Gitlab run docker inside the docker

I'm using gitlab 9.3.3-ce.0 and gitlab runner with docker executor. I want to build images inside this docker-executor. How to do it? I'm trying to connect to outer docker using this section inside /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml: [runners.docker] tls

How to mark a branch git as merged?

I know this sounds a little weird, but sometimes manually editing is more convenient than merging and resolving conflicts. I would like GitHub/GitLab to show a merged label on the branches I manually "merged". Can I do that?One way you can do th

Restrict No Users Logged In GitLab To Explore Content

On my own hosted GitLab CE installation there is an Explore link so that that gives read access for no logged in users. How can I disable that?I think you have to set up the visibility your project as private or internal. Besides that I think the rep

How to count lines changed between two commits in gitlab?

I need to count line changes in the sources in between the particular period of time. That means, by using the commit Id can I know the line changes count in the source? I don`t want the line changed per user. I need all the line changes count in bet

Gitlab CI against Jenkins

Can anyone please let me know what is the difference between Jenkins and other CI like Gitlab-CI, coming with GIT distribution. On some research I could only come up that Gitlab community edition doesn't allow Jenkins to be added but Gitlab

Deploy Jenkins build to Sonatype Nexus

I have already integrated sonar-cube,Jenkins and git lab.Is there a way to add the Jenkins build result (my all projects are php Angular) to the Sonatype Nexus repository (Sonatype Nexus already installed)?For PHP dependency management, much better s

gitlab - unable to cleanly delete / delete the directory

I am new to using git and using gitlab. I'm having issues cleaning up a directory after removing the project from the web interface. First I "remove project" and the project was removed. Then I went to directory of where the folder is located an

Is it dangerous to keep the code in gitlab and github

Is it dangerous to keep code in gitlab and github? I heard it is quite safe to commit our code to gitlab and github. The reason is every code is hashed and it is nearly impossible for everyone to alter the code without using git tool. Is this true?As

Gitlab on a subdirectory of Raspberry with Apache

I am using an raspberry pi(debian-wheezy) with Apache and now I wanted to add gitlab. For testing I installed gitlab on a clean debian os and everything went well. On the "live" system I installed gitlab as well, but I am stuck at setting gitlab

Gitlab requests a password git when cloning a git repository

I have installed GitLab 7.9.1 using Omnibus. Everything works. When I do a gitlab-rake gitlab:check, I get no errors. However, when I want to clone a repository in /var/www, the console prompts me for a git password. I have added the SSH key in the G

Gitlab 7.7 create a new / move the deposit does not work

I migrated from Gitlab 7.5 to 7.7 as well as setup entire new installation of Gitlab 7.7 but both items are showing the same issue. Creating a new repository results in error "Failed to create repository", moving an existing repo to another name

How to migrate gitorious to gitlab deposits

We use in our company's Gitorious, but I have studied the GitLab lately and have seen much benefit in it. Recently I managed to climb the gitlab on one of our servers, but now need some help (north) to migrate repositories. Sorry for my english! Edit

Git push / pull fails on GitLab in Google Compute Engine

I've installed GitLab on Google Compute Engine using "Click to Deploy" from the project interface. The deployment is successful after a few minutes. I can SSH into the instance, and muck around with it as expected. I can also log in to GitLab us

Overview of milestones in GITLAB

I know how to manage milestones for several projects, but is there also an option (or a plugin) where I can see all (open) milestones from all projects? edit: I use GitlabGitlab 7.1 includes a new feature: Group Milestones. Users are now able to see

Watch a page of the gitlab wiki

How can I watch a page in gitlab wiki and receive notifications every time someone edit/modify the page. I already watch the project and receive notifications for commits, comments etcI ran into this problem recently. Not receiving alerts was not an

gitlab does not send mails (the queue keeps growing)

I do setup my second GitLab Server. I love that tool :) But I actually got an problem, wich I had in first setup too, but was able to fix it. Today I'am not. I'am searching now for hours. GitLab is running. Thats good. I can create an new User. Thats

Git directly commit the file to git and / or gitlab

So, here's my use case: I'm attempting to develop an internal Mac app for the non-developers on my team, to edit some of my game's parameters. Ideally, the application will be able to recreate the necessary config files and directly commit/push them

Can Gitlab be installed with the Cherokee web server?

I've looked all over and can't figure out if you could use Cherokee instead of Apache or Nginx for gitlab. I'd rather not run multiple webservers (and imagine that they could conflict anyway). I'm giving this a shot on Ubuntu Server 12.10. For the re

Connection refused to Git de Ruby

When I tried to push something to my gitlab's geosurvey.git repo I get this error: [email protected]:geosurvey.git: /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.9.1/net/http.rb:762!in `initialize': Connection refused(2) (Errno:ECONNREFUSED) from /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.9.1/

Default public repositories

I installed GitLab and it seems that all repositories are private by default (the creator has to add all the developers to the project in order to share the code). I'd really like for all the repositories to be shown (and cloneable) by all the logged

Public Project / Default Permissions with GitLab

I'm comparing Gitorious with Gitlab, and while there are many things I like about Gitlab, it has a very fundamental problem. For every new repository, the creator needs to manage who has access to that repository. Our model is rather simple: if you h