How can I test a draw query before merging it?

I work as a part of a team. Our process is to create a separate branch, work on the separate branch, then push that branch to 'origin' and make a pull request to master. I am trying to get better with the default command line Git. When another person

How to use github to host a webfont?

UPDATE: I used @brclz suggestion, solving my problem like this: Copied the GitHub address of each font file of the family, Example: Changed in the URL to

How do I know how many master's commits are not in my branch?

We are using GitHub to store our code repositories, and we would like all developers to ensure that branches are up to date with master before doing local developer testing, and merging. There are two ways of updating a branch with the commits of mas

How to add CSS code to the existing HTML code in github?

I recently created an account in github and I started coding with a simple exercise on aligning images using HTML and CSS code. So I wrote the HTML code to align 4 images in a row and now I am stuck on styling part. I'm unable to style it in <style>

Maintain Git repo inside another repo git

I have a git repo which contains in AngularJS web app. it has a subfolder called build which gets created by gulp task. I am deploying to Azure so it is connected directly to my bitbucket directory. I want to make build folder as a separate git repo

can not connect to github via ssh

I tried to clone one of my repositories on github from my newly installed linux machine running manjaro with fluxbox. i set up the and and uploaded the correct ssh key. but i always get The authenticity of host ' (192.3

How can I search Github API?

I want to search in github api with my query. For example: I want to convert this link to github api link. How can i do this? Is it possible?I think this is what you are looking fo

Why & ldquo; git push original master & rdquo; does not work?

I follow steps in to install Jekyll-Bootstrap. I can run http://localhost:4000 in local and I have set ssh, but git push origin master doesn't work. --- This is the error interface --- $ git pu

How can I configure Magit to use my Github username?

I just configured my IRC user name for ERC with (setq erc-nick "name"). Is there a similar variable for Magit, so it knows my Github username. If not, is there some ELisp I could write to add a hook to Magit or something like that?Here is how to

fatal: no configured push destination

Please see following screen details - git remote -v command is showing that I have test_vishwas added but when I am giving Push command it is giving error. Anybody can help ? C:\Users\vishwas_gupta03\Documents\GitHub\test_Vishwas [master]> git remote

Beginner RoR Git config - global username error

I am having trouble setting a global user name for git. When I type in git config --global, I get the following error: "fatal: unable to access 'H:/.config/git/config': Invalid argument" I have created a github account and thought I ha

Blog integration into an existing application

Are there any engines out there that would allow one to integrate a blog into an existing application/platform? I'm quite new to rails but I am picking it up fairly quickly, and have implemented Devise, and Omniauth already, idealy I would like to ha

How can I automate Pivotal Tracker & amp; Github integration?

Pivotal Tracker and Github have great integration: Once it's set up, each commit which is prefixed by the Pivotal Tracker ID will appear under the corresponding Pivotal Ticket automatically, for an example: git commit -am '[#1234567] my new changes'

github center image

I've been looking at the markdown syntax used in GitHub for a while but except resizing an image to the extent of the page, I can't figure out how to center an image in it. Is it possible? If it is, how?I've been looking at the markdown syn

Workflow for Cypress, Pharo, and Amber

I have a new Pharo 1.4 image setup and want to start playing around with Cypress and exporting packages to git / GitHub. What's the best way to get started with that? FileTree?Yes, FileTree implements the Cypress package structure for Pharo and Squea

Can I apply for traction on GitHub?

Can I make a pull request on some else's gist on GitHub? I'm aware of the fork, clone and commit workflow for a gist I own. I'd like to know if I can request to update someone else's gist with my fork.You cannot currently open a pull request on a Gis shoot from github

I am trying to pull or clone a git repo from my joyent smartmachine thru putty. I can connect to my sever easily, but as soon as I write: git pull [email protected]/accoutName/repo , I get the following error: Permission denied (publickey). fatal:

MonoDevelop 2.8 Beta 2 on OSX. Struggling with Git

Is there anyone who uses GitHub with MD for MonoTouch? I set-up everything as this instruction says: Created a repo, committed some stuff into it... And then in MD I'm trying to check out stuff and then it asks

Git convention to indicate the branches to throw

Scenario: Person A creates an experimental branch to solve a problem. Person B gets interested and wants to check the code, due to laziness person A pushes to his github rather than configuring his workstation to let person B pull directly from him.