How to remove items from a list by index

I am a python beginner. The data I am given in a text file(.txt) that contains my x and y values. x and y values are tab separated. (x values) (y values) 113 0 116 2 119 0 214 3 220 0 230 3 290 5 My task is to remove x and y values when y value is 0.

Filter for element in a list of lists in Haskell

I built a list of this structure: [(Interger, Double)] The List was created by using a zip over a list of Integers and a list of Doubles of exactly the same size. Now I want to filter the list for Doubles that are either <18.5 or >25. The problem I

Excel VBA - Filter Locked Data with Password

I've been stuck for days on the following: I'd like to lock data with a password in specific rows and then still be able to use a filter on this data. enter image description here This is what i got so far but for some reason it does not work. Any in

FTP File - FileListFilter only get the most recent file

I'm trying to implement something like this: Arrays.sort(files, new Comparator<File>(){ public int compare(File f1, File f2) { return Long.valueOf(f1.lastModified()).compareTo(f2.lastModified()); } }); The problem is that I have FTPFile instead of F

jQuery show / hide rows according to filter

Preface: I am working on a function to allow a user to choose data points to filter a table by. Each table row has 3 attributes associated with it, Title, Department, and Location. There are three multi-select filter options on the page that allow th

How to make text in lower opacity from div to html

How do I lower the opacity of text in div, like so: The CSS mix-blend-mode property will give you the effect you're looking for (it can't be achieved using only opacity). SVG is not required if you don't need Internet Explorer support. This solution

Apply a low pass filter

I want to simulate an interpolator in MATLAB using upsampling followed by a low pass filter. First I have up-sampled my signal by introducing 0's. Now I want to apply a low pass filter in order to interpolate. I have designed the following filter: Th

Filtering grouped data in R

I was wondering if anyone can help with grouping the data below as I'm trying to use the subset function to filter out volumes below a certain threshold but given that the data represents groups of objects, this creates the problem of removing certai

Angular Show all when no filter is provided

I have been working on trying to get my Angular application to show all results if no filter is selected. I have looked at similar questions on here, but their answers did not work for my application for some strange reason. I have it working initial

Stack the filters in ElasticSearch

I'm looking to make a filter for ecommerce product filtering. Each request toES will have at least a must filter for the category match, and then optional filtering for attributes. Let's say Colour and Size. But, colour and size must both match one o

Filtering objects in beds

I'm trying to create a filterObject mixin in underscore. It's not going quite well, is there something I'm missing? _.mixin({ filterObject: function(collection, fn){ var n = [] _.each(collection, function(value, key){ var decider = fn(value, key) if(

IllegalStateException when searching from Edittext

I am using TextWatcher to filter result of my listview. But i'm getting below error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: The content of the adapter has changed but ListView did not receive a notification. Make sure the content of your adapter is not mod

Creating a custom angular filter with TypeScript

I'm trying to work out the best way of creating a custom Angular Filter with TypeScript. All the code samples I see use something like: myModule.filter( "myFilter", function() { return function( input ) { // filter stuff here return result; } }

ListView search filter leaves unwanted data

I have some issue with Search Filter in my ListView. When i type letters of my objects into the searchbox, it searches normally. But when I add anything else, the items stay in the ListView in spite of the fact that it doesn't contain that text. You

How 2d filter chart get value in scala

I have a 2d array val A = Array((10.0,1.0,2.0,3.0),(20.0,4.0,5.0,6.0),(10.0,,9.0)) how can I filter the first element which equal to 10, and get the other element value ? result like: x = Array((1.0,2.0,3.0),(,9.0)) and I can use x(i) t

jQuery Tablesorter - Disable sorting and filtering

I got this code from // BONUS TIP: disable a column using jQuery data directly // but do it before the table initializes $("table thead th:eq(5)").data("sorter", f

SML: How to use List.filter

I have this code to filter list of string that the first letter is capital: fun f s = Char.isUpper(String.sub(s,0)); fun only_capitals (xs : string list) = List.filter(f , xs); But when compile, I always receive error : operator domain: 'Z -> bool op

Twitter Bootstrap Row Filter / Search Box

I'm having trouble finding a tutorial on how to create a simple search query, or row filter, for Twitter Bootstrap. I've tried many, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or the plugins are not compatible with Bootstrap. Please help if you can. I

filter the result of the postgresql query

I have multiple tables that need to be merged into one. SELECT name, SUM(money) AS MONEY FROM transactions JOIN results ON = JOIN more ON results.per_id = more.per_id GROUP BY name The output is person's name (first column)

Filtering keys when iterating on a map

What's the best way to iterate through a map, and filter out certain keys? The pseudocode might be something like map.foreach(tuple where !list.contains(tuple._1) => { }) Thanks Bruce val m = Map(1 -> "a", 2 -> "b", 4 -> &q

Ninject Custom AuthorizeAttribute Injection does not work

I've hit a bit of a wall and was hoping someone could point out where I'm going wrong. I've been using Ninject to Inject into custom ActionFilterAttributes and this is working fine: kernel.BindFilter<CriticalErrorAttribute>(FilterScope.Last, 1); I'm

if (in_array (& lt; title & gt; $ SomeArray)) returns true

I have problem that it cant detect every word in string. similar to filter or tag or category or sort of.. $title = "What iS YouR NAME?"; $english = Array( 'Name', 'Vacation' ); if(in_array(strtolower($title),$english)){ $language = 'english'; }

Can this be done using a Hibernate filter?

In my application I have Documents and Comments. A Comment belongs to exactly one Document, a Document can have several Comments. I have a fairly complicated named query on my Documents: <query name="public.documents"> <![CDATA[ from Do

Perform a search to filter in the Jquery list

Hey, I am trying to create a search field that will filter or show/hide(which ever is best) the list elements based on what the user typed in and clicked the search button. I have no idea how to do this. everything I tried does not work unfortunately