Get the Google Maps API time for Javascript

I am trying to get travel time with traffic between two locations. I have followed the documentation guide with all details, but I always get a fixed traveltime between two points regardless to trafficmodel: (best_guess, pessimistic or optimistic). A

Delete the polygon in second click

When the user clicks on the marker the first time I want a polygon to appear. The second time they click the polygon should disappear. This code works fine for the appearing part but it does not remove the polygon from the map. Every odd click just m

Google Maps - Unable to access KML file for KML layer

I'm embedding a Google Map within a website with a KML Layer and I'm struggling with what I would think is a very basic issue. I have a KML file on my computer that I want to add to my map as a KML layer but I don't know how to "access" that spe

Importing large terrains from Google Earth

I am currently using Google Sketchup 2015 Pro to export Google Earth terrain as obj wavefront format. I want to export Mount Everest and its nearby surrounding mountains so I can import it into a game. How can I do this? I think Google Map Buddy did

Google Maps mangling KML

I've created KML files of some world regions for display using the Google Maps API. This has been working fine, but one region has recently started displaying as if the data's corrupt. You can see what I mean here:

not able to use Google Map SDK in ios

I am working a simple iOS app into which I am integrating Google Maps. but not getting any result . i have used this steps step 1:i have downloaded Google Maps Mobile SDK from this link sdk ios step 2: Create an API project in the Google APIs Console

View the driver route between points in Google Maps

I'm doing a simple app using Google Maps v2. All i want is to draw a driver route between two points. I've put polyline but it just draw straight line. The line should track the road. I just don't know how to. Thanks in Advance This code is just gett

get the zip code with the full API

How to get zip code with auto complete api of google in iOS? I have already tried google place api but it not return zip code So, please any one have solution give me some ideaUsing Google Maps iOS SDK Swift: @IBAction func googleMapsiOSSDKReverseGeo

Google Maps V3: Update Markers

I have some issues with Google maps api v3. I managed to create a map where new markers are displayed when the user drag the map. However, it do not delete the past markers. I have read many tutorials and thread (especially this one: Google Maps V3:

Clustering Marker with Google Maps SDK for iOS?

I am using Google Maps SDK in my iOS app, and I need to group markers which are very close to each other - basically need to use marker clustering like its shown in the attached url. I am able to get this functionality in the Android maps SDK, but I

How to put the mark on google maps?

How do I put the place mark on google maps? The code below shows only particular location but I want to add my custom place mark image on google maps. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script src="

Google Maps removes the default man icon

i am using google maps with my project as you can see here ( Demo ) in left top you can see man icon and zoom i want to remove man icon and set zoom left-top what should i do? i am using this library js library and you can see other library in (view)

android - ProgressDialog while loading Google Maps

I have an Activity that implements Google Maps.When I start it, the activity stops for a few seconds, until the Map is completely loaded. I would like to use a ProgressDialog until the map does not load, but I can not start it in a background thread,

Error creating xml from mySQL database with php

I am following this tutorial from google for google maps: I formatted my code as so: echo '<markers>'; // Iterate through the rows, adding XML nodes for each for($i = 0; $i< $brewery

Google Geocoder - Add coordinates to fields

I am trying to find some minamilistic google geocoding script. The ones I have found are very large and complicated, but this one is very simple. The only thing it doesnt do is actually put the co-ordinates in two input boxes like the others. Here is

Google map showing as a gray box

I'm developing this application for a drupal site. Using examples from the api site, I got the map to work fine with hardwired html with javascript fixed in it. But I really need to use ajax and the ajax function with the same data is showing only th

MapView show only squares

I have Create application which contains google map. If i install app with debug mode in device then it shows map fine, but if i installed app after sign in with release mode map is showing only squares... any suggetions? Please help me...please go t

div on top of div with Google Maps API

How do I float a div "menu" on top of my Google Maps API "map" div. And maybe possibly add a transparency of 50% on the menu div. Can this be done? #map {width: 835px; height 540px; float: left;} #menu {width: 145px; float: right; padd

Overlays do not work in Google MapView Android Tutorial

Got some errors following the tutorial for MapView when i was going to integrate overlays. package; import java.util.List; import; import android.os.Bundle; import c