Java RandomAccessFile Deleting the original text

So i was using RandomAccessFile for reading and writing in java. But when I write a string to the file the current contents of the file are being overridden. Here is my Code import; public class hello{ public static void main

How to remove a variable from the .mat file in matlab?

I have in my file .mat three matrices, I need to delete one of them. I try clear ('Matrice1'), but it doesn't work.If you absolutely must completely delete the entire variable the most straightforward option is to load the data, remove the variable,

Java read text and manipulate

I have a program that i am working on that I want to do the following to a txt file Manipulate the following string of text Change # to a number between 1 and 9 Change fruit to a fruit type like apple Change date to current date in YY

Put only a certain number of lines in a char array

I have a file with 2939 lines, and I am trying to save the five lines together in one index of a 2D char array. So, char [][] myArray; myArray[0] = {} //<--char array of first five lines myArray[1]= //char array of next five lines the way I am implem

How to limit access to the file system in PHP?

Someone knows a trick to have a PHP script self-restrict access to the file system (fopen, file_get_contents etc.)? Such calls should be blocked except for a handful of selected file names (log file, access to /tmp and similar). This is not a securit

Python create a file and add numbers

I am trying to write a program that will create files, one file should look like this: 1 19 next file 2 18 3 17 etc... and so until the 19 is on the first line and 1 is on the second line, pretty much i am incrementing firs line from 1 to 19 and decr

Is File.Exists considered harmful?

I often use library functions like File.Exists to check for a file's existence before opening it or doing some other action. While I have had good luck with this in practice over the years, I wonder if it is a poorly thought-out pattern. Any IO call

search and replace the line of characters in python

I have a strange case for search and replace a string in text file using python. Input Data: I have a text file which looks similar as shown below. QA1,QBFLUX,1.0 many lines QA2,QBFLUX,1.0 many lines QA3,QBFLUX,1.0 many lines QA4,QBFLUX,1.0 many line

How to delete the contents of the file without closing it?

I've got a file, consisting of a single line, which I intend to write quite often. Because of this, I don't want to close and re-open it over and aver again. Instead I want to call something that would erase file content. One way to accomplish what I

Where is the data file on the android file system?

I can write a file to local storage of my (Samsung) tablet, with code like this: String fileName = "myfile.ser"; FileOutputStream fos = context.openFileOutput(fileName, Context.MODE_PRIVATE); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(fos);

Extract data from a txt file

I got some input in a txt file which I attached below. I want to extract the variables x1 to x6 where the values are in the first colum after the colon. (For example for the first x2 -1.55155599552781E+00) I tried already: data = textscan(fileID,'%s

How to get specific lines from a text file in C ++?

I need some help with C++ I am trying to create a program which contains excersises to practice the different German cases. Hard-coding all questions and respective answers seems like an awful lot of work, and super inefficient. What I want my progra

How to open a bmp image file from program C

What I want it not the normal fopen() function. I want to open the image, as in, when I double click on the image, then the way it opens in the imageViewer. I want to open it like that. Is there any way of doing that through a C code? So basically I

Writing ArrayList to a file in a Web service

I want to write an ArrayList file data.txt my code: try{ File destination = new File("data.txt"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(destination)); os.writeObject(userList); os.close(); } catch.... This do's not

Saving files with iOS Where are they going?

I have saved a text file from my app and I can open it again, but is there any way the user can gain access to this file to just do whatever they want with it? I tried printing the path which looks like this : /var/mobile/Applications/2DD5A15B-9BC8-4

Collect only files written entirely in Java

I have a directory in aix which will receive files from a external application. My java program should pick only those files which are completely written by the application.It should not pick the incomplete files which are being still written by the

Try to read a file in java & hellip; to have problems

Possible Duplicate: Scanner issue when using nextLine after nextInt I'm very new to programming and i got an error that does not make sense me(i would have searched for the answer here, but i can hardly identify the problem). I am trying to read a fi

Java - The fastest way to read Char by Char text files

I have nearly 500 text files with 10 million words. I have to index those words. What is the fastest way to read from a text file character by character? Here is my initial attempt: InputStream ist = new FileInputStream(this.path+"/"+doc); Buffe

Writing in the middle of a text file in Java

What's the best way to write to the middle of a text file in Java? I know that there's no getting around reading the entire file to memory and then writing it back. But parsing is really one of my weak skills and the multitude of classes related to f

How can I test if I can write to a file name?

The title may seem trivial, but this isn't as easy as it sounds. You can't just check the permissions on the file, because the file may not exist, and you may have the necessary permissions to create it and then write to it. But only if you have writ

How to write an XML file from a ListView in C #

i'm having a ListView control like I need to store the data from this ListView to an Xml File. So the xml file will be like <root> <Child Name ="A1" val1="1" val2="0"/> <Child Name ="A2" val1="1&

Why does open () create my file with the wrong permissions?

I am trying to read some text from a file and write it to another using open(), read() and write(). This is my open() for the file-to-write-to (I want to create a new file and write into it): fOut = open ("test-1", O_RDWR | O_CREAT | O_SYNC); Th