openlayers3 wfs-t save drawing

I'm workin on an OL3 app, where the user will be able to draw, modify and delete polygons and save the changes to GeoServer via WFS-T. For starting point I've used the solution from here: wfs-t example app I've changed the code a little bit to use a

Geomesa configuration error

I am using Hadoop 2.7 with geoserver 2.8.0, but while I am trying to configure Geomesa 1.2.0, I am getting this error message: $ geomesa Using GEOMESA_HOME = /usr/local/geomesa/dist/tools/geomesa-tools-1.2.0 Warning: you have not set ACCUMULO_HOME an

node.js and the CORS geoserver

I have node.js server 0.10.12 and express.js 4.8.5. Node.js is the web server, includes openlayers 3.9.0. Geoserver 2.1.3 serves the WMS layer. Later, I will implement vector layers. There is only one route (for the index page) var routes = require('

WMS filter by date

I have a WMS layer getting served from Geoserver. The layer exposes a date property that is stored in the database as a Date type. I would like to filter the layer by date range. For example: cql_filter=date>2015-07-01T00:00:00.000Z. I am having a di

Geoserver fails One or more listeners failed to start

I am running GeoServer 2.7.1 on Tomcat 7.0.62 on OS X 10.10. I have installed Tomcat with Homebrew and copied the GeoServer 2.7.1 war file to the webapps dir. When I try to start GeoServer it fails with this message. SEVERE: One or more listeners fai

Geoserver and PostGIS in Heroku?

i'm looking for information if i can install geoserver in Heroku, i found that heroku supports PostGIS, but don't found any information about Geoserver in heroku. Any one installed Geoserver in heroku, or where i have to install geoserver. Thanks all

PostGIS - convert a multipolygon into a single polygon

Is it possible to import a shape file containing multipolygons into single polygon in PostGIS? Whenever I try importing a shape file of a polygon, it is stored as a multipolygon (as opposed to a single polygon) in a geom column. Thus, I am unable to

How to use our own data to create a map layer dynamically?

We are creating a speed limit map application using different colors to highlight street with different speed limits (similar to ITO speed limit map: The problem we have is that

OpenLayers GeoServer Cross Origin Issue

I am trying to make a WMS GetFeatureInfo request from an openlayers based application to GeoServer. But I am hitting the cross origin issue, as it know my origin is http:localhost. Hopefully someone can help me here is my setup I have geoserver insta

GeoServer will not write in my PostgreSQL update view

Following on from this earlier question I'm on PostgreSQL 8.4 and am having trouble with updatable views. I have a view: CREATE VIEW filedata_view AS SELECT num, id, ST_TRANSFORM(the_geom,900913) AS the_geom FROM filedata And want to update it from m

Download a folder on a directory server

I want to upload an entire folder keeping the same structure (folder, subfolders..) to a remote server. It´s necessary to iterate all folder or is possible to get the folder and upload to the server ? I can upload single files but I think that the st

Export layer configurations from Geoserver

is it possible to export layer configurations from geoserver and import them into geoserver on another computer? It takes a long time to keep setting up the layers everytime i switch computers.Apparently you cant..The only way is to copy the data_dir

CURL with user authentication in C #

I want to do the following cURL request in c#: curl -u admin:geoserver -v -XPOST -H 'Content-type: text/xml' \ -d '<workspace><name>acme</name></workspace>' \ http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/workspaces I have tried using a Web