Git - create a branch from another branch

I am working on a project with some other developers. I created a branch xx from the master branch, made some changes and submitted a pull request. The pull request has not been merged yet but I need to continue working on some other issues/changes.

Try to understand the Git branches

I'm starting with Git and I don't fully understand how branches work. I started a basic project and I did the following: start in 'master' local branch, create 2 files: 1.txt and 2.txt. Add those files. Commit and Push. => origin/master has those 2 f

Git - How to divide a branch into your own repository?

I have a repository where a branch (admin) has been branched out from develop at some point. It looks roughly like this develop c2 c4 c5 *------------*---------*---------*------------... c1 \ \____________________*c3 admin I want the develop branch t

Git: move a branch to point to another

I had the following situation: -----O | master branch1 then I had to make some changes to master: -----O-----O-----O | | branch1 master now I want branch1 to be at the same point of master (and therefore to contain the commits I made): -----O-----O--

Add / update the contents of other branches in the master

I have got 4 teams adding their code in 4 dedicated branches in GIT (branchTeam1,branchTeam2,branchTeam3,branchTeam4). Once they finalize their code and pass validation, we have to add/update everything in branch master. I tried to perform merge in G

Deleting branches whose names contain strange characters

I use Git Bash, and by mistake I created a branch named -D. After having search with Google, I tried either git branch -d -- -D obtaining error: branch '-D' not found. and I also tried to remove it from gitk but without success. On the other hand, I

How to use git branches for project features?

I'm working (alone) on a project that need several features to be added. I'm used to create a branch for each feature. Once the feature is developed and well tested, I merge that branch-feature with the master branch. Now, I started a feature (let's

push from the local branch to the different distant branch

I have 2 branches named developer and Current on remote. In local I'm working on branch developer and I push my changes to remote developer. The question is, how can I push from local developer to remote Current? I have tried these: git push origin C

Git duplicate one branch to another

I have the following case : K---L new-feature / H---I---J---M dev-team1 / E---F---G dev-main / A---B---C---D master And I want to move only the new-feature (K---L) branch in dev-main branch without (H---I---J) form dev-team1, however I want that new-

Git rebase from one branch to another

I have the following case : K---L new-feature / H---I---J dev-team1 / E---F---G dev-main / A---B---C---D master And I want to move only the new-feature (K---L) branch in dev-main branch without (H---I---J) form dev-team1 H---I---J dev-team1 / E---F--

How to bring references from local remote git branches

One creates a new git branch: git checkout -b test and pushed it to origin: git push origin -u test and listing all the branches now I get: master * test remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/master remotes/origin/test Now, on another m

How can I prevent git from moving my changes between branches?

I am new to git, and coming from clearcase, I do not understand why the following happens: Say I create a git private dev branch and do some changes to my files therein. Now, I need to do some other unrelated work and checkout the master branch. Git

Change the origin of the branch in git

I have created three branches. Master, Staging and development. Staging and development branch comes out from master. Now, I want to take out the development branch and change it in such a way that it should come out from staging branch. Basically I

git and branch names

I am wanting to double check my work with git. I am trying to use a remote repo server: I want to only work on MYBRANCH, so I only clone MYBRANCH /usr/local/git/bin/git clone -b MYBRANCH [email protected]:/home/PROJECT.git when I run git remote -v I s

Replace the author on the git merge

Is there an option like --author of git-commit for git-merge? We maintain a staging environment where some changes must be performed. Some limitations make us to use only one linux user to access staging environment. Anyway, we are a small team with

Restore multiple commit after creating a branch

i'm using git to manage my project, but i'm not much experienced in this kind of programs, so often i use them improperly(eg: i commit many (unrelated) changes in only one commit). I'm trying to using them better. Btw i noticed that i started to deve

git merge branch in a zipper like fashion

i have an Git repo with for example two branches "master" and "other". They contain commits almost to one subfolder each, so there is no collision at revision time in history. Now I like to delete the branch "other"; and merg

git remote branch removed but still appears in 'branch -a'

Lets' say I had a branch named coolbranch in my repository. Now, I decided to delete it (both remotely and locally) with: git push origin :coolbranch git branch -D coolbranch Great! Now the branch is really deleted. But when I run git branch -a I sti

Divide a Git repository into multiple branches becomes forks

I have a project in SVN that I'm migrating to Git. The project consists of a "core" product (under trunk), which is then branched within the same repository and used as a starting point to customize for each individual client that we roll the pr

Does GIT have twin problems?

In ClearCase evil twin occurs when two files are found with the same name in two different versions of the directory, and If the element OIDs are different but the names are the same. In GIT the SHA1 id is always unique and file with same name always

Move an existing uncommitted job to a new branch in Git

I started some work on a new feature and after coding for a bit, I decided this feature should be on its own branch. How do I move the existing uncommitted changes to a new branch and reset my current one? I want to reset my current branch while pres