Javascript iteration of the internal table

can you help me please with iteration the array , Here is my code var projects = { "projects" : [[ "Title : Portfolio", "Dates : 2017", "Description : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, c

How to fix the table view using PHP and html

I have a code that display the fetched data in a table using foreach loop with if statement to check if the field is empty or not but the problem is that the table is displaying on each row the field name. How to fix the display? I will appreciate an

Deleting Array Objects When Iterating Java

I'm trying to delete both a ship and a projectile when they collide. To do this I'm iterating through two advanced for-loops and I try to delete them when they intersect. Unfortunately edditing for-loops while iterating through them isn't a good idea

How to add and consolidate lines sharing a user name in a list

My project is a game where users try to predict scores of football matches and are awarded points based off of different criteria. I'm using MVC and Entity Framework. I am trying to create a leaderboard that displays the total score for each user. I'

JQuery - Fractional chain (for each)

Current Code Below - I have to copy and paste each arr[0], arr[1], arr[2]. However, in the future I may have more or less array options and would like the code to auto update itself without needing to alter my code. Basically, I want to create a "for

XmlNode.ParentNode.RemoveChild stops for each

I'm trying to delete every note with type"deletable", but after it has hit 1 deletable, the foreach stops. In this case, only passing test2.exe and test.exe. This is what my XML file looks like: <folder name="bin"> <file name=

Uninstall the program on multiple servers

I have a bunch of servers I have to uninstall an app from. I am using: $app = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product | Where-Object { $_.Name -match "application name" } $app.Uninstall() I have tested the above out and it works great. I want to now

How to save value in each cycle?

I have foreach cycle in PHP. It is going trough json items, and for every item I have value that changes. I set my cycle to run every 20min. I need my value to be saved and next time foreach runs for that item I need to assign at the beginning old va

for each loop in an iterator method

Check out this program: static class Program { static void Main() { GetLinks(); Console.WriteLine("Program failed!"); } static IEnumerable<string> GetLinks() { throw new Exception(); foreach (var item in new string[] { }) yield return item

Loop Json array

i have this kind of json array [result] => success [totalresults] => 20 [startnumber] => 0 [numreturned] => 20 [invoices] => Array ( [invoice] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 2014088828 [userid] => 1 [firstname] => Rony [la

Foreach a specific array key

I have an array with 2 same keys i want to foreach out if possible. The currently code looks like: $arrayName = array( 1 => array('detail' => 'detail1' , 'detail' => 'detail2') ); foreach ($arrayName[1] as $key['detail'] => $value) { echo $val

nested array php foreach

How foreach this array to < a href="path-to-jpg-file">name< /a> Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 01-siena-rosso-new.jpg [1] => Siena Rosso ) [1] => Array ( [0] => 02-siena-noce-new.jpg [1] => Siena Noce ) [2] => Arr

Problems with Foreach with Join

I'm new to using foreach with PHP, so this is probably something obvious as to why this script isn't working. I'm trying to show a list of teammates to the logged in user. The goal here is that I'm trying to get a list of user names into <li> tags,

To obtain the data in the list

I have 2 list as below, List<object>[] data = new List<object>[4]; List<HMData>[] Data_Content = new List<HMData>[7]; int indexer=0; And also I have 3 list as LValues,IValues and BValues each containing 28 data values as follows LV

Create a foreach loop

I am currently creating a shopping basket for a website but at the moment I can only get it to work if I echo each product I have and the number of that product currently in the shopping basket as well as the other products that are in the database h

Foreach and save the multi-upload file?

I have multiupload files form, when is posted i got something like this $_FILES['slike']=Array( [name] => Array ( [0] => 64_maska.png [1] => 35proba.jpg ) [type] => Array ( [0] => image/png [1] => image/jpeg ) [tmp_name] => Array ( [0

insert multiple fields using the foreach loop

I have a problem when I want to insert multiple fields into one table. Here's my form: <h1>Add user</h1> <form method="post" action="index.php"> <table> <thead> <th>Name</th> <th>Age</

get the first 6 items

I have a small php code. This code get the title's of the blog items. But i have a question about this code. How can I make it. That pick-up of last 6 titles? <ul class="blog-list"> <?php foreach ($siblings as $sibling) : ?> <li&g

Import-CSV and Foreach

I've got a huge comma seperated CSV-list with IP-addresses of my network that I want to run queries against. Example of my CSV input:,,, Etc.... When I run the following code to test for the output: $filep

How can I make the attribution of arguments in Perl?

When calling a perl script with: myPerlScript --myarg 10 --my2Darg 42x87. How do I make the assignments: $myarg = 10; $my2Darg_x = 42; $my2Darg_y = 87; if and only if myarg and my2Darg is valid arguments? I think I need something like this: #!/usr/bi