req.body is undefined by body-parser

I tried every possible solutions that I found, but none of them working. The body-parser is installed, the front-end is also correct. When I send a form, the url is /addChess?name=123&hp=123&damage=123&skill=1&class=1 However, the req.body

pass user credentials to all node.js views

I'm trying to build an android application using node.js web services,the first interface allow the user to connect to a host using ip address,login and password, so he can get all the databases,i want to save the object credentials to use in all oth

Pass the Jquery function of the node via the HTTP response

I am working with a Node (Express) based API, which, upon request, passes some HTML and jQuery to the frontend, which is embedded into the document. I'm looking for a neat way to stringify the function on the backend so that I can send it to the fron

Nodejs on VPS running only on my network

Nodejs server which is installed on my VPS is accessible only on my network. People from outside world cannot access it. If its online, it should either be accessible all over the world or nowhere. What to do? Code in my js file: var app = require('e

Google Maps - Unable to access KML file for KML layer

I'm embedding a Google Map within a website with a KML Layer and I'm struggling with what I would think is a very basic issue. I have a KML file on my computer that I want to add to my map as a KML layer but I don't know how to "access" that spe

The loop does not work properly in node js

I want to insert multiple data by for loop , but this code add 2 or 3 data only , then its continue loading loading but nothing happen ...'/addclient' , function (req , res){ var finished = false; var user = req.body.username; for(var i

The local strategy of passportjs is not called

I am using express and passport to build a rest api backend and it seems that my localStrategy is not getting called on request. The entry point of my application looks like the following: app.js var fs = require('fs'); var express = require('express

How can I require the module in my file?

I create an express project and the directory structure like: / - model db.js - routes users.js app.js In ./model/db.js, I have a MySql connection: var mysql = require('mysql'); var connection = mysql.createConnection({ host : 'localhost', user : 'ro

Express js external javascript file does not load

I use an express app to serve an static pre-compiled jade file. which includes a external javascript file. but its not loaded while the page gets loaded. but i can access the javascript by the express static/public url. Why its not loading on the htm

Get undefined req.param

I am using Expressjs version 4.I am getting 'undefined' on req.param. Here is my example : app.js var express = require('express'); var bodyParser = require('body-parser'); var newdata = require('./routes/new'); ........................ .............

how to load an image from the URL into the buffer in nodejs

I am new to nodejs and am trying to set up a server where i get the exif information from an image. My images are on S3 so I want to be able to just pass in the s3 url as a parameter and grab the image from it. I am u using the ExifImage project belo

How to use jsonp with express node.js

i'm trying to make Samsung Smart TV app with node.js . In my project, i want to make my app communicating with server pc. According to Many Web sites, i can do this with "jsonp". Here is a client side code that i found. <html> <head>

How to exclude certain fields from the document

I have the following simple shema: var userSchema = new Schema({ name : String, age: Number, _creator: Schema.ObjectId }); var User = mongoose.model('User',userSchema); What I want to do is create the new document and return to client, but I want to

Returns the analyzed output of the file from node.js

I have my file reading in and being parsed properly but I can't seem to return the string of output. I would like to be able to access this string from a variable that it gets assigned to on the client. I'm using async series to help alleviate callba

Node.js Railway with sass / stylus / less

i started using railway (a node.js mvc framework) and i want to use sass/less/stylus as a css render engin. i couldn't find how to configure that in railway. railway uses express.js so i guess i can install it via that. i already installed stylus (an