Our own web services vs API IoT to have the highest security

I have two scenarios for implementing IoT devices and I want to know which one has most security? Because I am a programmer and I have bit knowledge on network issues Main Goal is to implement IoT devices and have modification and configuration from

Port 443 blocked by firewall in Ubuntu 14.04 hosted on Azure

I have hosted my website on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine using Ubuntu 14.04. I am trying to open Port 443 in Endpoints on Azure Portal. But the firewall is blocking it. I tried to open it through the firewall but its still showing as closed. Can s

Is it possible to redirect TCP connections

Given the following scenario: Computer A connects to a public server from behind a firewall. Computer B connects to the same public server from behind a firewall. Now, is there any way for Computer A to talk directly to Computer B using those outboun

Why does Eclipse want inbound network connections (with OS X)?

Does anyone know why Eclipse is asking for incoming network connections? I searched around and saw mentions of Code Completion with PyDev, but I disabled code completion in PyDev, restarted, and was still prompted for incoming network connections.PyD

symfony2 firewall configuration - weird behavior when connected

I am using symfony2 with FOSUserBundle and i am trying to set up correctly my firewall. I want the major part of my website to not be available to anonymous users. Home page (the $ in the public pattern) and some others should be available according

Can not Access AWS EC2 After Enabling Firewall

After enabling the firewall with 'sudo ufw enable' I can no longer ssh into my ec2 instance. Any way to recover from this? I'm guessing I should have done something like 'sudo ufw allow ssh' but didn't do that before exiting the session. Also, if I h

MulticastSocket does not open the port

I'm trying to create a simple multicast communication between my PC (Ubuntu, client) and my phone (Android, server). Unicast/TCP connections work without any problem, the defined port (37659) opens both on PC and phone. When trying to use a Multicast

Unable to share folder - Error: 'Incorrect function'

I'm unable to share any folders. I'm always getting the following error: An error occurred while trying to share [your folder]. Incorrect function. The shared resource was not created at this time.I applied following solution with success : http://so

Block the Internet connection on Eclipse

Is this possible to block all network connections on Eclipse? My situation is that I have unit tests in Eclipse and I want to see which of the unit tests try to connect to the network. It was hard to figure out from the source code and I think the ea

Online service to download an SVN repository / folder?

I need to access a SVN repository that is available online but unfortunately, I am behind a firewall that will not allow svn checkout ... etc. Is there a service that I could give the repository URL, it would download the files for me and provide a Z

How can I remove specific rules from iptables?

I am hosting special HTTP and HTTPS services on the ports 8006 and 8007 respectively. I use iptables to "activate" the server; i.e. to route the incoming HTTP and HTTPS ports: iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT iptables -A INP

Is it possible to have a firewall around applications?

I want to host a game called Minecraft and let people upload their own Java JAR. Now I want to restrict them to a certain port range. As running all JVM's in virtual boxes is overkill we just stack them, but how do I prevent a user of using the defau

OAuth on a webapp behind a firewall & mdash; it's possible?

I'm trying to construct a webapp to add events to an employee's google calendar and would like to use OAuth for authentication. However, my webapp is forced to be on an intranet behind a firewall; the server has outbound internet access, but blocks i

TcpListener.AcceptTcpClient and Firewall

I have a TcpListener object that is operating behind a firewall on port 4000. Obviously, in order for outside clients to connect to the TcpListener, port 4000 needs to be opened in the firewall; otherwise, no outside connection request would get thro

Host a WCF service behind a proxy, firewall

We have created a WCF using net.tcp with an anticipation that the service can work in a firewall that would accept only HTTP port. The client behind firewall can also access it. Do we need to host the service on a static, public IP so that any client

BizTalk Web Service Call: Can not Connect to Remote Server

I am trying to call a web service from a BizTalk (2006) orchestration. Having got the hang of the basics, I have been following this tutorial (page 74 onwards) in which i have a web reference to an external web service (I am using this web service in

Can I SSH to MySQL with GUI tools?

I have a ubuntu server which I've locked down to only HTTP, HTTPS and SSH (port 30000). On this box I have a MySQL server which 99.9% of the time is only used locally. Every now and then I want to connect to the MySQL instance with the GUI tools, but

Exploit risk & ldquo; back & rdquo; in outbound tcp connections

I am building a server application that will maintain connections to other applications by initiating TCP connections out through a firewall that is only open for outbound traffic to the relevant IP's ports that the application will connect to. What

How secure is IP address filtering?

I'm planning to deploy an internal app that has sensitive data. I suggested that we put it on a machine that isn't exposed to the general internet, just our internal network. The I.T. department rejected this suggestion, saying it's not worth it to s

Programmatically add an application to Windows Firewall

I have an application that is installed and updated via ClickOnce. The application downloads files via FTP, and therefore needs to be added as an exception to the windows firewall. Because of the way that ClickOnce works, the path to the EXE changes