Why does the last line of my input file run twice?

INPUT FILE Miller Andrew 65789.87 5 Green Sheila 75892.56 9 Sethi Amit 74900.50 6.1 ifstream inFile; ofstream outFile; string laastName; string firstName; double salary; double percent; double new Salary; double increase; inFile.open("Ch3_Ex6Data.txt

Reading a specific line in a file

This question already has an answer here: Reading specific lines only (Python) 20 answers Regardless of how basic this task seems to be I am struggling to read a specific line of a file in Python. I am creating a quotation system for reading and writ

can anyone help me understand some of this block in RAILS 4?

I am learning excel/csv import in rails. I am watching this video by Ryan B. http://railscasts.com/episodes/362-exporting-csv-and-excel the following block is a bit confusing for me, I am unsure of some of the mechanics behind the second each loop. m

Access the USB mass storage device in Android

So I have this little cable that you plug into your phone that has a USB port on the other side where you can plug in a flash drive for example, as you can see here: When I plug in a flash drive I get a notification that says: USB mass storage connec

how to save the modified data in the console to a file

I have an original file that needs editing, I have managed to open this file and used code to correct the problems I have been asked to this has been done by changed the original file into a string, Now I need to save these changes, how do I save to

Using files included in C ++ projects

I just learnt the basics of C++. I know how to add a text file the project, but how do you refer to it in the program? Ultimately, I want to be able to have a list of outcomes in the text file and then my program randomly select a line. This is inste

can not delete a specific word from the file

I am trying to read a file content and delete some specified String but i am still not succeeded. I have tried this link too but it is not working, and I tried with ignorecase too and my whole file was deleted in that case. :( my own code is like Buf

Reading and writing the root folder without root

I have seen an app(i don't mean to advertise) that can backup other app file that stores in the root folder. I am curious how it works without root. I have tried several ways like File file = new File(PATH); and using adb pull and push p = Runtime.ge

Spring does not create property files

I'm having troubles accessing properties files with Spring. Here is my arborescence : WEB-INF - application-Context.xml - properties -applicationPerperties.xml -csvHeader.properties Here is my import in the application-context.xml : <?xml version="

Adding an item to a JList removes all other items

I need some help about adding items to JList. I work on some "library" kind of project. And I need to add readers to already existing JList. But when I try to add it, JList just resets, removes all the readers and starts adding readers to a new

Does fp.readlines () close a file?

In python I'm seeing evidence that fp.readlines() is closing the file when I try to access the fp later in the program. Can you confirm this behavior, do I need to re-open the file again later if I also want to read from it again? Is the file closed?

Python file objects, closing and destructors

The description of tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() says: If delete is true (the default), the file is deleted as soon as it is closed. In some circumstances, this means that the file is not deleted after the Python interpreter ends. For example, when r

lowercase of a text file

I Have a file and am trying to convert words in lower case. This is what I have so far with open('example.txt', 'r') as fileinput: for line in fileinput: lines = fileinput.lower() AttributeError: 'file' object has no attribute 'lower' You are lowerca

the opposite of the file saved in memory?

Memory-backed file allows application to treat file as if it were primary memory. I am wondering if there is a similar mechanism in Linux which allows me to access a range of memory as if it were a file, i.e, through file path and read() write() syst

PHP capture errors when saving the file

So.... I was writing a small function which returns whether a file has been written or not, as well as the reason why not.... something like: array ( 'success' => false, // easy, by checking function result 'reason' => 'Permission denied' // how am

Why does c ++ ifstream read the file with duplicate records

Possible Duplicate: Reading from text file until EOF repeats last line c++ EOF running one too many times? I am writing a simple c++ code to read and write a binary file but I found that the ifstream will read the record twice. I don't know how this


I am trying to generate a file from mysql. The I am using is: SELECT * INTO OUTFILE $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']/data.txt FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' FROM admin"; The code is working fine as I am not getting any error. But the problem is I could not locate

Detect if the scanner has no follow-up

I have the following file, which I'm using as a test: id=1392 name=Nathan gender=male testempty= testempty2= zip=11111 I'm looping lines and calling the function processLine(String line) on them to process Strings: private String processLine(String l

Python `tee` stdout of the child process

Is there a way in Python to do the equivalent of the UNIX command line tee? I'm doing a typical fork/exec pattern, and I'd like the stdout from the child to appear in both a log file and on the stdout of the parent simultaneously without requiring an

Delete a record from a file?

i am using a text file to store my data records. the data is stored in the following format. Antony|9876543210 Azar|9753186420 Branda|1234567890 David|1357924680 John|6767676767 Thousands of records are stored in that file. i want to delete a particu

How are files validated when they are open?

Suppose a user selects a file in a dialogue box, and the app then opens the file for reading, etc. Users can open "incorrect" files--they can select a binary file, for example, even if the file they're supposed to be selecting is a text file. I