Do not submit the default value in the GET form

This question already has an answer here: Not send GET variable on submit if dropwdown not selected 1 answer I have a GET form to select a search filter. <form action="" method="get"> <select name="filter"> <op

how to recover below the server json data in Android?

how to retrieve below json data from server in android? can you please guide me with an example? how to get UserRole from the below url? are getting json array in response. You can get details

$ _REQUEST only accepts GET

I'm using $_REQUEST to get sent data to a page and page will return me some value, but right now only if i send data with GET, page will return me data And I need to send request with POST method. This is the domain that i send request to: http://rap

php select a query using the setting from the previous page

I wanted to query something from the database but it does not return any values at all. I wondered why when it does not reported any error.Kindly check attachment. Here is the code i made.Thank you. echo '<form method = "post" action = "

Java getName (string name)

I am extremely new to Java programming only been at it a few weeks and I have this question of traversing a linked list to find a dog with a matching name. I have made an attempt at what I need but I am struggling to understand the traversal. Note: I

PHP get the URL with the chosen variable value

I'm trying to create a dynamic link with an option value but it doesn't work. Can someone help me find the error? Here's my code: <select id="ID1"name="provincia"> <option value=""selected="selected">Sel

Azure Mobile Services: GET operation from the table

I'm trying to get data from a table I created in Azure Mobile Services. When I setup the service, I created a new database to go along with it. I've added a row of data to my table called TODOITEM and can query this row of data fine from the db admin

Dropcam API: no longer works?

For a year, if you make your dropcam public, you can use this code to get a dropcam snapshot: <img src="> Now, it doesn't work and it return this error message: The query parameter 'uuid' was malf

Show a specific alert, depending on the value of GET in php

Im learning PHP, Html and twitter-bootstrap (v2.3.2). I'm trying to display a message depending on the value received by GET. I have two alerts in different sections of the site and I want depending on the value received by GET display one or the oth

One URL: two different redirects

I have a URL that once handled GET and POST requests. I want it to now only handle POST requests, and do a redirect for other requests. Based on this question, it appears that I should use a 303 after processing a POST request, and a 301 for other re

PHP GET variable test

Trying to do something that should be very easy but not for me. I am trying to pass a variable thru a $_GET to php and store it in a text file. The variable ip is posted from an external source. I have the following: The xxx represent the ip address

How to parse asp response with jQuery ajax?

I have a simple lookup form that gets data from an asp server. Once a user submits the form, a table is updated on the same page. I'm trying to convert the lookup to use ajax so that only the tables reload instead of the entire page. but how do I pas

Why do I need braces in a property

I have this property /// <summary> /// The production date of the device is contained in its serial number. /// </summary> public DateTime Date { get { return SerialNumber.Date; } } However, I would expect I could write it like this /// <su

HashMap - Use custom data objects

Suppose, I have a HashMap: HashMap<MyKey, Integer> HM = new HashMap<MyKey, Integer>(); MyKey corresponds to a data object with two integer elements (and a constructor for passing two integers). HM.put(new MyKey(1,1234), 1); // this seems to wo

switch isset triggered when the case is -not- set

--Let me add this. This code works for me the way it is. I just do not know why it works.-- I can't figure this out. switch ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) { case isset($_GET['test0']): echo "test0<br>"; break; case isset($_GET['test1']): echo

How does PHP handle duplicate URL parameters?

Quick question: if I submit a form like the following <form action='something.php'> <input type='text' name='a' /> <input type='text' name='a' /> </form> what would $_GET['a'] output?If the names end in [] it gives you an array, ot

How to include a php file in a Javascript POST method

I have a php script which calculates something very very long. It is called from a js file and I want to call it from another php file in addition to calling it from the js file. The file is called strategy.server.php and it is build like so <?php in

javascript + send multiple strings with URL

I have a script that calls another php page and passes values using PHP get. The one variable, q is sent with the URL where str is a variable."GET","getdata.php?q="+str,true); I have a few multiple variables that I want t

Facebook SDK does not load & hellip; all.js GET fail

I'm using the same code provided in the here <div id="fb-root"></div> <script> window.fbAsyncInit = function() { console.log('got here'); FB.init({ appId : '197112467099018', // App ID channelUrl : '//WWW.MYDOMAIN.COM/channel.h

php GET form action in the same php file

i have a file 'functions.php' that includes several methods. one of these methods is displaying a GET form containing one drop down list. <form action="" method="GET"> <select name="123_cat" class ="styled"

Http earphone only works with POST not GET

I have a simple program either a server or client not sure which end it is. I open a port and accept messages on it. this works but it crashed last night when I revived a message via GET not POST. As you may have noticed I am very new to networking.

PHP: If Else comes from Get Form Value, then redirect

So I'm currently stuck on a little idea I'm trying out. Currently I have a 'GET form' with PHP running on my site. What I'd like to do is when the get form is submitted, it'll be pointed to a page where an IF ELSE script will be waiting (No idea if i

Encrypting parameters in URLs

I have a URL that looks like this: http://localhost:8001/jasperserver&reportUnit=somereport&username=cghan&password=somepasswrd As you can see, the password is in clear site, along with some other parameters. What's the best way to secure this

403 Error forbidden when sending GET data

My server is Linux server and reseller is mine. So i can reach WHM panel, too . When GET data comes like : a.php?url= return 403 Forbidden. But if data comes like this : a.php? it's working. So, http:// generati


I am developing an UI for a REST repository using PHP and the PEAR HTTP REQUEST package ( I created a HTTP GET request and it delivers the requested rdf/xml file as expected. But I want to extend this reques

simultaneous recording in php

I have a question. I have a script that's fired by a GET trigger. I'm trying to log the executions of the script using fwrite and append, but what I have happening is that if an instance is called while another instane is still writing the file, it w

I have trouble calling the variable of the first image

here is how should my program be. In first frame, there is a textfield1 where a user input text and when he press a button, a new frame will be display with a textfield2 that displays the inputted text from the textfield1. please help me with the syn