Android: GoogleApiClient is not logged in yet?

To update a user's current location I implement the following method to my project: GoogleApiClient.ConnectionCallbacks, GoogleApiClient.OnConnectionFailedListener When the project is executed,The following error will occur: java.lang.IllegalStateExc

How to download google player files using Java REST Client API?

Using the sample code (Drive Java REST API V3) below, I am trying to download a portion of a file from google drive. Drive.Revisions.Get get = service.revisions().get(fileId, revisionId) .setFields(FilterConstants.OBJECT_REVISION); MediaHttpDownloade

Sign out for GoogleApiClient in the Android app

Using such code it is possible to link my app and use account. if (mGoogleApiClient == null) { mGoogleApiClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(this) .addApi(Plus.API) .addApi(Drive.API) .addScope(Drive.SCOPE_FILE) .addScope(Drive.SCOPE_APPFOLDER) .add

Google's big query analysis response

i am fetching records from Google big query using gem 'google-api-client', When I fetch records from table client.execute(api_method: @compute_api.tabledata.list, parameters: {projectId: project, datasetId: dataset, tableId: table, maxResults: 10}).b

Error 500 when using the Google Drive API to update permissions

I am getting 500 error when I am trying to give access permission of any file. I don't want to send e-mail when the file is shared with someone. I want to stop the notification emails. Insert insert = service.permissions().insert(fileId, newPerm); in

Define google play services in Android Studio?

I am following these two links to set up the play services Setting Up Google Play Services Accessing Google APIs But it is unable to find google api client class THis is my gradle apply plugin: '' android { compileSdkVersion 21

Write a list of channels on the console

I attempting to write out a list of strings to the console but get this output: System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String] I think i might be formating the code wrong or i need to convert it somehow. This is what my list looks like (Rows is a p

Google Drive API integration with Android

I'm working on an android app which should connect google drive to download some data, I've downloaded googledrive sample app, but not able to find Drive GoogleAccountCredential classes as I need to import those to access google drive, I've added goo

Google+ Rails API Server Side Stream 4.0 - Invalid credentials

I am hoping someone with more experience can help me get my head round this Google API. I am just building a demo app based off the ruby quickstart sample app, to explore this API. I have a Rails 4.0 app and have successfully (for the most part) inst

API Reports 503 Backend Error

For the past couple of weeks the batch task I use to retrieve User Usage Reports from the Reports API has been failing with the following response: 503 OK { "code" : 503, "e

Google API redirection sends my app to the wrong page

I released an app using the Google Mirror API. Now I am trying to set up a beta app at a new web address .info as opposed to .com. However with I authorize my app from the .info address I get redirected to the .com. I have triple checked the address

Using google-api-javascript-client with node.js

Google's client JS library for its APIs is : I was wondering if there was any way I could use this with node.js (I'm writing a small app that uses the google calendar api. I'm

API for google-api-client gem

How do I get the api of this gem? I could currently get the name and email of the user with google_client.execute!(:api_method => GoogleLogic.get_google_oauth2.userinfo.get) google_client.execute!(:api_method => GoogleLogic.get_google_oaut

OAuth 2.0 error example when accessing the Google API

With the open source project google-api-ruby-client, I'm trying to run the OAuth 2.0 sample calendar.rb, which will access Google Calendar API. I've created client ID in Google API console, and fill the client ID and the secret in the ruby script. Ho