CSS does not load on the application engine gcloud?

So, I'm trying to host a website on the google cloud app engine, but css and other static files are not showing up. Here is the relevant directory structure: myapp -app.yaml -manage.py subapp -apps.py -models.py -urls.py -views.py static -style.css A

Automatically Scaling a Pull Queue in App Engine

I'm trying to implement a Push Notification system in PHP which needs to send massive notifications with the shortest delay possible, as described here: The drawback I see in this architecture is how to auto scale the Notification Workers. As far as

Sending stored accelerometer values ​​to the server

i want to send the accelerometer values recorded for 5 seconds to server.i tried to concatenate the values and send through http post request but it is not working. since almost 350 values are recorded the data is large and is not possible send throu

How to create a database on a google cloud sql instance

How can I use Cloud SQL to create a database? When I use MySQL, I could easily run a sql script to create them on phpMyAdmin. I found a site that advertises that it's possible to run SQL files right on Google Cloud SQL. This is exactly what I want to

Defining Python Functions in Google App Engine

I am new to python and am trying to define a function and then use it in Google App Engine - but I keep getting the error "Error: global name 'cache_email_received_list' is not defined" when I try to execute the function. Any help would be great

Android Studio does not have Google Cloud Endpoints

What I'm trying to do is create an Android app that talks to my existing App Engine back end. I'm following the steps in http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2013/06/adding-backend-to-your-app-in-android.html. I installed Android Studio 0.2.1 (I/O

Fast and pure Python implementation of k-means

I'm looking to do k-means clustering on an Google App Engine app (built for Google Glass). The App Engine only accepts pure Python libraries. I have tried using SciPy's kmeans and kmeans2 edited to use py_vq instead of the C implementation of vq, but

JUnit tests with GWT and GAE

I want to have some JUnit test (created with GWT) to contact a servlet (with GAE calls inside). When I run the test I get the following stacktrace: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.google.appengine.api.NamespaceManager.get(NamespaceManager.java:

Python App Engine + Taskqueue + Backend Development Server

I'm using GAE Python 2.7 with the local development server. I have configured a backend backends: - name: worker class: B1 options: dynamic and I'm using the default taskqueue. Everything works fine and the backend and taskqueue are visible at the SD

Is it possible to track only slow queries with appstats?

Our application processes several dozens of requests per second and small portion of them takes significantly more time to process than others. We are interested to 'profile' those slow requests, however appstats seems to keep just small window of pr

Grails on Google-App-Engine - Is it dead?

To create a web application on Google's AppEngine I was looking for a framework. During my research I came across Groovy and Grails. I'm a Java kind of guy so I prefer something Java-like above Python frameworks (like Django). So I scraped together s

How to create a RESTful client on Google App Engine?

I'm trying to create a RESTful web service client on Google App Engine (Java) that consumes Json. I've tried Sitebricks and Jersey, but neither of them seem to work. Is there any framework out there that can be used to create RESTful web service clie

Difference between web application and application?

I have built a music store program similar to iTunes in Java and and want to deploy it to the web. But when I go to Heroku App and see the demo application, its completely different. They say we need to upload a web application. Same thing in Google

x1 application can not access x2 application data

I copied some namespace data from x1 to x2 using remote api and lowlevel datastore api. I am accessing the x2 app, to get the following error for some data java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: app x1 cannot access app x2's data at com.google.appengine

Sending 2 forms at a time

I must submit two forms at once and I don't want javascript. So I think I can post the form to myself, do my work and then post it on to the third-party payment provider. This is to make the order appear in our datastore. The manual says how to submi

Sample google app engine task queue

HI all, I a newbie in google app engine, i'm using python. Currently, i try to working with task queue. But i dont see any complete sample on this metter. So please give me some sample of task queue in google app engine, written in python. ThanksPyth

Python version 2.5 of this method

I have the below function running fine on python 2.6, but appengine's production environment is 2.5 and it blows up on: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Mapping' Does anyone have a solution for 2.5? Thanks Chris import types, collect

GAE / J Databank: How to Create an IN Query with JDO

I am trying to query a collection of entities by its key in the Google App Engine datastore. This is the query I am trying to execute with no success: Query query = pm.newQuery(Fix.class); query.setFilter("__key__ IN param"); query.declareParame

Google App Engine - Download blobs and authentication

(I tried asking this on the GAE forums but didn't get an answer so am trying it here.) Currently to upload blobs, the app engine's blob store service creates a unique one- time URL that a user can post blobs to. My requirement is that I only want aut

Accelerate models in GAE-Py by aggregating RPC calls

Here's my problem: class City(Model): name = StringProperty() class Author(Model): name = StringProperty() city = ReferenceProperty(City) class Post(Model): author = ReferenceProperty(Author) content = StringProperty() The code isn't important... its

What characters are allowed in a Google App Engine key?

While testing my Google App Engine application, I search for links which include app engine keys. For example: /story/ag5yZXBsaWUtdGVzdGluZ3IMCxIFU3RvcnkY-w0M/ What characters are allowed in these keys? I had been using the regex [a-zA-Z0-9], but it

App Engine Datastore IN Operator - how to use?

Reading: http://code.google.com/appengine/docs/python/datastore/gqlreference.html I want to use: := IN but am unsure how to make it work. Let's assume the following class User(db.Model): name = db.StringProperty() class UniqueListOfSavedItems(db.Mode

ImportError when using Google App Engine

When I add the following line to Google's helloworld example: from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas I get the following error: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named reportlab.pdfgen I can get at the reportlab.pdfgen library from the python