How to change the position of the title inside or inside?

I downloaded the latest version of Fancybox, but for the life of me can't figure out how to get the title from outside to inside the box. I assume it is done through the helpers, but where do I put the code? Here's a link to my page, for what its wor

Fancybox Multiple Galleries Edition

I am trying to do the same thing as done in this Fancybox example here: When I do it it keeps opening up the second gallery for all links. Here's what I have: My JS: $(document).ready(function() { var images = { 1: [ { href

Fancybox-rails gem does not load resources

/assets/fancybox-40d79ef494fcf5ca4727cb13b9e69c33.png 404 (Not Found) This is see when i go on my page. Images for fancybox-rails gem does not load - i talk about images like close button ,background and other fancybox-rails css images. What i can do

FancyBox background problem 2

I'm trying to use fancybox ( to show an image automatically on my page, but the background (greyed-out) portion is not working. Any ideas? See example at http://www.southshoreopera.orgThe issue is that if you open fancy

Aligning images from a Fancybox gallery

I have this fancybox gallery gallery 1 & gallery 2 The images of these galleries dont float to the left like they should. This is my CSS: .gal { display:block; padding:3px; border:1px solid #ccc; float:left; margin:4px; margin-top:20px; overflow:hidd

Fancybox next / previous does not work

I have this html with the data-fancybox-group attribute set on the link around the image just as in the demo to enable the next/previous but it's not working. I'm including the buttons js and css and they're loading in correctly so I have no idea why

Do not reload the page when fancybox is open

I'm french, sorry for my spelling mistakes... I have a page containing a fancybox and i would like to reload this page all minutes except when a fancybox is opened. The page must again be recharged at the fancybox closing. I use this code and when a

Automatic height fancybox2

I was using fancybox plugin to one of my site. I really love using it until I encounter this problem. Inside fancybox i want to put an accordion to it. The problem is I want the fancybox height to grow and no scrollbar shown when accordion is being c

Edit fancybox html

Is it possible to customize the fancybox HTML code? I want to move out the next and previous buttons outside the .fancybox-outerIn order to move out the next and previous buttons of the .fancybox-outer container, you just need to add these CSS rules

activation of fancybox during a visit from google ads

Hi I would like to activate fancybox on my website every time someone comes to my site by clicking on google ads. Fancybox is usualy triggered by clicking on a link. Is it posible and what would be the best way to do that? Many thanks, Dino.If your A

FancyBox popup as on

How can I go about actioning a FancyBox popup that notifies new users of a quick sign-up button (or whatever is chosen) like on ... and as with Digg just one time. I really have no experience with cookies but already have FancyBox running in

Fancybox remove added styles

I am using Fancybox 2 on a site and noticed when I Inspect Element, some of the divs have a "style" attribute with some CSS in there. All of this I can do in my styles.css, so I would like to know how to remove these added "style" attr

Update content when fancybox is already open

I call fancybox 2 on afterLoad event every time after $.post method $.post ... function(html){ $.fancybox({afterLoad:function(){this.content = html;}}); } It works fine when Fancybox is closed, but when I make this request one more time from already

Open fancyBox manually with thumbnail aids

I want to make a gallery with only one preview picture and thumbnails helper. I have used the snippet provided by the author for the gallery with only one preview picture and then I added the code for show the thumbnails helper, in this way, but it d

Fancybox and JQuery Accordion will not work on the same page

I have a fancy box and a jquery accordian on the same page. Each works independently but not together. There is a conflict somewhere. I've looked at several forums and posts, but cannot fit a fix. Some say to put the jquery-ui scripts first. That did

Fancybox does not close

I'm getting an error on my website. When I try to close a frame of Fancybox plugin, it doens't close all. The screen is still locked. On console debugging I can see this error Object doesn't support property or method 'swing', in this line: this.pos=

Fancybox 2 Height does not work

I'm trying to get two different heights from my fancybox depending on which link the client clicks on, but for some reason the height just keeps going to 100%. It's not going to the height I'm wanting This is my code $('.fancyboxhd').fancybox({ width

Fancybox entry inside & lt; a & gt;

This example shows what I am trying to do: I would like it to work so that when you click the input to delete the file, this works without loading fancybox. How can I stop fancybox from loading when you click the input? Thi

Why does my fancybox plugin not work for my youtube link?

I cannot figure out why it isn't loading, it seems the same as fancybox's youtube link on their demo homepage. Plus, all the other fancyboxes on the page work. It's here and the one that isn't working is everybody's smoking video. Here is my html: <l

AJAX, JS and Fancybox, how to make it work properly?

I'm making a small website using ajax, mainly by curiosity. I wan't to use Fancybox to display images in an ajax content. The thing I'm currently doing is very simple, I have a main html page, and hyperlinks just change the content of a single div...

FancyBox + MediaElement player + IE

Trying to incorporate the mediaelement.js player into a lightbox ( Player works in IE without FancyBox. FancyBox works in IE with regular text content. But The player + fancybox together doesn't work in IE (works perfectly in all other

jQuery: fancybox so close

FancyBox jquery question If you close it by pressing X I would like to get an alert("you forgot something.."). How can i do this? $("a#uploadImage").fancybox({ 'titleShow' : false, 'width': 560, 'height': 620, 'autoDimensions': false,

the arrow keys do not work in fancybox

Ok this is too weird! I have an input box within a fancybox, when I type something and want to move between characters and when I press the left or right arrow keys, it doesn't move... The arrow keys just doesn't work! anybody faced a similar issue b

Flowplayer in fancybox?

I am trying to get the Flowplayer to be shown inside a Fancybox, but can't quite get it working. This is my code so far; $("a.video_link").click(function () { $.fancybox({ 'autoScale': false, 'transitionIn': 'none', 'transitionOut': 'none', 'tit