Function does not print the desired output

I am having issues with creating a function that takes a list of tuples and then returns one string which is the first character of each tuple. Below is my current code, but nothing it happening, I do not get a syntax error. Any help would be appreci

C # - How to use variables in other functions

I am trying to use the variable rand from the Rnd function within the BtnRed_Click function. The return does not do anything. And if I change the parameters for the Rnd function I get an error. Here's my code. namespace ColourPick_EDP2 { public parti

Run a built-in shell function in a script read with chat

#!/usr/bin/env bash function foo(){ param=$1 echo "$param" } content="calling this one with param: $(foo 'this is test param1')" echo "$content" result: calling this one with param: this is test param1 Notice that foo is call

Call a function in swift correctly

I'm working on a iPhone App and have a little question. I have a function and want to call this function in my viewDidLoad-function. I have tried this way but I get an error when I want to call the dropPin-function. override func viewDidLoad() { supe

Recursive function of program C

I have a small problem I want to build a function that returns with recursive function the nn expression with one parameter in the calling function. Can someone help me? My thought so far : int powerThroughRecursion(int n) { if (n == 0) { return 1; }

Why does this loop print the same value every cycle?

This question already has an answer here: srand function is returning same values 1 answer I have the following loop in main() while (count < 5){ //with 2^15 as the lower limit srand(time(NULL)); ran_num = rand() % (65536 - 32769); //check READ ME Ci

Create a Function Input Matrix Array in Matlab

I would like to create several matrices to represent Hilbert matrices of different orders. The matrix will then be called by a function. However, error messages appeared saying that the function(GE) is not defined. But if I put the function on top of

Execution of the immediate function

CoffeeScript compiled this code: mod = (num) -> num % 2 into: // Generated by CoffeeScript 1.7.1 (function() { var mod; mod = function(num) { return num % 2; }; }).call(this); How can I call this JavaScript immediate function? For example, I'd like t

Check if the sum is true

I'm creating a PHP library called EasyDevop. Now I want to create a function to check if a sum is true. How can I do this? Like it must check if the answer is right? My current code: public function isright_answer($sum, $answer){ if($answer = $sum) r

PHP table empty outside the function

This question already has an answer here: Reference: What is variable scope, which variables are accessible from where and what are "undefined variable" errors? 3 answers <?php echo '<pre>'; error_reporting(E_ALL); $pid = '129'; $famili

global manager invocation

I have overloaded new function but unfortunetly never been able to execute global handler for requesting more memory access on my compiler. I also don't understand as per below code snippet if we invoke the global handler for requesting more memory h

Can PHP foreach have if / else inside?

I am doing an OpenCart modification to an order total. This is the snippet of the code: <?php foreach ($data['totals'] as $total) { if ( $this->db->escape($total['code'])=="sub_total" || $this->db->escape($total['title'])="Su

How can I make this instance of structure volatile in C?

I'm using a generic buffer .c/.h file. I want to create an instance that is qualified as volatile to use as a com buffer. The following code shows the problem, the qualifier is lost?? when passing the buffer address to the member functions. The code

Pass a function as an argument in Javascript

I'm really struggling with this one - sure I'm missing something simple. Here's the code :- function webcamupdate(webcamurl) { alert("I am a function to update the webcam with the url "+webcamurl); } function countdown(callback) { alert(callback

Define the function without the square brackets?

I understand that my question might sound stupid, and that there might be something in the language definition that explicitly prohibits this notion, but since I don't know about this prohibition, I was wondering whether someone could shed some light

History of functions with Mercurial

I'd like to be able to get the complete history of a function or a particular text block inside my code. I know i can have the diffs of all my commits on a particular file, but I only want to follow the life of a particular small block of text inside

function vs property?

Possible Duplicate: What is Method, Property and Function ? Can anyone tell me what is function and what is property? Just a basic explanation.Property denotes the object's state, Method denotes the object's behavior. Function is like method except f