coordinates explicitly from the GPS provider

I want to achieve something which I though was simple enough, but now I end up being a little confused. I want to get the coordinates of the user in this way Is there a GPS provider? If yes, get the coordinates from gps Else if there is a network pro

Get the shortest distance from a point

I have this table in sqlite Locations ID Lat ( latitude) Lon ( longitude) Type Name City I have for example 100 records what I need is to get (using my own coordinates) the nearest point in my table. What I did is to get the shortest distance between

Inaccurate data using CLLocationManager

I am developing an ios app which uses location services. I get the latitude & longitude data using CLLocationManager. When i analyzed the data, I found that it is not the exact location i went. Rather than road coordinates it sometimes returns me the

GPS Spoofing Is It Possible In iOS SDK?

Is there any way in iOS to spoof the GPS location. I mean to say show user different coordinates not the real one ? Thanks!As far as i know gps gives you lat long and you show it on map. What you can do is add your code in between to spoof obviously

How to refresh the status of Android mobile GPS

I use the Android mobile phone to location in the outdoor, back to the interior, there is not the GPS signal. here call getLastKnownLocation() to return location result is the last time's. The fact is the (indoors) has no GPS signal. How do I refresh

Detection of two overlapping GPS coordinate delineation zones

I have two GPS locations. For each I am creating a bounding box in a different range. Each bounding box has min/max latitude and min/max longitude. Need to implement a method to detect if those two boxes overlap (don't mind the overlap range.. only t

iphone as location marker for android

As I know, iOS has a unique default marker presenting the user location (Marker that flashes some blue color) Here's a picture: Is there something like it I can do in Android?You will have to extent the class MyLocationOverlay and override the drawMy

How to get Status of LocationProvider in android

I have written the below code for getting the best provider available. private static String provider; public static String setCriteria(LocationManager locationManager) { Criteria criteria = new Criteria(); criteria.setAccuracy(Criteria.ACCURACY_FINE

WP7 dynamic ListBox with GPS value

I'll try to explain my problem ... Sorry for the English translation to Google. I'd like to dynamically display the values ​​in a gps listBox I have a class that stock values ​​gps: public class LocationManager : INotifyPropertyChanged another with t

Android find a position on a map

Here is my scenario: I have an image which is a map. I use it as a background image. The image is not square in shape. Its more like a trapezium. I have the geo coordinates of each of the four corners of the image and the width and height of the imag

How to measure elevation using GPS technology for iPhone SDK?

There are few apps like Strava which records users movements using GPS. It also measures the elevation of the road on which they travelled. I would like to know how can we measure elevation of the road using iPhone SDK? Please let me know.Use the Goo

Failed when calling variable of another class. (JAVA)

I am newbie for java programming. I met some problem here, can anyone give some comment? When I check in the onLocationChanged(). There is desired value for lngpoint and latpoint. But when I called it to another method, loadcoordinate(), loc.latpoint

How to send data to a website from a GPS device using gprs?

I had planned to do mini project. With GPS modem using GPRS(sim card with internet connection) and i need to send the data from GPS modem to a website. Is it possible? If so how it can be done? What are the languages needed? And also tell me about th

LINQ POI nearby

can anybody tell me how i can get the distance from a given longitude, latitude to a poi(longitude, latitude) stored in SQL Server DB ? Thanks in advance, MartinWhile not a SQL answer, I always recommend this explanation for how to calculate distance

iPhone: get the list of places / places nearby

I've been wondering, what list does facebook places use? Is it foursquare's one? And if so, how does it work? Can I connect to foursquare's API and get nearby places with coordinates or something like that? Thanks a lot!Here is simple way to find out

Android GPS enabled or disabled

Is there any way to check if the Android GPS is on or off without any permission, just the state I don't need to toggle it. ThanksNo. Checking GPS Status on Android requires android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION The code to check the status of GPS

Using Google Maps data in a C # program for Windows Mobile

I'm making a charity Windows Mobile 6 app in C# to help those affected by Alzheimer's. The aim is for this app to let the carer set a boundary by tapping in Google maps to set points. The carer would then put the windows mobile device in the patient'

calculate the latitude / longitude point

If I have the coordinates of a point (lat lon) and the azimuth angle how can I calculate what points are at "the end' of a distance of 10 miles. Ex. I am watching North , I know I am at a certain point ... At 10 miles apart what coordinates has that

Access GPS functionality in WinMobile phones

Say you have a Windows Mobile 6.0 phone that also has a GPS receiver. Does the WinMobile SDK support accessing GPS functionality? If not, what are the options (API) for programming with the GPS i.e write apps that will use the GPS capability. I am ma