Google Analytics Management API 500 internal server error

I have an application which gets Google Analytics metadata and statistics for a couple dozens google users from Management and Reporting API. Everything was ok for a long period (several month), but yesterday around 21:00 pm UTC one of them (user) st

Is it possible to get Google Analytics goal value by date?

Google Analytics Management API goals endpoint. this is the link showing the goal endpoint I will be using to get a value. Is it possible for me to get the goal value broken up by date? I want to know the goal value for each day so I can create a lin

Using webhooks with Google Analytics

I'm trying to integrate my CRM with Google Analytics to monitor lead changes (from lead to sell) and so on. As I understood, I need to use Google Measurement Protocol, to receive webhooks from CRM and translate it to Analytics Conversions. But in fac

Google Analytics SEO - PHP API

I have a PHP file which give's me google analytics data, such as pageviews, Top Pages, or Organic Data simple stuff. Now I neet to get Stuff from the SEO Part. For example: TOP 50 Search Keywords (with Impression and Clicks) I can't find any help in

Write a list of channels on the console

I attempting to write out a list of strings to the console but get this output: System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String] I think i might be formating the code wrong or i need to convert it somehow. This is what my list looks like (Rows is a p

How can I know the city, age and gender of the user?

I have a Google Analytics code on my page, and it somehow finds out user's gender, age and location. Can I access that data when the user opens the page, and show something like "Hey, that's what Google knows about you: your age, gender and the city&

Google Analytics API Current users on the website

I'm currently trying to find a way to demonstrate how many users are currently browsing my website. We use ColdFusion, but I haven't found a very reliable method of showing the user count. My current method sometimes displays weird user counts. I see

Get more than 7 dimensions in Google Analytics

I am fetching my data from google analytics core api. I came to know that we can fetch only 7 dimensions using api, But here I need to fetch more than 7 dimensions with correct metrics. Is there anyway (other than using paid google analytics) to fetc

The Google Analytics Real Time feature does not work

I've implemented the GA in my code as it's shown in I start the GA tracker with: [[GANTracker sharedTracker] startTrackerWithAccountID:gaAccountId dispatchPeriod:kDispatchPeri

Google Analytics API PHP - Get the first 5 pages

I'm trying to work out how to get the top 5 pages from my Google Analytics Project API in PHP. So far I've made the following code, but it doesn't appear to work - any ideas? private function getTopPages($profileId) { $optParams = array( 'sort' => 'g

Show Google Analytics on another site

Just checking this is correct and I'm not gunna make a hash of my stats.... I have a website, and I have signed up to a third party service on I already have Google Analytics set up on and

Save the date of the page viewed by php-ga

I use php-ga to record data to Google Analytics from PHP script. I have to set certain data of Pageview request. For example, I would like to tell GA that user opened the page yesterday or two days ago, but it always sets the date of my php-ga reques

Google Analytics: Report a conversion delay?

We have a site that tracks conversions through Google Analytics for redirects to an affiliate. However, not all redirected visitors convert to a sale after they leave our site. Our affiliate reports back to us weekly on who converted (and we can iden

How to delete an event tracking event from Google Analytics?

I send some event to Google Analytics using this function _gaq.push(['_trackEvent',category,action,label,value]); but I sent them just for testing my code and now I want to delete them and start real tracking. How can I delete them?should I use any c

Counting events via Google Analytics APIs

Is it possible to use the Google Analytics APIs get a count of the number of times a certain event has been tracked? More specifically, can this number be counted in such a way that each unique visitor who hits this event is counted only once (subseq

Track offline events with Google Analytics

I tried to track user activity in my site such as click or mouse over and different kind of events.... Is there any solution to track events even when users are working offline... Can I store them in something like cookie and send them to the server

Google Analytics and Python

I'm brand new at Python and I'm trying to write an extension to an app that imports GA information and parses it into MySQL. There is a shamfully sparse amount of infomation on the topic. The Google Docs only seem to have examples in JS and Java... .

Google Analytics Data API [C # Design]

I'm currently building a library around the Google Analytics Data Export API. When i'm requesting data for a specific profile, this is the response from Google: <entry> <id>