Network Inspector Chrome v50 very slow

today my chrome is gone to v50 and I noticed a dramatic slowing when trying to open request/response headers detail in the devtools. Am I the only one?I am having the exact same problem after I upgrade to build, and I don't use any them

Audio Level Meter for Web RTC Stream

I would like to create a decibel meter for the audio that is playing in a video element. The video element is playing a WebRTC stream. At the moment WebRTC streams cannot be passed into a Web Audio Analyzer. (Although this might change soon - ) (see

Ajax Chrome extension calls return 403

I have developed a Chrome Extension that takes a screenshot of the current tab and uploads it to a server via ajax on a schedule. It works perfectly on two servers I used to test it, but when I transitioned to a new server, the ajax calls are now pro

If the instruction does not work - chrome extension

That is my code from my background.js: chrome.webNavigation.onCompleted.addListener(function(o) { chrome.tabs.executeScript(o.tabId, { file: "test.js" }); }, { url: [ {hostContains: ''} ] }); What I want now is an if statement right wh

view of the table appears different in Chrome and IE, Firefox

I have created a simple HTML/CSS table for a menu on this page: The problem is that it works perfectly in Firefox. But in Chrome and IE, it doesn't work well. Here is from one menu table code and the C

Chrome extension - Context menu on specific pages

I am wondering if it is possible to show the following context menu item only if it is on specific pages. I think it has something to do with documentUrlPatterns (Which can be seen here as of typing this) but I am not sure how to implement it with th

Difference 2px FF and Chrome

I need your help. How to fix that 2px difference? I really have no idea... <nav id="navigation" class="col-full" role="navigation"> <ul class="nav fr parent"> <li id="menu-item-99" class=&qu

Detect touch events in Chrome on Windows 8 with touchscreen

I built a touch/mouse friendly jQuery plugin. It works on phones(ios, android...) and desktops browsers. But i have some issues with Windows 8 Chrome installed on laptop with touch screen. Unfortunately i dont have such a device and cant do any tests

can not run Selenium tests on some browsers

i have tests made with Mink using Selenium 2 driver. everything is working OK under Windows 7 with Firefox, Chrome and IE and Ubuntu 12.10 with Firefox. the problems are: when i try to run test on Opera (Windows 7) it launches but it cannot find any

jQuery ajax blocks chrome on HTTP 206 (partial content)

This thing has been bugging me for some time now and I can't find a reason/solution on the Web so far. Here is the setup: I have a fat JS client running on a browser, firing up search requests into an internal system. Those requests are just GET's, n

ASP.NET MVC takes a long time in the chrome login page

I Have a Route that is in the format: http://localhost/SocialNetworkWeb/Home/Index When I press login in any other browser it works fine but in Chrome it takes too long. Is there any problem with ASP.NET MVC3 & Chrome working together or maybe IIS Ex

debugger; in the Chrome console

Open a page in Chrome, enter the JavaScript console, and type debugger;. Immediately we hit a breakpoint at line 2 of the following code: with ((window && window.console && window.console._commandLineAPI) || {}) { debugger; } Can anyone ma

Use chrome with Selenium 2.0 with C #

I have a problem with the ChromeDriver.exe When I run the test, a Google Chrome Window is open but then an error from the chromedriver console shows up. It says something like: [0405/175241:<15>] Could not delete temp dir

Floating picture left in a & lt; li & gt; Chrome problem

I was trying to create a ordered list which contains a left float image + a link for each li. It works as expected in IE9 and FF, but not on IE8 nor Chrome. It was a very straight forward stuff like this <li><img style="float:left" src=

Get the Chrome browser in Java applications

Is there a way to get the Chrome browser inside of java applications similar to the way Awesomium works in C++ and C# applications?There is currently no way getting the UI portion into a Java. You should consider just using barebone WebKit + V8 with

legend label and Chrome

I've looked everywhere but to no avail. I got a <legend> in a form, which displays as I want in every browsers, except in Chrome. It's like it sits outside of the fieldset, or it's like it goes on top of the next element. And it's very annoying. I c

set up a speed chart plotter with ubuntu 9

I am having a small issue in setting up speed tracer with ubuntu. any help (document/hints...) will be appreciated.There's a handy tutorial the Google Developers put up at: And some examples on how to use it