Convert a for loop to a java recursive method

I'm trying to convert this loop to a recursive method. This iterative version works: (recursive attempt comes after that) public static int subCompareTwoCol(JobS j1, int index1, int index2, int indexTab1){ //Almost same method as above but with modif

Php: how to print each result after a second of delay

This question already has an answer here: What is the difference between client-side and server-side programming? 5 answers I want something like: for($k=0;$k<20;$k++){ echo $k; } Output: 0 Sleep for 1 second. 1 sleep for 1 second. 2 sleep for 1 seco

For Python buckle

The following code I wrote in JavaScript, but I'm trying to convert it into something Python can understand, specifically the for loop. I tried reading up on how the for loop syntax in Python reads, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it, si

Build dict in loop adds values ​​to bad keys

I have the following code: data = open(filename).readlines() result = {} for d in data: res[d[0:11]] = d Each line in data looks like so and there are 251 with 2 different "keys" in the first 11 characters: 205583620002008TAVG 420 M 400 M 1140 M

Invert all three-digit elements of an int array

so I'm trying to take an int array and reverse every element that has more than three digits. i.e. change 147 -> 741 I'm new to java and do not even know where to start with this. Here is the array I am trying to do this with. int codedMessage[] = {3

Comparing two CSV files and exporting non-matches using Python

As a beginner in using Python I'm stuck yet again! I've got two CSV files as follows: CSV1 (Master List) ID Name Code. Prop 12 SAB 1234 ZXC 12 SAB 1236 ZXC 12 SAB 1233 ZXC 12 SAB 1234 ZXC 11 ASN 1234 ABV 16 HGF 1233 AAA 19 MAB 8765 BCT 19 MAB 8754 BC

For-loop strangely

I am writing a section of the winner algorithm. This one does vertical wins for Connect 4, and yes, there are tons of redundancies and bad stuff, at least I think so, if you want to, let me know which lines are bad, and offer a suggestion, place thes

How can I create a back triangle in Java using for loops

I need to make a triangle that looks like this * ** *** **** ***** ****** ******* Currently i have a working one that looks like * ** *** **** ***** ****** ******* using the loop : public static void standard(int n) { for(int x = 1; x <= n; x++) { fo

javascript for the loop with 2 tables

This is what I'm trying to accomplish: var result = document.getElementById("o_q1_op1"); document.getElementById("a1_op1").style.height = result.scrollHeight; But I dont want to rewrite it a dozen times, instead want to use arrays stru

How to touch (create an empty file) in Stata?

I'm aware of the package touch, which does exactly this. However after installing and using the package, Stata 12 SE (Mac 10.9.5) says: The touch command has been deprecated. Is there an alternative? I need this to initialize a blank result file, so

Java // Array // Multiplication // For-loop;

Objective: Produce rotation using the rotation matrix; private double[][] rotateX = {{1.00,0.00,0.00},{0.00,Math.cos(theta),Math.sin(-theta)},{0.00,Math.sin(theta),Math.cos(theta)}}; // Rotation matrice for x axis; Problem definition: Output does not

C # date based on the loop

I am writing an application in c# that needs to execute a code every two or three months etc. based on what month the item was added. For example if the month was February it would be represented as an int with the value 2. Therefore, it needs to run

Many nested for loops

This issue was faced while coding C#, but i assume the answer is applicable in any programming language. i need multiple nested loops (let's say 9, but can be 100). My code should execute like: for (a1=0;a1<N;a1++) for (a2=0;a2<N;a2++) ... for (a9=0

Simple program involving a jammed loop for some reason

The program is getting stuck when I enter an input string. I've tested out every other branch in the program so the problem is here. Note: The infinite loop is intentional and should be broken by the break statement. for (i = 0 ; i >= 0 ; i++) { text

Loop on a multidimensional array

For an array within an array in JavaScript (as below), why can't I loop through like this? for (var i = 0, len= animation.length;i <len; i++) { for ( h = 0, len2= animation[i].length;h <len2; h++) { animation[i][h][0]=animation[i][h][0]*30; animatio

Python for the loop with an addition to an equation?

I need some help in this program. I need help figuring out how to make it calculate interest for a period over ten years (including the first one). This is as far as i have gotten on my own. I would greatly appreciate some insight to this problem. Th

Function with a variable number of For loops (python)

My problem is difficult to explain. I want to create a function that contains nested for loops, the amount of which is proportional to an argument passed to the function. Here's a hypothetical example: Function(2) ...would involve... for x in range (

C # Check all other characters is a '0'

I'm reading in a text file using BinaryReader, then doing what I want with it (stripping characters, etc..), then writing it out using BinaryWriter. Nice and simple. One of the things I need to do before I strip anything is to: Check that the amount

Flash AS3 button eventlistener table bug

this is my first time posting a question here. I have an array of 12 buttons on a timeline that when first visiting that part of the timeline, get a CLICK eventlistener added to them using a for loop. All of them work perfectly at that point. When yo