Ionic facebook login for native

I have implemented the facebook login for my ionic application, which works perfectly when run on web. When i build the application, create an apk of the same, and try to run on my mobile device, nothing happens. The login is: openFB.login( function

How to send srt files on http

I am able to upload videos to Facebook via their Graph API, but unable to upload captions (cc) for those videos. According to their documentation on uploading video captions only the video id, locale, and srt filename must be provided. However, when

Facebook GraphRequest get list of albums or create an android

Facebook has recently updated their SDK to V 2.0,In effect my app must be upgraded to make calls to v2.0 or greater. Some modifications are *Session is replaced by Accesstoken. So far i can login and post a video/images using GraphRequest API on thei

How can I get organic likes for a facebook post?

Facebook ad stats provide information about paid likes. However, I need to know how many organic likes did the post got for the same time period when it was server as an ad. Is there a direct way to do this?Not programmatically, but you can post simi

Javascript function to make friends, facebook api?

I just wrote a test function, been learning to use the facebook api today and here is what I came up with. I have a few questions, first let me show you the code. function getFriends() { FB.api('/me', function(response) { FB.api('/friends

New Facebook sdk: API access problem

I am using the new facebook sdk in android to get the facebook albums. The code I am using is, Session session = Session.getActiveSession(); Request request = new Request(null, "" + session.getAc

Track if a friend has changed their profile photo api or fql

In regards to facebook Graph API or FQL, Is there a straight forward way of finding the info of friend(s) who have made changes in their profile picture in the past couple of days or have updated profile picture to something?You can fairly easily fin

How to post a message with url on Facebook?

I am posting a post on facebook. I am able to post a URL but I also want to post some description with that URL. I am using it - NSString *shareUrlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"", urlString

GET requests in Facebook open meta tags graphic

I am pretty new to Open Graph Actions. So, unable to fix this small issue. I am developing a canvas application where I used in-built read-article meta tags <head prefix="og: fb: article:

Facebook FQL does not work properly for photos / albums

The following FQL was working properly and then for some reason it doesn't: @userPhotos = @rest.fql_query("select src_big, src_big_width,src_big_height FROM photo WHERE album_object_id IN (SELECT object_id FROM album WHERE owner = me())") It pro

Facebook Post API option with_tags

I'm experiencing an issue with Namely, option called "with_tags". options = { "message": "Test123", "with_tags": { "data":[ {"id": 1000016

How to list all comments in my domain

I am using the HTML5 version of Facebook Comment in my website. I have my own Facebook APP Id. Using Graph-API, and FQL (I think this is how to do it), I want to list all the Comments posted in my website. Example - Page Title1 --Comment1 --Comment2

How to use FB Graph to post a message on a page feed

I have created an app, and now i want to post a message on one of my pages wall with use of the new Graph API. Is this do-able? below is the steps which i do Using this to Get access code

Friend with the greatest number of mutual friends

I want to find my friend whom I share with them the highest number of mutual friends. I tried to do it with FQL and graph API the following way: Get the friends list of the current logged in user. FQL: SELECT uid1 FROM friend WHERE uid2="MY_USER_ID&q

Facebook Graph Api json missing messages

I am developing an web app, which connect to facebook, to get posts, and other stuff liked by users. I have problem with getting all posts from user page using news feed(home connection of Grap API). When getting access token in my app for user, I as

How to get if the user likes the page or not with API 3.0?

All what I found is related to old API not 3.0 :\ I need to determine that before an application will display proper message.Your app will need to request the user_likes permission in order to do this. Then, you can do the following using the JavaScr

Android: Downloading Photos from SD Card to Facebook Wall

I'm trying to upload pictures from my SD Card to my facebook account and still got no luck. I'm not getting any errors but the pictures I'm trying to upload are not appearing on my wall. Here's my code (full code of the Main Class): import com.facebo

Facebook page Array at Select Box

I am grabbing the facebook pages a user admins and displaying them in a select box through the Facebook JS SDK. What's the best way to take the array I get back from facebook and iterate so it goes into the select? <div id="fb-root&q

facebook login view has no option to close it

I'm facing a strange problem here, i have used a sample code of graph api's (reallylongaddress-iPhone-Facebook-Graph-API-59e6399, Created by , which was available on github. And i faced

Graph of the Facebook Graph API

I wanted to use the Facebook graph API in my rails app. What is the recommended gem to work with the FB graph APIs? ThanksThis is a well written FB graph support for Ruby -

Status display via the Facebook graphical API

In PHP, I am trying to post a status to our Facebook fan page using the graph api, despite following the intructions facebook give, the following code does not seem to update the status. Here is the code; $xPost['access_token'] = "{key}"; $xPost