git svn clone --password pass gives "unknown option: password"

I want to clone a svn repository using git, with a username and password given on the command-line. I can write: svn checkout --username user --password pass svn://server/repo But I can't use --password with git svn clone: git svn clone --username us

Git pull does not return the absolute path in verbose

I am trying to pull from GIT using verbose, it shows all the updated files but it is not showing the absolute path for those files.Is there a way to get full path for the updated files. i tried command:git pull --verbose output: Updating b88b206..4a5

Git svn clone does not work with an SVN repository

In this way I can clone a SVN repository: svn co svn+ssh://<username>@<url>/var/lib/svn/<repository_name> /var/www/<repository_name> It starts to create the expected files under /var/www/<repository_name> I've installed the g

Moving from git to subversion (yes, like that): Using the trunk

I have been using git for 2 years now and love it. However, I am doing some work for a company that insist in using svn so I need to port my git way of doing things to svn. This is what I have learned so far: svn co https://the.remote.repo touch myre

Why git svn can not clone a naked repo?

This issue is not the same as this or this. git svn clone -s --bare Unknown option: bare What is wrong? Can I use git svn to clone a bare repo? I have read man git-svn, and cannot find a method to clone

git svn move directories

I'm working localy with git while our remote server is svn. I had to move many files and folders within the working copy. What I did: git mv SRC_FOLDER DST_FOLDER git svn dcommit Now, the SVN repository contains the new files with all the old history

Use git-svn for an already verified svn repository

I have checked out an svn repository of an open source project. Now I have made some custom changes and I would like to store these changes in a git repository. As far as I have understood, this can be accomplished with git-svn. However, as I have al

how can I find a list of validated files in a branch?

How do I list all the files that I committed to a specific branch? I've committed about 40+ files to a branch, and I need to find the file names because I am trying to debug something, hard to do when I don't remember the file names. git log only giv

Git gc using too much memory, unable to complete

Final update and fix: The solution here turned out to be a combination of two things: using Windows Git rather than Cygwin Git as Graham Borland suggested, and the Git config settings pack.threads = 1 and gc.aggressiveWindow = 150. I have a large loc

git mingw32 and long path / filenames under windows

I have a production SVN repository that i want to clone with git. when I try to git svn clone it I get error that has to do with some files that have a long combination of path filename. I figure that this is a limitation caused by the GNU shell ming

GIT SVN decommits after renaming the folder

I have not been able to find a similar answer to my question. Situation: Locally using GIT (git version Remote repository is SVN (not sure of version) Problem: Clone an SVN repo, add a folder, commit it to git and SVN, rename the f

Git svn - Clone trunk while maintaining the path

I am running a local git repository and want to clone the remote SVN trunk. This works fine but the trunk/ part of the folder is left off. The remote repository is too large to just clone or fetch the whole thing with branches etc. I need the path co

How to create a remote git branch for the svn repository

I am using GIT on top of one centralized SVN repository. The SVN repository only contains trunk, no tags and branches. What I did before is using git svn to clone the remote repository to my local git workspace, I am the only developer works on it so

git-svn fetch does not pull in the latest versions

When I execute a git svn fetch from my repository, it returns nothing and doesn't update even though there are new commits under svn. [root]# svn log -l 1 r12958 | ing | 2011-08-22 18:29:57 -0500

How do you modify the last commit message in git?

I am using git-svn and I know that svn does not support changing commits if I haven't yet run git svn dcommit can i still change the last commit message, i left something out of it. If so, how do you amend the last commit message? EDIT: i figured out

Storing .gitignore files for empty directories under Subversion

As mentioned in this question (and in the Git FAQ), you can't store empty directories in Git. I have a git-svn clone, and I want to use Git in it to work against my project's Subversion repository. The problem is that there are some empty directories

Files in gitignore

I have a repository with a rails app in the production Server. In the repo there is the .gitignore file: ... config/database.yaml ... Every developing client have a cloned repo with different config/database.yaml. My problem is this: database.yaml is

git svn fetch fatal: write error: invalid argument

Odd situation is happening when I try to clone a remote svn repository. When I type: git svn fetch Git will fetch the first 20 revision of the remote repository then at some point after 20 revisions it fails and just prompts the following error messa

Resolving Git Svn Conflicts

I'm using Git-Svn to interact with a Svn repository at work and I can't seem to find a way to effectively resolve conflicts for the life of me. I've read the other questions on this topic, but evidently I need something even more remedial because i a

Cloning a non-standard Svn repository with Git-Svn

I'm relatively new to Git, but I've found it so easy to work with at home that I'd like to use it at work where our projects are stored in Svn repositories. Unfortunately, the repositories are slightly non-standard and I'm having trouble getting them

Version control on Mac

I am a student and my uses of source control are mostly academic (HW assignments, 2-4 person projects and so on). Until now I have been using Subversion hosted in google code, and used the eclipse plugin to manage my repository. Recently I heard of g