jQuery flow SQL data plugin

I am currently using the jQuery plotting plugin (Click), but I am having trouble fetching the data out of my database. I am using PHP for the SQL part, which returns an array like this: Array ( [0] => 13 [id] => 13 [1] => 320.82 [real_value_1] =&

On a chart graph flow, even when the axes are turned off

I have a flot chart that covers an image and I needed to disable x-axis and y-axis in order to cover the chart the whole image, which works fine. However, I want the grid to visible which disables with the axis automatically. grid:{ verticalLines:tru

hide the legend for some series in a stream

Hi I have a flot chart with series like this: foo bar foo/second bar/second The relative values (per second) are displayed as lines, whereas the absolute values are displayed as columns. All within the same chart. Absolute and relative of the same en

FlotChart 0.8.2 Time mode requires the plugin flot.time

I'm working with flotchart to make a custom linechart (which is call in ajax) but I'm probably doing something wrong because he will not be displayed and i get the error : Uncaught Error: Time mode requires the flot.time plugin. But the jquery.flot.t

Tooltip for the flow bar chart

i am using flot API to build bar charts. I am successful in plotting bar charts.But i am not getting tooltip for those charts.I have tried alot but i failed to achieve this. My code is: $(function () { var a1 = [ [0, 100], [1, 200], [2,300], [3,400],

Flow loads several series via ajax

I'm trying to load multiple series with ajax, but no success for the moment- Here is the code that works, with one serie. In php file : echo '{ "label": "Marge", "data": [[1356998400000, 0], [1359676800000, 0], [1362096000000

Create similar graphics to the Pew Research site

Data Visualizations bring data to life. Here a simple line graph is transformed into something beautiful: http://www.pewresearch.org/data-trend/media-and-technology/device-ownership/ How did Pew Research make this graph? Is there a technology with so

Table of gauge in Javascript or jQuery Flot

I'm trying to get a graph that looks like a gauge. I am already using jQuery Flot for my other charts, so is it possible using Flot or plain Javascript? Can someone help me getting started coding this?Here it is only using base flot and a background

Save a FLOT graphic to an image file using canvas2image

I am trying to save a FLOT chart as an image. The chart is currently being displayed correctly in a div element as follows: <div id="flotcontainer"></div> The tool that I am using to save the image is canvas2image. This small library

Flot: how to stylize numbers in bar graphs?

I'm using FlotCharts and it's plugin flot.barnumbers (Demo) to display charts. I need to display the numbers within the bar, it works. Unfortunately I've no idea how to style the numbers and cannot find anything in the Docs or via Google. I'd like to

How to pass SQL data to jquery float

I am developing a web application using asp.net c# and using MS SQL as database. In my application I want to plot a graph of mothly sales. For doing that I found very nice jquery plugin called flot. But the problem is that I dont know how to pass my

wkhtmltopdf only renders the axes of the flow diagram?

I'm trying to take a chart created by flot and render it to PDF using wkhtmltopdf. To do that I grab the HTML within the div containing the chart and pass it back to the server. I find that in the PDF I only get the axes showing and not the actual ch

Running jQuery with dynamic content when I need the size

I've got a page in my web app that dynamically loads a view containing html and some javascript. The javascript basically renders a chart into the view that's been retrieved. The issue is that the chart library I'm using (flot) requires that the cont

Creating PDF reports with a flow graph

I am trying to implement an automatic report generation tool for my clients . I need to create reports in pdf format and i am very much comfortable in creating graphs using Jquery flot. I just need a way to get the graphs inside the pdf. I tried usin

The flow axis crosses at

Does anyone know if its possible to set a crosses at value for axis using flot? If you take the example here http://www.flotcharts.org/flot/examples/threshold/index.html It would be great to be able to set the x-axis so it crosses the y at 0 and not

How do i add a new line to the ticks jquery

I am using JQuery Flot to create some graphs. So far I have managed to format my Ticks using tickformatter The graph looks like this: http://i1358.photobucket.com/albums/q779/Angel_Ruiz_Morales/Capture.gif The only problem I am having now is that I w

Legend and Grid Options.js

Trying to run a very simple flot.js example, I have the following code to render the flot chart. (I am omitting all the non-essential HTML and CSS on purpose.) <div id="chartWrapper1"> <div id="placeholder"></div> <

Analyze JSON with special characters

I am using flot to do some graphing and I am having some trouble passing the tickSize with my json. I am using MVC and pass the json in a model. Here is some code to grab the json within my javascript function: var json = '<%=Model.Json %>'; var dat

JSON Encoding Can not Map Using Float

I have extreme difficulties finding ways to json encode in flot. Firstly, I send an array of data, for example, 00:00-00:30 from my php to my javascript. However, when I use the alert function to debug, I will see ({'':"00:00-00:30", 1:"00:

jquery flot labeling location x-axis

please refer to http://jsfiddle.net/UEePE/1029/ How can I put the x-axis to the top of the chart instead at the bottom of the chart?Like this: http://jsfiddle.net/jsGLP/

The results of 2 queries in a while loop

I want to plot three dataseries in jquery flot the first two series are the snowdepth in the last 10 weeks (upper and lower mountain). The last one is the snowdepth for the upper slopes one year earlier. I use two queries for this exercice and I want

draw negative numbers with stream / jquery

I know Im missing something retarded here... All Im trying to do is graph f(x) = 2500 for a range of x from -75 to 75. This should make a horizontal line. Right now, I think its a misunderstanding on my part of some specifics of arrays. It starts at

Why do not my Scala guys match?

I have the following variable series: var series: List[FlotSerie] = List( new FlotSerie() { override val label = Full("Min") }, new FlotSerie() { override val label = Full("Max") }, new FlotSerie() { override val label = Full("Avg