How to put a blue dot like Gmail in Chrome?

When I receive a new email, chrome put a blue point after gmail favicon. How Can I do this for my website when a new message arrives? Note: I test and understand that gmail doesn't do this using changing favicon. It does something else. Apparently ta

Sending an email from the Spring Boot app using Gmail

I have studied the following question and answers: Spring Boot - Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25, response: 421 I want to do the same thing - send email from a Spring Boot application using the Gmail servers. My config is thi

Send an email to Laravel using Gmail

I have been using Laravel for a little while now, so thought I would dive into HTML emails, so I followed a tutorial. The issue I have, as well as seemingly quite a few others is this: Swift_TransportException in StreamBuffer.php line 269: Connection

How to access a Gmail account that I own with the Gmail API?

I want to run a node script as a cronjob which uses Gmail's API to poll a gmail account I own. I am following these quickstart instructions: I'm stuck on the first step. When requesting credentials for a cron script it tells me that "User data cannot

Define an Invoice or Invoice Using Google Email Tagging

I know this can be done because i'm looking at an invoice from a telco in my gmail inbox mobile app but I don't know how to set the gmail markup / schema to make it happen. The example I have shows: August bill for xxxx Total: $xxx, due MMM DD $ Tota

PHPMailer does not send it with the correct address 'from'

I'm using PHPMailer linked to my gmail account. I've required the autoloader, created a function to handle sending mail, then fire the function to test. It all looks like this: require "PHPMailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php"; function sendMail($to, $s

The newsletter by email does not load css

I have created a webpage to use as an email newsletter. I have used basic CSS and tables in the code. When I copy the content from the browser and paste it into the email compose page, the CSS is not being loaded. I read a couple of other articles ab

Gmail shipping limits

I'm developing software on a website that uses PHPMailer to send mail through our company's Gmail accounts via SMTP. With the software, a customer signs up for the site and receives a receipt and a video ticket. Two separate emails per customer at si

How to add an attachment in Gmail using RC / Webdriver Selenium

Can some one tell me how can i add attachment in Gmail/Yahoo mail using selenium RC/Webdriver. Please help me out in this situation. Thanks in advance.Install Autoit in your machine. Write an AutoIT script as shown below. WinWaitActive("Choose file&q

Upload image in Email Body using Java

I have been able to send Image as an Attachment in an Email using Java. I am now trying to send the same image in the Email Body Like this: public static void main(String[] args) throws NoSuchProviderException, MessagingException { System.out.println

Do you want to retrieve unread emails from Gmail?

I want to know that how can i fetch unread emails from gmail account. I have a gmail account i want that all the unread emails from gmail accounts are coming to my site though php. I have been implementing various codes but they are not helping me. P

How to send emails from a spring app using gmail?

I am working on a spring (annotation based) application. One of the page asks user to provide their contact details and message. Once this page is submitted, I want these details to be sent by email to my company ID. Can someone provide sample exampl

SOP Interoperability - Chrome Extension

In a Chrome Extension, I'm trying to get gmail compose body content. An error jumps out sporadically, and does not prevents it from working. This is being run as a content script. I believe permissions are not the issue here, because when there is a

Send an email from GMail with PHP; on proxy

I'm building an internal web-application in PHP that needs the ability to mail. I've used the code listed here: Send email using the GMail SMTP server from a PHP page and it works like a charm, when I run it from my house. However, when I run the cod

Send emails using .Net

Possible Duplicate: Sending email in .NET through Gmail I don't know what is the apis needed to send emails using gmail and hotmail using .Net , if someone know it will be very useful for me also how to install those libraries into VS 2010To send ema

Is there a Gmail console client for Windows?

I found this package on Ruby Wonder if there is something similar to run on Windows without all these Ruby packages.. ?There is. You can use Command line tools for the Google Data APIs( Th

How can I do a service that sends emails every 5 minutes?

Hy, I have a c# program that sends emails with GMail SMTP server and I want to make a service or something running behind that sends this emails every 5 minutes. Does anyone have any idea how can I make this with c# and options that sprin