Box2d libgdx will not accept BodyType as a parameter

I think it's pretty much self explanatory Sorry I could not upload pictures directly because I don't have enough r

Do you have problems with templates in C ++ Dll?

Background: I currently have a game engine project structured in visual studio so that my 'Engine' is compiled into a dll for another project 'Game' to consume. The idea being I can swap out different game projects and still use the same engine dll c

Java: how to recover a specific type in an arraylist?

This question already has an answer here: Finding the specific type held in an ArrayList<Object> (ie. Object = String, etc.) 2 answers I am writing an Entity Component System for a game engine in Java (using LibGDX). I have an entity with an arrayli

move a rigid body left and right

I can't seem to get my rigidbody to move left and right. The code looks fine and very similar to what everyone else has posted! The debug statement is getting called but my character is not moving left and right. Thanks for the help. public float spe

Effectively retrieve ordered Z objects in 2D viewport

Imagine a 2D game with a large play area, say 10000x10000 pixels. Now imagine there are thousands of objects spread across this area. All the objects are in a Z order list, so every object has a well-defined position relative to every other object ev

Java ArrayIndexOutOfBounds game

How do I fix this error? I am trying to import a "sub- sprite sheet" into my game but am getting an arrayIndexOutOFBounds error Source code and errors: I'm trying to implement a 'sub-spritesheet" and I have no idea why i'm getting this out

IndexedDB access speed and efficiency

I'm developing an RPG in Dart, and I'm going to use IndexedDB for data persistence. I will have two databases: one for read-only access and one for read-write access where save games will be stored. I was just wondering if I should read required data

HTML5 HTML5 hexadecimal game engine (table)

I'm looking for a very simple HTML5 2D Hex / Touch game engine framework to build board game like: Turn based 2D Hex Grid Wargame Dungeon Crawler Settlers of Catan Krosmaster I found an awesome article on Hexagon grids with a D3.js implementation but

Understanding the scenes in Unity3d

I have some confusion with scenes in Unity3d and I was not able to find any resources about them. When should scenes be used? For example in a platformer would every level have to be a different scene? Would the main menu be a scene? Can one overlay

Flickering image in Java?

OK so I am coding a game right now to prepair for Ludum Dare SharkJam, and I am using a new method for programming, because the last method I had crashes my PC, so this one should work. Well it does work and all, better too, but the images that I put

2D multi-platform game engine

I am creating a 2D game which I wish to run cross platform (on platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as the main targets) and the engine I use needs to be open source. The main goal is to have the most code portability (possibly through scr

css div grow dynamically

Basically, i'm building a game. In my game I wan't the players to be able to speak with each other. You have a figure, and when you speak, your text goes in a speak bubble div over your character. My dilemma is, that when i type to much text in the b

my c ++ game architecture

I'm a fairly experienced programmer, but I'm still relatively new to OOP architecture and design in c++. Most of my experience is with C# and Java. I recently endeavored to code up a simple game engine in c++. I used SDL for the graphics. In this pos

Game development for Android and iOS

Can we develop games for Android and iOS on Unreal Development Kit? I am planning to make games for both platforms, so my questions are: Will I have to make games separately for different platforms? Is developing games for mobile platforms different

Do you know an easy-to-use javascript game engine?

for a school developement project I need to create a bomberman-like game in javascript witch will feature a person vs person online gaming. I can use any open-source library/framework I want. The thing is that javascript is a pretty hard language to

NSTimer vs CACurrentMediaTime ()

So I'm amidst my first iOS game and am struggling with how to go about the best way to integrate object movement. The game relies heavily on fast moving objects and constant, fast user input changes. As such, I'm trying to have object integration and

Qualifier-qualifier list expected before 'rooms'

I'm working on a DnD-Text-Based-Style C game, and I'm having a problem compiling my structure. Here is what I have for a structure so far: typedef struct stats { // int strength; // int wisdom; // int agility; // } stats; typedef struct rooms { int n

State with namespaces and locales - or classes?

Right now, the modules in my game engine are organized as namespaces. They have Open() and Close() functions which act similar to constructors and destructors of classes, and are called when the game is entered left. Examples for these modules are: T

What is a good game engine that uses Lua?

I know Love2D and Corona SDK (for mobile devices). Is there any other game engines that use Lua you recommend?Game engines that use Lua Free unless noted Agen (2D Lua; Windows) Amulet (2D Lua; Window, Linux, Mac, HTML5, iOS) Baja Engine (3D C++/Lua;

Ideas for a good but easy-to-use game engine for an XNA project

I have been looking around and the best engine I can find is this: The problem is a full licence starts around £18,000 which i just cant afford in the real world. So ... I'm looking to do something unique in my project that involv

Game engine for iPhone / Android

Is it possible to do cross platform game engine for iphone and android. if its how can i do this. what are all thinks i need to study to do this.Check out Cocos2d-x. It's completely free and open-source. There is also It's s

Multiple calculations in a game while retaining 60 FPS

I've got an algorithm that takes more than several seconds to complete. I'm trying to implement it into a 60fps flash game i'm creating. I am wondering if there is some provision in ActionScript3 to interrupt a computation in order to update the fram