Unable to change Ajax delay in ext-js application

I'm trying to override ajax timeout in a Documentum xCP application. Ext.Ajax.setTimeout(120000) and Ext.override(Ext.data.proxy.Ajax, { timeout:120000 }) didn't help. Every time an instance of Ext.data.proxy.Ajax is created, it has timeout: 30000. M

ExtJS 5.0.1 sort the datastore

I have a combobox which populates a list of countries as defined below. However when I load the combobox the entries get populated based on their order in the database. I would like the combobox to load alphabetically. Can anybody assist on how I can

Custom buttons Ext.MessageBox.confirm

Is it possible to add custom buttons to the Ext.MessageBox.confirm. By custom I mean custom text and custom number of buttons... Ext.MessageBox.confirm('Delete', 'Are you sure ?', function(btn){ if(btn === 'yes'){ return true; } else{ return false; }

Returns the string when the run function

I have a view: Ext.define('DemoApp.view.Main', { //Some code here ... items: [{ xtype: 'label', text: //<- I want to run some scripts then return a string to this. }] }) I tried: text: function() { return 'Test'; } but nothing happened. Please help!S

ExtJS: Adding headers to the store proxy 1 time?

I have a store and I need to add some headers to its proxy. I don't want to use defaultHeaders of the Ext.Ajax singleton as these are specific only to a few stores. The headers use key / value pairs and the value comes from a variable that is NOT loa

ExtJS Several fields in ComboBox

I have a store with the following fields: personName primaryRole secondaryRole I want to populate a combo-box so that I can choose from either their primary or secondary role. The combobox code I currently have looks like this: roleName: { editor: Ex

Redirect to another view after expiration

I´ve implemented a proxy with a listener with the next exception : listeners: { exception: function () { Ext.Msg.alert(BB.Text.getText('ERROR_TIMEOUT_TITLE'), BB.Text.getText('ERROR_TIMEOUT_MSG') + '' + PROXY_TIMEOUT, Ext.emptyFn); Ext.redirectTo('ht

The list is not displayed in Sencha touch 2.2

I want to provide a list with pull to refresh functionality. Below is my code where i have a panel and inside that i have a list. Ext.define('MyProj.common.view.notes.NotesOverlay', { extend: 'Ext.form.Panel', xtype: 'notesOverlay', config: { style:

Load data to form in mvc

In my appliacation , I have a list and detail(form).I want to load data to Detail view(set data to textfields of form) when list item is clicked. For both list and detail, I am getting data from remote server. I am following MVC. Now, When listItem i

See on the loading event handler in Sencha?

In my sencha application home page i have a empty List. On application stat up I want to fetch the data from database and add it to List store. So is there any listener for view on load. I am using MVC architecture. i tried with controller's "launch&

How to know if the selected node is a leaf in a tree? (ExtJS 4)

I have a tree panel and I would like to associate an action to the click on a leaf of this tree. I managed to associate one to each click on the tree elements but I not only to the leaves. Here my code, I tried it with very simple functions : (menu i

Hide the chart series in ExtJs 4

I'm migrating ExtJs 3 application to ExtJs 4. One of the component that I need to change is a chart that has series of bars and lines on it. It displays the data for previous and current years. Beside the chart there is a checkbox "Compare to previou

Extjs does not submit its values

I have this function that creates a form and the form not submitti its values, what is wrong? It submits empty ajax, If I change the third line to applyTo:document.body it works fine. (the tab variable is a tab panel that the form needs to be on it)

Sencha touch: How to refresh the input label

I have an Ext.form.Select that I want to update it's label dynamically when it's value changes. Simple as it sounds, it refuses to work: var musicInCarInput = new Ext.form.Select({ options: [ {text: "Yes", value: "yes"}, {text: "M

Ext js Combo box help

I am trying to define a combo box drop down using Ext Js which would display my "Holidays" saved in array. Please correct me where I could be wrong as the JSP wont display combobox drop down. ... <body> <div class="left " styl

Extjs ComboBox in the grid

I have a grid with some data (users list). For each row I have many actions such as update, delete, activate, suspend, view orders you name it. Instead of placing so many buttons which will fill more than 400-500 pixels I want to place a combobox wit

ExtJS - Release Date Values ​​as Unix Timestamp

I use an editorgrid to edit elements from a JsonStore. The JsonStore uses a HttpProxy to update the backend database. My problem is that the backend API expects fromTs and toTs to be Unix timestamps, but when a record is updated, the resulting http p

extjs - center a formPanel on a normal panel

I'm using extjs and just trying to solve a simple problem: I have a form with a fixed width. I want to Center this form within a normal Ext.Panel. I'm trying to achieve this the 'css-way' - setting the left and right margin to 'auto'. But this doesn'

How to use Jquery $ ("something") to select a class in ExtJS?

I'm looking for an equivalent method to select a class element like this $(".className") in Jquery for ExtJS. I understand that Ext.get() only takes in an id. Your help will be very much appreciated. Cheers, Mickey Edited: Let me explain further

Custom object properties in the ExtJs component

How can I add custom properties into control objects in ExtJs. For example : var button = new Ext.Button({ text:"something", id:"somethingId" }) This control comes from server dynamically and I want to write my custom property as well

Word-wrap grid cells in Ext JS

(This is not a question per se, I'm documenting a solution I found using Ext JS 3.1.0. But, feel free to answer if you know of a better solution!) The Column config for an Ext JS Grid object does not have a native way to allow word-wrapped text, but