[Android] How to load the SWF file on Android (API 23)

I want to load swf file in Android , but it seems that Android don't support swf. I google it,and most of developers suggest to use webview: WebSettings settings = webview.getSettings(); settings.setPluginsEnabled(true); webView.getSettings().setPlug

the parent-child depth will change in ActionScript

Please have a look at this project, in this project I have two symbol, one of them create and add another symbol as child. Child symbol is drawn over parent as I expected. Parent symbol has two frames. When parent goes to second frame, child symbol d

How to pass the URL to UrlRequest correctly in AS3?

I have a file abc.swf embed in a html file called index.html The SWF file needs to access abc.xml The abc.xml is stored in Rooms/abc.xml The index.html is stored in Schedule/index.html In the abc.swf, I have code: inforequest=new URLRequest("~/Rooms/

ActionScript repeat the action after

I'm trying to reload xml file in to variable every let's say 10 seconds. I've tried numerous tutorials on timers but each and every one of them, waits the timer time, and then it repeats the actions each milisecond or so. var timer:Timer = new Timer(

How to pause JWplayer automatically after 15 seconds of play?

I'm looking for javascript to auto-pause JWPlayer on my wordpress blog after 15sec of playing. I currently have content locker that pops after 15sec & video starts to play automatically on page load, I basicaly need it to stop at the time of content

AS3 Determine if MovieClip completely fills another MovieClip

I am trying to determine in AS3 Flash if a draggable movieclip on the stage completely fills another movieclip also on the stage. I looked into another StackOverflow article with this code: var inter = mcOverlay.getRect(this).intersection(mcLoadedIma

Action Script ExternalInterface.call () Problem

I am using the following AS code to call a javascript function which will return me the required value. package { import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.media.Camera; import flash.media.Video; import flash.display.BitmapData; import flash.display.

Would this code cause memory leaks?

Would this cause memory leak ? var mc:MovieClip ; //<<<<<<< OUTSIDE LOOP for ( var i=0 ; i< 1000 ; i++) { mc = new MovieClip() ; mc.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK , onClick) ; } And what about this ? for ( var i=0 ; i< 1000

flash player 11 - unable to read local swf files

in older versions of flash player if I opened a swf file in a web page locally it would bring up a security settings box where I could allow files to play locally - but this doesn't seem to happen in flash player 11 - how do I enable my swfs to play

Save an array from SWF and store using Actionscript 3 and PHP

I have an AS3 project that takes user inputs (basically like a multiple choice test) and saves the these inputs in an array. I need to save the array to a text file so it can be reloaded when the app is reloaded. When the user returns to the applicat

Flash Sockets in Chat

I hear a lot about people using flash sockets in chat and other long polling apps. Why is flash used in these scenarios?Performance, because Flash provides the developer with Sockets. Using Sockets, you can open a connection and keep it open until th

Stop the swf file from being hotlinked

I would like to know how I can stop other webmasters from hotlinking my flash application and using it on their websites.The easiest way to do this is to have your web server code check the HTTP Referer header and block the download if it's not from

Passing the PHP session to ActionScript

I have a php website that uses sessions and if your not logged in you cannot access a web page... I want the same for my Flash file, but want flash to see if there is a valid session on the php website and if there is play the flash, if not access de

Flash AS3 Timer extremely off

I'm using Flash CS4 with AS3. I want a timer to call a function at 50 ms intervals for 100 times. however the timer takes much longer than it should, which adds up to 1677 ms (1.677 seconds!) too much after 100 repeats. Am I missing something here or

Access the scene in AS3

I'm trying to get a projector file to run full screen when it starts, without needing to click anything. My main class inherits from MovieClip, so as far as I can tell I get access to stage... yeah right :) package { import flash.display.MovieClip; i

Achieve color consistency on different monitors

I have an SWF file with only vector illustrations in it (no bitmaps). Is there a way to improve colour consistency across different monitors? Colour management is a very complex topic and the more I read about it the more confused I become. There's t

how to programmatically fill flash forms?

Some sites have forms which are Flash. How can I programmatically, fill out these forms ? Is the only solution sending POST via cURL by first monitoring the http headers being sent ?That would only work if the form you're filling out is sending back

Play flash one video on the other?

I'm looking at a project that requires the ability to play one flash video over the top of another... sort of like an animated watermark, where the video on top has transparent regions ans may not be the same width/height as the one underneath. Using

AS3 flash: addChild () does not show imported movieclip

I fought with the IDE and read around all day enough to learn that in AS3, the exported class name of a lib symbol matters. I have hello.fla. In it I created a simple textfield with a string ('hello') - coverted it to a symbol (movieclip) and did the

How to use else if {var in AS3 without returning error 1083?

I have an if/else if/else if/else if/else statment in AS3. It's a calendar that reads in dates from an xml file. The if/else if/else statements controls the look of a date according to whether it has an event, and whether it's past/present or future.

How to make a flash file a link (clickable to go to a URL)

I am new to Flash. I am using Adobe Flash CS3 to create simple animations (images moving between keyframes). It produces a SWF file that I put on a website. I want the SWF file to be a link to a URL. How do you do that? Thank you in advanced!The same

Automation of control .NET webbrowser

I'm trying to automate some stuff on a flash game running in a webbrowser control in my C# program. Using user32's sendmessage dll I've been able to click at coordinates on regular pages such as google but it doesn't work on flash content. Any ways I

Rotate a dynamically created AS3 object

I'm building a site that requires an audio file to be played with an equalizer. I don't know alot about AS3 yet so this might be a simple question. I've found an example that I would like to use Demonstrated here and the source files here The code to