How to download files using Angular 2+, Express and nodeJs

Im trying to upload an image using Angular 4, node and Express with the Multer library. here is my route.js : const storage = multer.diskStorage({ destination: function(req, file, cb) { cb(null, 'uploads') }, filename: function(req, file, cb) { cb(nu

Sort a multidimensional array by size value

When uploading images via HTTP I get the following array. How can I sort them by the size of the images in descending order, so the biggest size images would be uploaded the first and the smallest size the last? Array ( "name" => Array ( [0]

Replace hard coded value Python Django class

I have a baseclass Image, where I have set the upload directory. This works exactly as it should. Since, as far as I have read so far, it is not possible to override fields from parent classes in Django, I thought I would try it this way. class Image

maintain the order of the files using the jquery file download

I was looking at the upload script here: It is using jquery file upload to upload multiple files at once. I would like to know how to pass the order of the files that were selected to t

Validation of avatar images with PHP

I have a column in a MySQL database called photo of type mediumblob and it can be NULL. This should represent a small photo of an employee displayed in the top right corner of web application. The new employee is inserted via a form to MySQL database

Automatically resize the image in PHP

I want to auto resize the image while uploading.I have wondered many site but in every site users have put the new-width and new-height for all the images but i want auto resize becasue problem is when user will upload same dimension image then we wi

Allow download of files deposited in IE?

I have a file upload which works great in everything except IE. When i drag a file or picture to the upload area and drop it that file or picture opens and redirects my site. How do i stop this? The plugin i used is simple and can be found here, they

php - move_uploaded_file - why is it important?

I cannot imagine why should I use this function instead of a simple rename. The manual writes: move_uploaded_file This function checks to ensure that the file designated by filename is a valid upload file (meaning that it was uploaded via PHP's HTTP

How to download the file via ajax

I have file upload which doesn't use form to upload the file instead I want to upload it using ajax. I tried the following approach but I cannot pass the file. It's null. Please help. Below is my implementation. HTML and jQuery function <div id="U

How to download a selected photo from Windows Phone

I am trying to develop an app for Windows Phone in C# which basically uploads a user selected picture to a server (localhost, for example). This app is meant to work just like a PHP file upload script, where user chooses a file and then it is uploade

How to download the file using and jquery

I want to retrieve the file data in jquery and upload this to aspx page. I have read about the html5 way of doing this but want to know how to do this old browser(not supporting html5).Found same question Javascript isn't uploading binary data

downloaded file from mysql database using php is changed

I'm able to upload a file to mysql but when i download it, the content changes.. example i have test.txt with "hello" on it.. when i download it, the test.txt becomes < pre class='xdebug-var-dump' dir='ltr'>string 'sfasfsafasfsaf' (length=

Is there a way to set a downloaded file size limit in tornado?

I am using tornado to make an image processing RESTful service, which is accepting images uploaded by general HTTP means like multipart/form-data. I then access them in handlers using self.request.files. It could be that an adversary will try to uplo

plupload - how to define where the files are downloaded?

I've just installed the latest version of plupload to my local test PHP server, running the HTML5 uploader. Everything seemingly works ok however I cannot determine where the files are being uploaded to (and how to change this to a directory that I w

PHP multiple file download script does not work

this the html markup for multiple upload..i want to perform validation to it.. 1)check if the file is 5 mb 2)check if it is jpg,gif only image file <form action="" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input

MIME type PHP $ _FILES returning null

Right now I'm trying to write a script that will only accept certain audio files for upload to a server. However, some MIME types are being returned as null. Here is some code fragments: PHP: $allowedExt=array('audio/mp4a-latm'); if(isset($_POST)) {

PHP still does not allow file downloads greater than 2 MB

I have a Debian Squeeze install on an Amazon EC2 instance running Apache2, and PHP 5.3.3-7. I would like it to be able to accept uploads from a standard point-and-shoot camera (about 5 MB). Accordingly, I've edited php.ini in /etc/php5/apache2/ to al

Check the file type when submitting the form?

I have the form having the follwing fields, <form onsubmit="return checkcreateform()" action="/gallery/create" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <label>Type:*</label> <label for="

PHP function progress bar

i'm building some image convertor and the function i run may can take a while , what i want to know , is if there a build in way in php that i can use to show the progress of the function? the function based on the For loop (inside the function there

How should I address this problem of file download?

I let users to upload photos. User can upload multiple photos at once using flash mechanism. User may try to upload same file twice or more times. Ideally user should not have same photo twice. This may flood the system. How do I prevent the user fro

Help for downloading the Spring MVC file

I have been integrating spring into an application, and have to redo a file upload from forms. I am aware of what Spring MVC has to offer and what I need to do to configure my controllers to be able to upload files. I have read enough tutorials to be

Error trying to download file in PHP

I am php page everything was working fine till today morning. Now the page is not uploading any selected file. All that I keep getting is the following error message: Warning: move_uploaded_file(upload/ [function.move