how can i send a facebook message using selenium webdriver

I am able to login on facebook, able to open chat but unable to send any message Below program code I have used: //Login on FB >> Working fine driver.findElement(By.xpath(".//*[@id='email']")).sendKeys("******"); driver

I lost all my sharing stats by buying a domain

I lost all the likes on my website on Wordpress then I bought the domain. It turns out that is the same site, but now no longer use the but .com ( Despite recent, my blog already had good statistics an

Facebook API of Count Taggable Friends

I've done this little function to count how many taggable friends I have when someone log into my app. function testAPI() { FB.api('/me/taggable_friends', function(response) { var friendsICT =; var HowManyFriends = 0; for (i=0;i<5000;i+

The audio does not play in the Facebook application

I have a small HTML5 game with Javascript and JQuery. Every thing is working fine but the audio is not playing when the application starts. I have used "audio" tag to play the sound. <audio id="backgroundMusic" autoplay loop> <

Set Facebook Authorization for Stream Publishing

I have a open session.when i try to publish friends wall post it says i don't have permission to do can i set stream publish permission to already open session in android.If you have an already open session, you should check whether it alrea

New Facebook sdk: API access problem

I am using the new facebook sdk in android to get the facebook albums. The code I am using is, Session session = Session.getActiveSession(); Request request = new Request(null, "" + session.getAc

How to post a message with url on Facebook?

I am posting a post on facebook. I am able to post a URL but I also want to post some description with that URL. I am using it - NSString *shareUrlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"", urlString

IOS Facebook SDK V3.1 delegation methods

In Facebook SDK V2 there existed delegate methods to receive information ie when a user logged out the delegate method -(void)fbDidLogout was called. But I cannot find any information about delegate methods in Facebook SDK V3?in latest version of fac

Facebook FQL does not work properly for photos / albums

The following FQL was working properly and then for some reason it doesn't: @userPhotos = @rest.fql_query("select src_big, src_big_width,src_big_height FROM photo WHERE album_object_id IN (SELECT object_id FROM album WHERE owner = me())") It pro

Facebook Post API option with_tags

I'm experiencing an issue with Namely, option called "with_tags". options = { "message": "Test123", "with_tags": { "data":[ {"id": 1000016

Facebook 'like' button for facebook page but with reminder

I want to use the facebook like button for a facebook fan page, but with a callback function. So far I've only managed to get the callback function to work with a facebook app with the following code- <script src="

How to manage authentication in iPhone applications

I'm currently developing my first native iPhone app (though I have many years of experience as a web developer). I'm having some difficulty understanding the best way to handle login and I'm looking for some advice on the best way to go about it. The

Pass Facebook SDK Pass parameter with application requests

I would like to have my native iOS app send a request with a parameter to a Facebook user on iOS. If they accept, it will launch my native iOS app and pass it the parameter. Is this possible? I am having marginal success using [facebook dialog:@"appr

Test Facebook plugin comments locally

I'm adding the Facebook Comments plugin to a site I'm building on my localhost that has a domain similar to: http://subdomain.domain.lom/ I've added the required code to the page and the plugin appears correctly and I can add comments. The only thing

Friend with the greatest number of mutual friends

I want to find my friend whom I share with them the highest number of mutual friends. I tried to do it with FQL and graph API the following way: Get the friends list of the current logged in user. FQL: SELECT uid1 FROM friend WHERE uid2="MY_USER_ID&q

Problems recording the Facebook application

I am writing a website using which a user would be able to change his status on facebook. Now for this, I have to register my website on facebook. When I go to register my website on Facebook, there are various options like 'MobileApp', 'FacebookApp'

Facebook Graph Api json missing messages

I am developing an web app, which connect to facebook, to get posts, and other stuff liked by users. I have problem with getting all posts from user page using news feed(home connection of Grap API). When getting access token in my app for user, I as

Facebook JavaScript SDK: FB.ui opens a pop-up window

I am trying to show a 'Post to Your Wall' feed dialog with the following code in a facebook iframe app: <div id="fb-root"></div> <script src=""> </script> <script> F

Graph of the Facebook Graph API

I wanted to use the Facebook graph API in my rails app. What is the recommended gem to work with the FB graph APIs? ThanksThis is a well written FB graph support for Ruby -

Facebook Style State Entry Border

I tried to figure it out using Firebug, but no chance. How is the Facebook status input border wrapped round the autosize input? Particularly, I am interested in the small triangle joined into the border. Using Firebug, I managed to find the triangle

Can I create a Facebook app that I can use?

I want to make a simple Facebook app that will update my status. I specifically don't want anyone else to be able to use it, it's really only for updating my statuses. How can I make such an app? It sounds very simple in theory, but if I make an app

Connect to Facebook in the iphone

I am new to Facebook connect. So can any one tell me how to add facebook with our applications?So can any one tell me how to add face book with our applications?? Facebook can.

Facebook & ldquo; Like & quot; on iPhone / iPad

Has anyone implemented facebook "Like" on iPhone/iPad? I've done general Facebook Connect implementation before, but it appears they're phasing that out in favour of OAuth and the Graph API? We're trying to give users the ability to "Like&q

Cell-specific action like the drop-down menu

I'm attempting to implement a slide-in menu like in the facebook app. I have a NIB for a custom UITableViewCell, which includes a button. The button has an IBAction associated with it, in which I animate in a subview of my NIB (the delete/edit menu).