Add a link wrapping a TYPO3 fluid image

I have an fluid code for mask extension: <f:image image="{file}" alt="{file.alternative}" title="{file.title}" class="img-fullwidth" /> I want to wrap that code with a tag with href to the same image file, so

Get the FAL media way?

Using Fluid Template with tx_news, I need to get the URL of uploaded FAL video. Currently I have this: {newsItem.falMedia.0} Which prints: GeorgRinger\News\Domain\Model\FileReference:3 I want the output: fileadmin/user_upload/MyVideo.mp4 newsItem.fal

Variable typoscript in the plugin settings?

I am using a custom plugin and I need to add the page title as one of the plugin's settings variables: plugin.tx_fsearch { settings { resultsPath = search-results/brand/{field:title}/make/{field:title} resultsPath.insertData = 1 } } However this is o

TYPO3 fluid: count the filtered iterations

I know it's not recommended practice, data filtering is supposed to be done in the controller repository. But this happens to me quite often: You have a list of data and want to display it regarding some criteria (in the example, plugin.myext.setting

Filtering / deleting duplicate entries using a fluid

i'm trying to find a way to erase duplicate entries using fluid. The idea was to use f:alias and then counting the items with the same title. But my results are ridiculous. The counting is totally wrong. Is it possible overall to do something like th

TYPO3 - Pass a Fluid variable to a cObject object

I'm using fluidcontent and I would like to render a plugin in a content-element. Therefore I created the following COA: form = COA form { 15 < tt_content.list.20.extname_form = | } This object is getting rendered in the fluid template

Backend Preview - Get Image or IRRE data in Fluidtemplate

I use a Fluid Template for the backend: mod.web_layout.tt_content.preview Is it possible to get images from FAL or data from an IRRE element in this template? For the frontend there is the TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\FilesProcessor for example.

tx_news-Viewhelper: output in clear text

I need the teaser as pure plain text , without any links or text formatting in the Latest view, the possibility . Is it provided for a corresponding ViewHelper or a different approach ? HTML entities , it should not be served as & for & for exampl

Back TYPO3 & ldquo; Array & rdquo; Fluid as a chain

I try to pass an array within my Viewhelper to the Fluidtemplate. It always shows the string "Array". If I try to use it as parameter in the f:for each viewhelper, I get an exception because it is a string and not an array. I used Typo3 6.2 befo

Disable spam protection when generating an Email in Fluid

I have enabled config.spamProtectEmailAddresses = -4 for my Typo3-site. In a fluid template (that is used for generating the HTML of an email generated by the extension powermail), how can I override this setting to not protect the email adress here?

How to make a circle with a fluid break?

I want to stop my circle after output first element. <f:for each="{errors}" as="error"> <f:switch expression="{error.code}"> <f:comment>The given subject was not a valid email address</f:comment> <f

Typo3 Fluid Loop Through Properties

I have a working Fluid template file that looks like this: <table class="my-extension" > <tr> <td> <f:translate key="my-extension_domain_model_appointment.translator" /> </td> <td> {appointment.trans

Set the language of TYPO3 StandaloneView in CommandController

I'm using the TYPO3\CMS\Fluid\View\StandaloneView in a CommandController to send emails to my fe_user. The part where im building the template looks like this: /* @var \TYPO3\CMS\Fluid\View\StandaloneView $emailView */ $emailView = $this->objectManag

Typo3: Constant as UID page

I have a list of constants assigned to various page IDs (e.g. myConstant = 22). Now I'd love to replace the following link < pageUid="22" >Link</> with something like < pageUid="{myConstant}&q

Make imagefield required in extbase / fluid

In my TCA Configuration I have the following code: 'image' => array( 'exclude' => 0, 'label' => 'LLL:EXT:myext/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_db.xml:tx_myext_domain_model_modelname.image', 'config' => array( 'type' => 'group', 'intern

Center links in a navigation bar

How do you centre the links themselves in the navigation bar? The border is fluid and the nav buttons rearrange themselves to different screen sizes but I just can't get them to be in the middle, instead they are always on the left. My HTML: <div id=

Website Width Centering Content in an Envelope

There has been so many different answers to this and I'm having a hard time figuring out what I should be practicing. Currently I am using a script to center my page. I got it from someone on this site, but I don't know enough javascript to understan

Fluid compare dates

I want to compare two dates. I want to make a condition which checks if the date in my database is older than the date in two days. Here are my two variables: {< format="d.m.Y">+2 days</>} {<

Missing image in Typo3 $ this- & gt; contentObj in 6.0.3

in TYPO3 6.0.2 I got an Extbase/Fluid-Extension. The function in the Controller looks like this: $this->contentObj = $this->configurationManager->getContentObject(); $data = $this->contentObj->data; print_r($data); This will return a tt_con

Json to javascript in fluids-templates with extbase

I was trying to get a json in an javascript variable. I use fluid-templates in my extbase typo3-extension. In my action I load some json with curl. This json I assign to the template. In my template it looks like: <script type="text/javascript&quo

Simple div with header, footer and body

I need a simple div with header,footer and body content. The header and footer needs to be fixed and the height of div should be 250px or max 500px and its width is 500px And my body content should be fluid so that it should extend the content. Heade

How to get a CSS layout like on

This website has a CSS layout which is what i want, you see, the divs stack on top of each other, not on a precise grid, but just at the bottom and on the side. And when you re-size the browser, they all re-adjust perfectly?