Google Fit listens for data updates does not work

I'm trying to implement a Google Fit Listener when data is updated into Google Fit services. In this link of Google Fit documentation there is a simple example, however, it is not 100% clear. For that reason, I have two problems: I don't know how to

Google Fit API, which calculates calories burned by activity

So I'm trying to create an app that connects to Google Fit and shows the user their data in a pretty streamlined way and I'm having trouble finding the calories the user burned for each individual activity per day. I can get the total calories for th

Are the inactive calories on google incorrect?

With "inactive cal" is google fit talking about "basic metabolic rate" ? Because the bmr is supposed to be costant but fit gives me a different number of "inactive cal" every day... Someone can explain me why? It pass from 15

Google Fit API Problem OAUTH

I'm trying to build a step counter application, as a test i downloaded the android fit code from github and ran the basicsensorsAPI: googlesamples/android-fit In order to get stepcount instead of location I changed the data type to TYPE_STEP_COUNT_CU

Removes a day using Calendar in Java?

I have an application that plugs into the Google Fit Api and returns the steps for the last 7 days, the method is below. As the screen shot shows though I wish to add the day to the step count. I have tried many options to take away one day at a time

Does the Google Fit History API not retrieve the dataset?

I am currently trying to display today's current steps through my application. I have the following code below which Authenticates most of the time alright. I have added the SHA1 certificate to the developers console as well. I keep getting the error

Not Rated

i have a question to Google Fit. I am creating a step counter (oh wonder g). This i have already done so far and it not really hard. But now we come to my problem. I am only reading the steps with the Sensor API. The issue is, i can add new data via

Convert nanoseconds to date and time

I'm having a little trouble converting nanoseconds to DateTime so i can use the Google Fit API ( Dataset identifier that is a composite of the minimum data point start

Calorie spending using google fit api

I am working on app fitness app , for that I used google fit api . Till now I am successful in fetching steps count , distance but I am unable to get calorie expenditure . Thanks in AdvanceYou need to set the user's weight and height first. The expen

Google Fit History API - incorrect values ​​for steps

I'm trying to get the walked steps from today. Therefor I've found 2 solutions. 1) private void getStepsToday() { Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance(); Date now = new Date(); cal.setTime(now); long endTime = cal.getTimeInMillis(); cal.set(Calendar.H

Recover HR-bpm with Google-Fit API Sensor

I am using an external device which is suppose to send TYPE_HEART_RATE_BPM to the SENSORS_API. I can retrieve steps with this code: Client mClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(ApLifeAid.getAppContext()) .addApi(Fitness.SENSORS_API) .addScope(new Sco

Android Step Counter: Always On?

It is a well known issue that many Android phones switch off the accelerometer when the screen goes off. However something seems to have changed with Android Fit (the app). Fit keeps counting steps even when the screen goes off. If Fit is installed,

Unable to get the exact steps listed on the Google Fit app

I tried all sources listed in Datasource api of google fit. However, I was unable to get exact match for number of steps shown on fit app. The response returned by APIs is cumbersome to use. Could have been more specific as in which API to be used wh

Create an array of donuts similar to Google Fit

Does anyone know how to create a doughnut chart similar to the one in Google Fit. Is there a library for this? I also wanted this, but the best answer i could find was "make your own". So I did. This is pretty basic (I'm new to android) and unfi

Multiple GoogleApiClient does not trigger connect ()

TL;DR; GoogleFit Api client does not connect if is signed in with Google+ So... I'm facing a problem when using GoogleFit and Google+ api together. I am using Google+ to sign in a user and using GoogleFit to retrieve fitness. Besides Google+ I have s

How do I retrieve the Google Fitness REST api account data?

Since I installed the Google Fit app on my Nexus 5 it has been tracking my step count and time spent walking. I'd like to retrieve this info via the Google Fitness REST api (docs) but I can't work out how to get any of that data from the REST api. I'

How to pass an instance of a client connected to google api

I am suffering from a bit of confusion around the google fit and google + api. When my app is first opened the user is asked to sign in with google + etc and then, if they are logged in, are transfered via intent to my home class. This class sets up

The GoogleFit example does not work

I am trying the BasicHistory Sample whis stores a data and then read it but in my case the code get stuck at the insert call.await call does not return anything i have tried using the asynchronous way also,here is the code