Why does this code @ font-face not work in Firefox 3.6?

I am trying to get a font to load via the @font-face CSS rule. I have got it working in every browser (including IE6) apart from Firefox 3.6 and maybe even more below that. Here is my current code. @font-face { font-family: 'DigitaldreamFatRegular';

Firefox issues in document.forms [0] .submit ()

I have a form which I want to submit on bodyLoad. I have written document.forms[0].submit() which works fine with IE 9 and Chrome 14 but same is not working in FF 3.6.23. Any ideas? Is this a known issue with FF? I have tried other options like docum

The Scriptable NPAPI plugin does not work with Firefox

I'm developing FF extension and plugin that work in tandem. My Extension injects npapi plugin into the html and calls some method of the plugin after an event occures. Here is the code I use for injection: if (window.content.document.getElementById("

The Firefox refresh button does not work

Anyone else ever have the Firefox toolbar "refresh" button not work for a particular page? Works everywhere else. Firefox 3.6.15. Any clues? EDIT: For what it's worth, I later set network.http.use-cache false, and the problem went away. No idea

Firefox will not submit a form created by JavaScript

I need to create a form with a few inputs when an event happens. My code is below. Chrome submits fine - the alert box shows and the page changes. Firefox does not work - the alert box shows but the page stays the same. How can I get Firefox to submi

Selenium 2 WebDriver to use the custom profile

I'm trying to automate the interaction with a website that generates documents with MIME type application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml. I am using Selenium 2, the WebDriver and the FirefoxProfile. Because Firefox does not handle the above mentioned MIME type, I

How do I register my own firefox extension?

I am trying to learn how to write firefox extensions. I download an HelloWorld example from here but I can't figure out how to register it. I found my profiles extension folder (Easy since I use the latest Firefox version) but couldn't really underst

Check the Ctrl / Shift / Alt keys on the 'click' event

How could I identify which Ctrl / Shift / Alt keys are pressed in the following code ? $("#my_id").click(function() { if (<left control key is pressed>) { alert("Left Ctrl"); } if (<right shift and left alt keys are pressed>

Which browsers currently support the keyword "leave" JavaScript?

I'm developing an app and don't have to ever worry about Internet Explorer and was looking into some of the features present in A+ grade browsers that aren't in Internet Explorer1. One of these features I wanted to play around with is JavaScript's le

Silverlight problem with Firefox 3.6?

Recently I updated my firefox to 3.6 and the silver light app on my web app has weird behavior. No button click happens in the silverlight app, it just gives it the focus and if we 'TAB' around, we can get the click working. But this is not like the

Firefox 3.6 does not appear content - xajax, jquery, css

I know this question may sound vague, but I have been debugging (PHP and js) our application for a day now and have not found any issues in the data generation. Our application uses xajax to generate lists based on data that we have in our DB. we hav