Firefox still displays the Menubar toolbar

I am working on a Firefox extension in which I have made various changes in browser.xul to customize Firefox's UI. By default Firefox has its menu-bar disabled/invisible. I want it to always display menu-bar toolbar. FYI, I have disabled right-click

Opening Firebug stops javascript execution

I have noticed with the latest level of firefox(33.1)/firebug (2.0.6), my Javascript just stops. The console doesn't report any errors, there is no sign of any problems. Just when I click on clickable items, there is no action. By closing firebug, th

view of the table appears different in Chrome and IE, Firefox

I have created a simple HTML/CSS table for a menu on this page: The problem is that it works perfectly in Firefox. But in Chrome and IE, it doesn't work well. Here is from one menu table code and the C

How to debug the Greasemonkey script on Firefox 30?

I've been developing a JavaScript snippet for Youtube which uses Greasemonkey, and also imports Bootstrap and jQuery libraries. This application has to add a button for each one of the search list results and when the user clicks it, it must bring th

JQuery animation does not work in Firefox

I'm making a website for my portfolio however my animation is not working in FireFox. I've trawled through my CSS and script and I can't find any errors that could be causing issues. My code works on all other browsers except FireFox. The animation i

css: drag the image does not work in Firefox

I'm trying to move an image around when the user clicks the image and starts moving: DEMO It works in Chrome, but has strange behaviour in FF HTML: <div id="parent"> <img .... > </div> And I handle the javascript as follows JS:

Difference 2px FF and Chrome

I need your help. How to fix that 2px difference? I really have no idea... <nav id="navigation" class="col-full" role="navigation"> <ul class="nav fr parent"> <li id="menu-item-99" class=&qu

The window link does not work in Firefox

my script reads something like this: $(window).bind('popstate', function() { //some code //few more lines of code }); This function works perfectly as intended in Chrome and Safari browsers. But Firefox for some reason ignores this function and does

svg feMerge does not work with Firefox

This question already has an answer here: SVG feBlends using feImage doesn't seem to work in Firefox 1 answer i have a problem with my SVG on FireFox: exemple: this SVG works on Chrome but not on FF

CSS3 FlexBox does not display correctly in Firefox 22

For some reason a project I'm working on in Firefox 22 won't display correctly. In works fine in webkit browsers (tested in Opera 15 and Chrome 27; Safari won't support the updated spec until 7.0). Everything is just grouped together in rows, so my f

Show div on the image

I am trying to make a small store map with a pointer on it showing the location in the store. I have created this using jQuery and it works perfect in Chrome. Yet, in Firefox and internet explorer, the pointer is positioned behind the map and it is i

CSS3 / jQuery transitions do not work in Firefox?

Is anyone else having issues with FF not rendering jQuery and CSS3 transitions. For instance, the following site's demo doesn't work in FF, but does in Chrome and Safari. FF used to work but recently it doesn't. I've tried on multiple computers and b

Firefox cross-domain fonts

I am trying to write a template for my Blogger blog, I need to use a custom webfont.Everything goes well in IE and Chrome, but in Firefox that webfont won't render. If you have a look at my blog with both firefox and chrome, y

CSS positioning - Firefox

I have a problem with the Firefox browser. You can see it here. Unminified version of css (using LESS): here. All browsers display it very well, but Firefox moved the form in the pink lane to the top of the page. Do you know what the problem might be

Firefox webfonts do not load

I'm having an issue with webfonts only in Firefox, all other browsers (including IE) work perfectly. My issues is that the webfonts won't load at all. I've looked at this possible solution, editing the htaccess file (

Encoding cookies

I have a problem with cookie encoding. The cookies have some French character inside them. Firefox sends them back correctly, but it seems Chrome has problem with sending them. Any idea why it happens?It seems Chrome doesn't support Unicode in its co

jQuery is not functional on Mozilla Firefox

I have problem with my ASP.NET MVC app when use Mozilla Firefox. I'm use JQuery and this code is not functional. In Google Chrome and IE 8 everything is fine. How solve this. If necessary I will post parts of my JQuerycode In Site master page I inclu

Firefox hangs div as if it were an image

I'm using this HTML,CSS and Javascript code (in one document together if you want to test it out): <style type="text/css"> #slider_container { width: 200px; height: 30px; background-color: red; display:block; } #slider { width: 20px; heigh

how to display an existing xml file to the user in RoR

I have an xml file and I want to display(render) it as it is to the user, i.e I want to keep the tags. How should I do in RoR? I have tried render :file=>"/path/to/file.xml", but the tag <product> disappeared. //file.xml <product>

better thumbnails from larger image files

I'm showing images from other websites as thumbnails. To do this I display them in a smaller img tag so the browser does the size decrease. The problem is that the quality of these images (which I have no control of) is diminished. Also they look muc

firefox plugin that records the traffic

Do you know of a firefox plugin that records the http traffic I generate while browsing? I would like something like firebug's net tab but it should not "restart" every time I click a new link.HttpFox Excellent for debugging Ajax stuff.

How do you make an HTML document writable in the browser?

Lest my question is not clear; I don't mean dynamically replacing <p> nodes with <textarea>. I mean editing each and all text directly - including headers, text in <div> and <span> and yes editing tables. I know this is possible in

Using Firebug Memory

Is Firebug a bit of a memory hog when you run it for a while? Or is it just Firefox? I kinda get to the point where my firefox is using 1 Gb of memory and everything just slows down. Has anyone found a solution for this? EDIT I am running the latest