Sharing variables across node modules

I have a main module (app.js) which initializes a client (for making REST api calls) and have functions in that main module that use this client. As my code is growing bigger, I'd like to modularize my main by putting the functions into modules (say

global variable says undefined - js

i'm trying to get some data and store them in an array. when i do this, that works fine and shows the result in $.each inside $.getJSON but outside of that, says array elements are undefined. also when i log length of array inside of $.each , it says

ajax store variable jquery and then recover later

Hi i am using jquery and ajax to retrieve the user id of the logged in user, Im saving this into a variable as I want to be able to do some logic with it later on. however I am having trouble accessing it. My code is below: $(document).ready(function

The method returns undefined

This question already has an answer here: How do I return the response from an asynchronous call? 30 answers I have a piece of JS code in for loop: window.gamesParse = { days: days, dates: dates, times: times, series: series, homes: homes, aways: awa

Local python vs global variables

I understand the concept of local and global variables in Python, but I just have a question about why the error comes out the way it is in the following code. Python execute the codes line by line, so it does not know that a is a local variable unti

Is a global pointer initialized to zero?

I was wondering what the cpp standard says about global initialization. I have found this answer helpful, but there was no mention of a pointer type. Is there a guarantee that this will work? char* myptr int main() { if (myptr == NULL) { std::cout <<

PHP table empty outside the function

This question already has an answer here: Reference: What is variable scope, which variables are accessible from where and what are "undefined variable" errors? 3 answers <?php echo '<pre>'; error_reporting(E_ALL); $pid = '129'; $famili

save global variables in a spreadsheet

I have a module with a load of global variables. I would like the name of the global variables in this module to be saved in the first column, and the global variable value to be saved in the second column i.e public variable1 as string public variab

Where can I store the URLs of my web server?

I hard code all URLs in my mobile app which I know is not a good idea. For example, if I were to ever need to move domain names I'd need to rename all URLs within the app from to on each and every page. I'm not sure wh

Using global variables in calculations

I'm trying to do the following, where I assign my global variable to a local variable: #define DECK_SIZE = 52 ... int *numberOfDecks; scanf("%d", &numberOfDecks); int shoeSize = *numberOfDecks * DECK_SIZE; It's been a while since I programme

What is a global variable in JavaScript?

I'm from a C# Class(), fields, properties, And I just launched myself into javascript. So far I've been doing great. However one of my friends was looking at my code and asked me why I did this. function Position (x, y) { this.X =

JS variable loop

I was trying out some simple JS code. I was aware that we should use var keyword to declare a loop variable inside the loop say for loop to avoid global variable declaration. However I realized that the loop variable exists after the execution of the

C Appropriate Use of World Vars

I'm building a minishell in C, and have come to a roadblock that seems that it could be easily fixable by using global variables(3 to be exact). The reason I think globals are necessary, is that the alternative would be to pass these variables to alm

Overall Paste Values ​​for Excel

The following code is for a Paste Value only event. And it works when the values are moved between the same sheet. However if I copy a value from a different workbook and run the macro, Excel complains that the data is out of range. How does one go a

Initialize Global & lt; Key, Value & gt; Chop

I want to intialise a QHash as a global variable. Because it's global I can't write something like QHash<QString, int> MY_HASH; MY_HASH["one"] = 1; MY_HASH["two"] = 2; But I'm not sure how I would assign values to MY_HASH in its

Examples of globals perils in R and Stata

In recent conversations with fellow students, I have been advocating for avoiding globals except to store constants. This is a sort of typical applied statistics-type program where everyone writes their own code and project sizes are on the small sid

How to define a global variable model in C ++?

Suppose you have to write a template library that operates on a client-supplied type. Also, suppose that this library really needs to access a global variable parameterized by the client-supplied type. How would you go about implementing this pattern

The global multidimensional array is not written in [vs c ++]

I have a global multidimensional array, g_iAllData[MAX_LEN][MAX_WIDTH] being used in a Form. When I write to it in a function: g_iAllData[iRow][iColumn]= iByte_Count; I can see in a Watch Window that it's contents are not being changed. If I put the

Global Variables in Cocoa / Objective-C?

According to Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, 3rd Edition, on page 202 (chapter 13): You will be registering, reading, and setting defaults in several classes in your application. To make sure that you always use the same name, you should declare thos