Replace the div content with the contents of the PHP file

This is the php file containing the new content, to replace .hotels when the form is submitted. <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $pdo = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=CSV_DB', 'root', 'root'); $inputType = $_POST['type']; $inputCategory = $_P

The contact form will not be sent after jQuery validation

I can't manage to make my form validate on the client side and to be submitted after that. Problem is probably in the submitting part of the code, because the validation part works if I remove submitting part. Can anyone help me please? Here is my co

submit () does not fire at all

I am unsure why submit() is not triggering at all. The click event and underlying AJAX call is working fine, but the form is not submitting. I have also tried $("#storeForm").unbind().submit(); and it has no effect. $(document).on("click&qu

User defined button in PHP

So I am trying to make a shopping cart. What I need to do is send a product id and a quantity the user wants to buy to another file cart.php. Here is a section of my code: for($i=0;$i<$numOfRows;$i++){ $prodID=mysql_result($result, $i, "ProductID&

How to name a checkbox in two dimensions?

This page has a list of week, user can check different day for different week <input type="checkbox" name="week[]" value="Sun"/> Sun <input type="checkbox" name="week[]" value="Mon"/>

JavaScript button Do not do anything

First of all, I am not very good at javascript. Well what I am trying to do is create a sort of wheel spinning program where, on a button click, you will either get extra spins, nothing, or it will send me an email with a secret code and I will reply

Can I fill out web forms with Scrapy?

Now I'm using iMacros to extract data from a web and fill forms submitting the data. But iMacros is a expensive tool. I need a free library and I've read about Scrapy for data minning. I's a litle more complex to programming with it but the money rul

jquery $ .get () is not executed when submitting the form

When a form is submitted, I want to asynchronously invoke an email-sending script order.php with some $_GET parameters. The jQuery $.get() function doesn't execute and there are no errors displayed in console. HTML markup: <form name="submit"

AngularJS: Submit the form normally

I am implementing AngularJS on an existing web application that requires a common HTTP POST like you would do without AngularJS. This seems to be more difficult than I expected. The page URL is dynamically generated and cannot be echoed using PHP. I

AJAX form submission in jQuery

I have a problem when I try to send some data with $.post(jquery ajax function) - it's not working. My code is here: $.post( $(this).attr("action"), { task: "add", $(this).serialize() }, function(data) { if (data.length > 0 ) { aler

How to download files using submit without reloading the page

I am uploading files to the tomcat server using a submit button but my problem is that the page is reloading. If I use return false the file is not uploaded. I tried to use button its not uploading the files. I am using jstl and javascript for my cli

Gravel formRemote

I have DateFrom and DateTo fields. I want to submit those data to action which will do some business logic but nothing changes on the original GSP, and nothing is updated. How do I manage this? I've tried this: <g:formRemote name="formName" u

How to define an array of PHP form fields

I have a question. I have this code in the first page: <input type="text" name="number" id="number"> <input type="submit" name="button_add" id="button_add" value="add"> <

How to submit an onkeyup action form

I am trying to save the form onkeyup action. I am new to jquery. Is this possible. I appreciate any help. edit 1: Save the form means save to server. Is there a way to add 0.2 seconds delay.This code will submit your form on keyup $('#element').bind(

Rails, Change the update of the page in a window

I have my code working so that I have a table of businesses. There's a pencil icon you can click on the edit the business information. The edit information comes up in a partial inside of a modal pop up box. The only problem is that once they make th