Using the custom font in HTML / CSS

I am using the Atom editor with my Mac and have a problem. I need to put the "Typogrotesk" font in my website. I have been trying to do this for a while, but have had no luck. I have tried using this as my CSS code, but no luck: h1 { font-family

How to set a single-point font in code blocks?

My standard font is a proportional one. When I edit markdown files I would like to have all sections that are indented by 4 or more spaces be shown in a monospaced font. I do not use any special markdown mode. Therefore I would be ok if I had to to s

Police seem slimy in Chrome

I found this answer here regarding graphic design: This is exactly what my fonts are doing, but I'm trying to find o

Thin font does not display correctly on windows

I am trying to use "HelveticaNeueLTStd25UltraLight" on my website. On OSX, it looks perfect in every browser. On Windows, it's horrible: Chrome: IE: I am using the following CSS (if it matters): @font-face { font-family: 'HelveticaNeueLTStd25Ult

How can I use @ font-face with the Gotham-Light font?

I want to show Gotham-Light on the web with css codding but I can't code. I have two fonts named Gotham-Light.eot, Gotham-Light.ttf. Now How can I use on the browser? Please help me.Define your font like this: @font-face{ font-family: gotham-light; s

Changing the font family for the placeholder

Is it posible for input field to have one font-family and it's placeholder other? I have tried to change font-family for input's placeholder with already defined @font-face in CSS but it's not working CSS .mainLoginInput::-webkit-input-placeholder {

Font-Face Not loaded

I'm using some costume Fonts in my web site but i got probleme with one it's not loaded and i can't figure out the probleme, here's the code : @font-face { font-family: OuachitaWayWbw; src: url('fonts/Ouachita Way Wbw.ttf') format("truetype") ;

@ font-face css does not work

I'm having trouble with an @font-face declaration and I'm hoping someone can tell me what the problem is. Here's my @font-face CSS: @font-face { font-family: 'MuseoSlab500'; src: url('fonts/Museo_Slab_500-webfont.eot'); src: url('fonts/Museo_Slab_500

Firefox does not make the font of the Google Font API

I have uploaded a landing page that our company has contracted out, and Firefox does not render the Lato font, instead falling back to something further down the deck. We have been given the following style sheet from @font-face

CSS aligning the problem of icons

I'm trying to line up some social icons (in @font-face format which why they only appear as letters) beside the Connect h3 in the yellow box but I'm stuggling. Any help would be great. JsFiddleHey now used to Display **inline-block** as like this .fo

Chrome does not make @ font-face ttf / woff smooth

I am using the IconMoon @font-face icon font for a project I'm working on. The font is nice and smoothly rendered when only including the .svg and/or .eot font, or when browsing with other browsers such as IE9. But when browsing the site with Chrome,

Are there any disadvantages to using Google Font API?

I am pretty sure my site wont work with IE6, do not care. I am looking for technical problems, Like slow,service is down many times etc. I am not looking for subjective issues like "they have only lousy fonts" etc.I believe that visitors from Ch

Font and cross domain issues

please read all of this before commenting. I'm currently working on a large website which is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows us to use scalability features in situations where the website might take a big traffic load. Originally we

Why does this code @ font-face not work in Firefox 3.6?

I am trying to get a font to load via the @font-face CSS rule. I have got it working in every browser (including IE6) apart from Firefox 3.6 and maybe even more below that. Here is my current code. @font-face { font-family: 'DigitaldreamFatRegular';

@ font-face cufon

i'm working on a website and currently using the @font-face tehnique (this + this) to load the fonts. I noticed that some of the special characters are not loading properly -> ŠĐŽČĆ šđžčć. This is, those characters exist in the font itself. So, i mad

Firefox webfonts do not load

I'm having an issue with webfonts only in Firefox, all other browsers (including IE) work perfectly. My issues is that the webfonts won't load at all. I've looked at this possible solution, editing the htaccess file (

404 Errors started but user is not sent to PageNotfound page

So I had to change all the links on a certain site, so I put in a PageNotFound page. I setup web.config to redirect 404 errors to this PageNotFound page. After going live, the PageNotFound page was the most visited page, something like 5000+. I later

@ font-face printing problem in Firefox

First off, apologies if this is a simple thing, but I did a search here after googling and came up with nothing concrete:[%40font-face]+print%2C+firefox I have generated an @font-face kit with font squirrel with two

Which sites provide public web font libraries to link to?

Are there any sites except google that provide a library that one can link directly to in your css file? Like google-webfonts @font-face so that they're hosting, and no local files for you. { font-family: 'Yanone Kaffeesatz'; font-style: normal; font

Font Problems

Hi guys I have this code in my css file from the @fontsquirrel generator /// changed the code to how it is now /// @font-face { font-family: 'AdLibRegular'; src: url('../fonts/adlib-webfont.eot'); src: local('☺'), url('../fonts/adlib-webfont.woff') f

Change the default font type / size in TinyMCE

How do you change the default font type and font size in TinyMCE? I'm using the advanced skin and I've changed the body, td, pre style in default/content.css but it still doesn't change.Well, there are several content.css and only one is used to styl

Mac browser vs. font height rendering problem Windows

I'm using a custom font and the @font-face tag. In Windows, everything looks great, regardless of whether it's Firefox, Chrome, or IE. On Mac, it's a different story. For some reason, the Mac font renderer thinks the font is a lot shorter than it is.