ExtJS TypeError: item.onAdded is not a function

I build a simple UI using ExtJS 4. I have created two view classes called Main and Menu which are inside the view folder. after that I included those classes as following way. But I met an error. TypeError: item.onAdded is not a function was printed

Regular expression for the Ext.MessageBox prompt

i prompt the user to fill the combination of alphabets and number. Here is the code: Ext.Msg.show({ title : 'you can enter alphabets and number', msg : 'Your value', buttons: Ext.Msg.OKCANCEL, scope : this, prompt:true }); Although it prompt to fill

Update Extjs autoEl: text 'button' and css dynamically

I am new to ExtJS, want to change the text of a button dynamically: My requirement is to give preview of button. To provide a preview I have created a component as follows: { xtype: 'container', width: '100%', padding: '20 0 20 0', itemId: 'preview-c

Ajax Multiple Call Extks

I am trying to learn extjs 4.1 MVC. I have a controler with multiple ajax calls. When the code runs on Firefox I can see all the ajax calls are made but the alert of only one of the sucess method is coming up. While the data is available in view for

Hiding a node in ExtJs 4.1 TreePanel

How can we hide some of the nodes in ExtJs 4.1 TreePanel based on some condition? We can hide node in ExtJs 3.4 by doing this: tree.getRootNode().cascade(function() { // descends into child nodes if(this.attributes['status'] == 100) { // test this no

extjs: combobox typeahead does not work with querymode: remote

I have an extjs combobox whose queryMode is set to remote. I also want the typeAhead feature in it. But typeahead doenst work in this case. The store reloads to the original data even after typing some text in the combobox. Here is my code: var query

Structuring / nesting json data to fill a tree grid

I have been struggling to populate a tree grid with json data. I am reading the data from database and then loading it to the tree grid. The json data that I get from database is in similar format as given below: { "data": [{ "bike": &

How to pass Object in parameter in Javascript

I want to pass Object in function. Here is my code var hyperLinkObj = new Object(); hyperLinkObj.path="abc"; hyperLinkObj.text="abctext"; '<li><a href="#" onclick="onItemClick(hyperLinkObj)">'+descriptio

ExtJS Layout, Horizon then grow vertically

I have a Ext.panel.Panel into which I want to dynamically add other "smaller" panels representing different "things" in my application. This panel is at the top of a grid and it is the same width as the grid. When a "smaller"

change the HTML code of the controller in extjs

In my Extjs 4.1.1a project, Fiddle (this fiddle is not working, it is just for reference) I am changing the HTML(In controller) value using Ext.apply(weekNotifications,{html: {"hello"}); But the page(view) is not updating. When I checked the var

how to create a hyperlink in extjs4?

I am working in extjs4.I have been getting stuck at a point where I Have to create a hyperlink in extjs4.I have been searching a lot for creating hyperlink in extjs4 but I did not get any solution for it.Actually I have to crate a hyperlink and after

How to put html to an element in extjs

1) How to set HTML to already created panel or any other Element? I am a beginner. I tried the below to set some content inside the HTML var clickedElement = Ext.getCmp('id').el.child('>'); clickedElement.setHTML("hello"); The above is workin

Merge two different json objects into extjs

Let's say my first json object is "jvtdata":{ "tranid":"100001", "trandate":"Sun Jan 20 2013 00:00:00 GMT+0800 (Taipei Standard Time)", "trantype":"f" } and my second data is "deta

Pie chart EXTJS. Show top 10 values

In EXTJS PIE Chart i want to sort top 10 values and display in Descending order. Currently it gets all records from store and displays. I need only top 10. Can anyone guide me to solve this issue? ThanksI do not think it's' pie charts' job to show to

display and enter the number as the currency in ExtJS

I am using ExtJS 4.1, and trying to display my currency field as value / 1000, but only on display. For example, if user input 1234.56, it will appear as 1,234.56 on screen, but only when it is displayed on screen. For everything else, it is stored a

EXT js model.load returning an undefined record

I am doing a Model.load similar to this: //get a reference to the User model class var User = Ext.ModelManager.getModel('User'); //Uses the configured RestProxy to make a GET request to /users/123 User.load(123, { success: function(user) { console.lo

Ext js component query

I am developing web site in extjs4 + yii framework. I am using a border layout as a viewport. Inside it I am using a accordian layout and displays home page. In Home page there is a login window whcih i want to hide after ligin completion. how can i

Displaying different fonts to the user

I am using Extjs 4.1.0 and I want to show user different fonts may be in the form of combobox/option like what we get to see in editors like Wordpad or MS Word. Is there is some way to achieve it. I don't want to go for 'HTML editor' as I won't be pr

Double-click on the event on the panel

I saw in some source code (few days ago) that a program had a dblclick event or something like that on the panel. If you look a the docs http://docs.sencha.com/ext-js/4-1/#!/api/Ext.panel.Panel under events, there are no events for clicking. I think

Extension 4.0.7 to 4.1.1 Migration Issues

I'm having a few issues when attempting to make the switch from extjs 4.0.7 to 4.1.1. The first issue is as follow: I have two treepanels which are within a column layout. One right next to the other. My app loads a bunch of nodes into the left panel

Fill Combobox from the remote server

I have a combobox, i need to populate data from the server. In the server side i have the following data to be displayed. PersonID PersonFName PersonLName In the combobox, i need to display the text as PersonFName + PersonLName (Like James Smith- Thi

ExtJS Window setActive () does not work as expected

TL/DR: Calling window.setActive(false) does not set the window's active property to false. Full details: I have the following ExtJS class inheriting from Ext.window.Window: Ext.define('WD.view.TbWindow', { extend : 'Ext.window.Window', isTbWindow: tr

Unable to understand the MVC sample code given by EXT JS

I am going through the Example on MVC and i don't understand the following 1.) I didnt understand what itemdblclick means ? I know it means double clicks and when we d-click on the grid the function coresponding to it gets executed, but i don't think

Ext JS 4 Sample ItemSelector

I wanted to create an ItemSelector in ExtJS 4.1, but they don't seem to have a working "title" property for the two lists. Here is exactly what I want: http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-4.0.0/examples/multiselect/multiselect-demo.html (observe th

How can I create two comboboxes from a store in extjs?

How can I add two comboboxes from one store store have type field witch values can be 1, 2 and 3 I want records with type 1 and 2 in first combobox and 2 and 3 in second. My ComboBox: Ext.define('Exp.view.settings.servers.ComboBox', { extend: 'Ext.fo