How can I test a draw query before merging it?

I work as a part of a team. Our process is to create a separate branch, work on the separate branch, then push that branch to 'origin' and make a pull request to master. I am trying to get better with the default command line Git. When another person

Git sweater hangs randomly

When using git on windows normally (such as git push and git pull), it will sometimes be very slow. Running git pull over and over again returns within two seconds most of the time, but about 1/6 of attempts take about a minute. I have set git config

How to inspect the file 'added by them'?

I'm trying to merge in some files, but get: #added by them: sass/main.scss Since I've also added this file, I'd like to look at 'theirs' and see what they've done on it. I've tried git diff sass/main.scss but this doesnt work. Would anyone know the c

Merge all commits centrally

To simplify the situation suppose two users commit history is like A -> B -> C A -> B -> D # and Repo at A -> B and both two user try to push at same time. First user will get chance first and now repo is at A -> B -> C Now 2nd user m

Visual Studio Team Explorer - View Git Commands

New versions of Visual Studio Team Explorer has built in support for Git. I want to know if there is an option to view the Git commands executed while using the Team explorer for Git actions like Commit and Push. Also would be better to have an optio

Maintain Git repo inside another repo git

I have a git repo which contains in AngularJS web app. it has a subfolder called build which gets created by gulp task. I am deploying to Azure so it is connected directly to my bitbucket directory. I want to make build folder as a separate git repo

How to push the files to the git repository but not to Heroku?

Some files/folders I would not like to push to my production site on Heroku. But as I consider the git repository also as a back-up system, I do want to include these files when pushing to my git repository on bitbucket (using git push). How should I

Build and deploy a strategy for a Java project using Git

So I am creating a personal Java project with two other friends and we are using git for source control. And we want to just be able to commit changes to the repo which will be on a remote server(sort of staging environment) and then I want to be abl

fatal: no configured push destination

Please see following screen details - git remote -v command is showing that I have test_vishwas added but when I am giving Push command it is giving error. Anybody can help ? C:\Users\vishwas_gupta03\Documents\GitHub\test_Vishwas [master]> git remote

Git rollback of two commits ago

I branched from master a few days ago and have made two subsequent commits to the newbranch. Later, I noticed that a file in the first commit I made should not have been changed. I haven't pushed anything to the master branch yet, all my changes are

Make git pull --rebase preserve the fusion commits

git pull --rebase removes unpushed merge commits. Is there a way to make it preserve them? Say my history looks like- A | \ B H | | C G | | D F | / E (A being the merge commit.) After a git pull --rebase it becomes- H | G | F | X | B | C | D | E (X b

GIT SVN decommits after renaming the folder

I have not been able to find a similar answer to my question. Situation: Locally using GIT (git version Remote repository is SVN (not sure of version) Problem: Clone an SVN repo, add a folder, commit it to git and SVN, rename the f

MonoDevelop 2.8 Beta 2 on OSX. Struggling with Git

Is there anyone who uses GitHub with MD for MonoTouch? I set-up everything as this instruction says: Created a repo, committed some stuff into it... And then in MD I'm trying to check out stuff and then it asks

basic understanding problems git

Situation I've never before used git or any other version control. Now I've got a web-project that needs to have a stable and a developement version, with both running on the same server in different directories. Stable: /var/www/afod/afod Developmen

Git convention to indicate the branches to throw

Scenario: Person A creates an experimental branch to solve a problem. Person B gets interested and wants to check the code, due to laziness person A pushes to his github rather than configuring his workstation to let person B pull directly from him.